Best Free and Paid Whiteboard Animation Software

Animated videos are often considered as one of the best ways to put your message across. That’s one of the reasons why businesses across the world have resorted to video-based marketing for selling their goods and services.

While big businesses can hire professional to create beautiful animated videos using state-of-the-art software, it is not always possible for everyone to spend big. Also, traditional animation might not always be the best way to put your message across.

That’s where whiteboard animation software programs try to fill in the gap. Whiteboard animation help to create fascinating storylines with minimal effort. Whether you are trying to create an explainer video, or trying to sell your idea; or introducing your business, creating a story that captivates can help your tune into the psyche of your potential or existing customers.

If you haven’t noticed it so far, I will urge you to go through the thousands of ads you see online. Notice how advertisers tap into human emotions and insecurities to sell their products.

For instance, you must have seen beauty and skin care products flaunting natural ingredients that don’t harm the skin. You may have also noticed how SaaS companies tell businesses how well they can get organized using their products, thereby increasing their sales, and hence, revenue.

Do you think those advertisements have nothing to do with human emotions? Think again! The fear of having bad skin because of chemicals, the desire to earn more out of a business and make it a big success – what are those things? Yes, human emotions!

Advertisements tap into human emotions, and whiteboard animation can help you create fascinating stories that touch over the vital aspects the day-to-day life of your potential customers.

Luckily, there are several whiteboard animation software that can help you weave a beautiful story. Yes, there are some free options available, but I will suggest you go for the paid versions as the premium ones give more power, flexibility, and freedom.

So, what are the best free and paid whiteboard animation software for 2021? Let’s find out.

Best Free Whiteboard Animation Software

Let me clarify one thing. There is no such whiteboard animation software that is completely free forever. There is a saying, if you are good at something, do not give that away for free.

People who have developed such whiteboard animation are good at what they do, and have created fascinating programs. So, don’t expect them to give it for free. At the most, they give a free version with limited features.

So, this list of best free whiteboard animation software will only list those that are available as a free version, but gives you the opportunity to upgrade.

Okay, now that I have given you the necessary explanation, let’s go through the options.

1. MySimpleShow

If you are looking for a whiteboard animation software that will allow you to create fascinating explainer videos for corporate use, MySimpleShow is a great option.

The program will allow you to use stunning graphics and images to create videos that will allow you to explain the usefulness of your new product or communicate your bright idea.

You can use it even for creating crowdfunding videos or engaging explainer videos for students.

Pros of MySimpleShow

Here are some advantages of this whiteboard animation software:

  • It comes with interesting and ready-to-use storyline templates that you can use. There is no need to create a storyline from scratch.
  • You don’t have to deal with anything technical. The program handles all the heavy lifting and gives you a simple interface to work with.
  • You can create unlimited videos.
  • It allows auto-magical visualization in which texts are converted into videos.
  • You can add audio.

While the pros can look fascinating on pen and paper, the truth is that there are more cons to the free version than the paid versions.

Here is a quick list of cons…

Cons of MySimpleShow

  • The free version will not allow you to download any video you create.
  • You cannot add your own voiceover.
  • You cannot use subtitles.
  • You cannot create animations without hands.
  • You are not allowed to use your own fonts, and much more.

With the free version you will receive a public video page, but that’s not really good enough if you want to upload the videos to your own website or YouTube channel.

Eventually, paying for the software program is a far better option than creating videos using the free version.

2. RawShorts

A really simple program with a drag-and-drop interface, RawShorts makes creating explainer videos super easy. The free version will allow you to create videos that are 2 minutes long. You can even export the videos, but the total number of exports allowed per month will be limited only to five.

You can quickly create an explainer video from scratch, or you can use one of the their several animated whiteboard templates for making your life easy.

What’s incredible about RawShorts is that it allow you to render the videos and share them directly to different social media platforms because of their integration with several social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Using RawShorts you can create various types of videos including strategy demonstration, product feature explainers, marketing videos, and more. It is so simple that you don’t need to have prior experience with whiteboard animation software for using RawShorts.

Pros of RawShorts

  • The drag-and-drop interface allows easy manipulation of images.
  • You can export only 5 videos a month.
  • The export quality you can get is 480p with the free version.
  • The video format you can use is 16:9.
  • You can upload your videos directly to YouTube.

Cons of RawShorts

As before, the free version has more limitations than the benefits. Here are some cons of RawShorts:

  • All your videos will be watermarked.
  • You cannot get a video over 480p (Standard resolution).
  • The only social media integration available is YouTube.
  • The video duration is limited to only two minutes.
  • You will get access to only 6 libraries.
  • You will not have commercial rights.
  • You will get access to the standard music library for usage with your free video.

