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YouTube TV Free Trial | Start 14-Day Free Trial

Many online streaming platforms are available to stream, and YouTube TV is one of them. However, YouTube TV is the most loved one by viewers due to its unlimited and exceptional content. Don’t believe our words? Then, you must try YouTube TV for once, and you’ll enjoy it too. YouTube TV has everything you can ask from your online streaming platform subscription.

Still, a few people are confused about getting a subscription to YouTube TV. Are you one of those people? Don’t worry because we are here to help you out. In this article, we will provide you with the information that will help you decide why and how you can get a YouTube TV subscription. Let’s get started!

What Is YouTube TV?

Is there anyone on Earth who isn’t familiar with YouTube TV? Well, we don’t think so. Now, YouTube TV aims to broaden the video platform’s context beyond subscriber data. You can use the YouTube TV service to access your favorite channels and cut the cord on your cable completely. The fun part is that pricing is comparable to what you’d pay a local cable company.

Nonetheless, you can always get rid of your cable box and start using cloud DVR, which enables you to access your recorded shows from almost any internet-connected device. All that for just $65 per month. Isn’t it amazing! All subscribers have unlimited DVR space and up to six accounts per household on the live and on-demand streaming platform. The basic YouTube TV service includes over 90 channels without any add-ons.

How Much Will YouTube TV Subscription Cost Me?

YouTube TV requires a paid subscription for permanent and premium content streaming. If you are worried about the packages of YouTube TV, then don’t worry because here we have been provided by the official website. The YouTube TV Basic Plan costs only $64.99 monthly with a little tax.

In exchange, you will be able to watch content from major broadcast networks, popular cable networks, and premium networks, as well as popular shows created by YouTube creators. You can, for example, watch your local CBS and FOX regional sports networks.

The basic plan includes free unlimited cloud DVR storage space and allows for up to six different profiles. Moreover, YouTube TVE doesn’t have any hidden fees or charges. If you wish to get rid of YouTube TV, there will be no obligation, and you can cancel anytime.

For an add-on on your YouTube TV subscription, you can also add sports and premium networks such as; you can gain access to Fox Soccer Plus, Showtime, and Starz, as well as unlock additional features such as the ultimate 4K Plus add-on for a fee. YouTube TV’s 4K Plus includes improved video quality on available content, the ability to watch recordings offline, and the use of unlimited streams at home. Isn’t it an amazing option?

How To Get a YouTube TV Premium subscription?

Do you want to enjoy the premium services and content of YouTube TV but don’t know how it is possible? Well, it’s not that tough. Get a YouTube TV premium plan and enjoy unlimited content without restriction. The premium content of YouTube TV is definitely worth the money. Now, you might be wondering, what will I get in the premium plan of YouTube TV? Isn’t it?

YouTube TV also provides live TV content from CBS, FOX, NBC, HGTV, TNT, and other networks. It is distinguishable from a YouTube Premium subscription, which provides ad-free access to YouTube videos. If you have both YouTube Premium and YouTube TV, you can watch YouTube videos ad-free on YouTube TV. Isn’t it fabulous!

Youtube TV Plans and Features

Plan FeaturesBase Plan Spanish Plan 
Price $64.99/mo ($54.99/mo promo)$34.99/mo ($24.99/mo promo)
Ads NoNo
Shows Stream 100+ channels of your favorite live and local TV – with the option to add extra networksGet the best of YouTube TV – with a lineup of only Spanish networks
Content Top entertainment, news, live sports, and more in English & Spanish28+ Spanish networks of live sports, telenovelas, shows, and more
Additional Content Movies, news, classic shows, premium movies, earlier windowed content, late-night TV early access. Movies, news, classic shows, premium movies, earlier windowed content, late-night TV early access. 
Account Sharing6 accounts to share with your household6 accounts to share with your household

What Channels Are Available On YouTube TV?

What Are The Benefits Of YouTube TV’s Cloud DVD Option?

Are you concerned about losing DVR functionality when you cut your local cable cord? Well, don’t be because you will be relieved to know that YouTube TV provides a DVR experience that rivals the best cable experience. Isn’t it a great piece of news?

YouTube TV’s cloud DVR storage is virtually limitless and free of cost. You can store as many recordings of shows, movies, or sporting events as possible. YouTube TV is one of the few streaming services that provide unlimited cloud storage space for its DVR. Other services restrict the cloud DVR storage you can access; some even charge for it.

Other advantages of YouTube TV’s cloud DVR storage include the following:

  • Unlimited recordings
  • Personal library space
  • Nine months of recordings
  • Availability of Offline option

Do YouTube TV Offer A Free Trial?

YouTube TV offers a free trial to its viewers to enjoy the content for some time and to create a perception about the subscription. Currently, YouTube TV is offering its subscribers a 14-day free trial. On the other hand, streaming platforms like Disney and Netflix have no ongoing free trial policies for new members.

You will get nearly a week of free viewing, and you can sample many of YouTube TV’s channels and check the quality of content. If you want to give the service a quick test run before signing up for the official trial and handing over credit card information, the platform also offers a free five-minute trial; you can see through the platform content with it.

Local affiliate channels from networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and others, as well as extended cable networks such as FX and TLC, are included in YouTube TV’s free trial. You can add HBO Max, NBA League Pass, Starz, and other premium channels.

How To Sign Up For YouTube TV’s 14-Day Free Trial?

Do you want to enjoy the 14-day free YouTube TV trial but have trouble getting one? Don’t panic; we will teach you to sign up for YouTube TV’s 14-day free trial step by step without any problem. Just follow these simple steps, and you can entertain yourself with the unlimited content of YouTube TV.

  • Open your browser on a compatible device with YouTube TV
  • Visit YouTube TV’s official web page
  • Click on the “Try It For Free” button and get started
  • You can create a new YouTube TV account or sign up through a Google account.
  • Add your zip code and confirm your location
  • Click on the “Next” button
  • Choose a Plan Base Subscription
  • If you want to enjoy other premium channels, you can also select add-ons for your YouTube TV subscription.
  • Press on “Next: Checkout”
  • Add your valid payment methods
  • Press the “Start Membership” button, and your 14-day free trial will begin.

After your 14-day free trial, you can enjoy it free of cost, but if you have any thoughts of canceling it, you must cancel it before the last day. Otherwise, YouTube TV will automatically charge a fee for your selected subscription plan from the account that you have provided.

How To Cancel A Free Trial Of YouTube TV?

You don’t have to keep watching if you are not enjoying the content on YouTube TV. You can bid goodbye to your YouTube TV subscription anytime without any restriction from the team. If you’re willing, follow these steps to cancel your free YouTube TV trial.

  • Open your YouTube TV app on your logged-in device
  • Click on your YouTube TV profile icon
  • Go to settings and scroll down
  • Press on “Manage Subscription”
  • Next, click the Cancel Subscription button, and your YouTube TV subscription will get canceled.

Once you cancel your YouTube TV subscription, your 14-day free trial will automatically get canceled, and you won’t be able to access any content on your account. However, if you are using a YouTube TV monthly subscription, you can enjoy the content for the rest of the month for which you have paid.

What Are The Top Shows On YouTube TV To Binge?

Have you bought a YouTube subscription or enjoyed the free trial and are worried about where to start? We understand your situation because YouTube TV has so much fun content that sometimes it becomes nearly impossible to choose for a beginner. Here we have a list of top shows on YouTube TV to binge on a Saturday night with your friends.

  • Yellowstone
  • BTS: Burn The Stage
  • Killing Eve
  • Origins
  • The Simpsons
  • Euphoria
  • Succession
  • Best Shot
  • Rick and Morty
  • Step Up
  • Snowfall
  • Queen Of South
  • Billions
  • Cobra Kai

What Devices Are Compatible With YouTube TV Subscriptions?

Have you bought a YouTube TV subscription that isn’t working on your device? Then, that means you have logged in through the wrong device. Knowing what devices are compatible with using YouTube TV before buying a subscription or a free trial is crucial.

If your device is not compatible with YouTube TV, you won’t be able to enjoy anything. On the other hand, you will end up losing money by paying for the subscription fee that you even cannot enjoy. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, we have a list of all the compatible devices with YouTube TV to help you out.

  • Fire TV
  • Roku TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast TV
  • Vizio SmartCast TV
  • Samsung TV
  • LG TV
  • HiSense TV
  • Apple & iOS Devices such as cell phones & iPads
  • Android Devices such as cell phones & Tablets
  • PS5 and PS4
  • Xbox, including all series

If you have any of these devices on which you have logged in, you can enjoy the 14-day free trial of YouTube TV. Other than that, YouTube TV will not work on any device not supported by the YouTube TV system.

Final Verdict

YouTube TV subscription is worth the money; everyone should have one at home. It is an excellent option for switching from local cable to an online streaming subscription. Moreover, it has an amazing 14-day free trial for the viewers to enjoy a little free of cost. Is YouTube TV worth it or not? Well, sign up and decide by yourself now!


Does Youtube TV have Free Trial?

Youtube TV offers 14 days free trial to new subscribers

How can you sign up for Youtube TV Free Trial

You can sign up by visiting their Official Website

What channels does YouTube TV offer?

YouTube TV offers a variety of local and cable networks, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, AMC, Disney, ESPN, FX, and more.

How many devices can I use YouTube TV on?

YouTube TV allows up to three simultaneous streams, so you can use it on multiple devices at the same time, like your phone, tablet, computer, and TV.

Can I record shows on YouTube TV?

Yes, YouTube TV includes a cloud DVR service that allows you to record live TV and watch shows later.

How much does YouTube TV cost?

YouTube TV costs $64.99 per month and offers a free trial for new subscribers.

Can I watch YouTube TV on my smart TV?

Yes, YouTube TV is compatible with a variety of smart TV brands, including Samsung, LG, and Vizio.

Can I cancel YouTube TV at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your YouTube TV subscription at any time by going to the settings menu of your account.

Does YouTube TV have a Parental Control feature?

Yes, YouTube TV includes a parental control feature that allows you to set content restrictions and create up to six separate profiles with different viewing preferences.