3. Animaker

Yet another great whiteboard animation software program is Animaker. Like both the options I mentioned above, Animaker also offers a completely free option. However, the free version is pretty limited.

With the free version, you can download 5 videos per month, but all the videos will be watermarked. Also, the maximum length of the exported video cannot exceed two minutes.

You can create GIF’s and even access their video editor. You will also get access to 10 free music tracks per month. The videos you download after creating with the free version will be HD quality. However, if you want full FD or higher quality, you need to upgrade.

Pros of Animaker

  • You can add texts, effects, and music to make your animated videos better.
  • You can upload videos directly to YouTube, but the video quality will be restricted to SD when you are using the free version.
  • You can upload your videos and edit them using their free video editor.

Cons of Animaker

  • You do not get commercial rights with the free version.
  • You cannot use custom fonts.
  • You do not get the option of managing your files.
  • You cannot add your own branding.

4. Renderforest

A very intuitive whiteboard animation software, Renderforest is cloud-based, and hence, you can run it even on the least powerful computer capable of running a web browser and connecting to the internet.

With hundreds of readymade scenes, you can quickly get started. You can preview and edit your video before rendering it, giving you the scope to fix the errors that you may have made.

Yes, they have a forever free version, but it is quite limited like the ones I have mentioned above.

Pros of Renderforest

  • You can create and export unlimited videos up to 360p resolution with the free version.
  • You get access to 200k+ stock videos that you can use for making your videos.
  • You can also add music tracks to your videos to make them far more appealing.

Cons of Renderforest

  • The free version is extremely limited and allows you to make videos no longer than 1 minute.
  • You get access to a very limited number of music tracks with the free version.
  • All the videos you create will have watermark if you are using the free version.

Renderforest is not just about whiteboard animation. It also allows you to create logos, build website, and graphics. As expected, their free version will severely restrict you in whatever you want to do.

5. Powtoon

Yet another whiteboard animation software that will allow you to use a free plan is Powtoon. It is needless to say that the software is very simple to use. Even if you don’t have any experience with whiteboard animation, you can still learn it quickly.

In case you are finding it difficult, you can always opt for their live webinars and training center where you can learn how to use Powtoon.

Yes, they have a free plan that will allow you to create videos for personal use.

Pros of Powtoon

  • Create HD videos even with the free version.
  • You will get 100 MB of storage space with the free version.
  • You will get access to royalty-free objects and soundtracks.

Cons of Powtoon

  • Every video you create will have Powtoon branding. You cannot remove that.
  • The maximum video length allowed is 3 minutes.
  • You cannot download your videos in MP4 format.
  • You don’t get to add your brand or customize character face and outfit.

Bottom line: While the free versions are great for getting experience with whiteboard animation, they aren’t good for creating professional-grade videos. They are not even suitable if you want to create many videos every month. It is therefore important that you opt for the premium versions of the ones mentioned above or the only-premium options mentioned below.

Best Paid Whiteboard Animation Software

While the options I mentioned above have premium versions available, the list I am going to mention here will have the options that do not have any free version available. If you want to use them, you need to pay. Even if they have a free version, they are totally worthless.

Fortunately, all of them are worthy of your time and money investment. So, what are you waiting for? Dig in!

1. Explaindio

One of the first names that comes to mind while thinking of doodle animation, 2D and 3D videos, is Explaindio. Well, I am talking from the point of view of rookies. Of course, there are options like Adobe Animate CC, but they have very high learning curve, making them quite unsuitable for novice users.

Explaindio offers a drag-and-drop interface that you can use to create fascinating videos in no time. It is extremely powerful and allows creating doodle animations, full-motion videos, explainer videos and more.

Explaindio offers 200 premade animation scenes, 300 fonts and 180 premade animations so that you don’t have to create everything from scratch.

There is no need to connect to the internet for making videos using Explaindio. You can stay offline if you want. What’s more? There is no limit to the number of videos you make.

However, do note that you cannot create videos for selling or for your clients. For that, you will need an enterprise license. All the videos you make using Explaindo can be used for commercial gains (example: you can put the videos on YouTube and earn revenue).

Explaindio is available for both PC and Mac users. Unfortunately, Linux users cannot use this exceptional video creator tool.

Explaindio allows you to import videos in multiple formats including MP4, MOV, FLV, WMV, and AVI. It allows multi-timeline editing feature, and comes with 6 animated characters if you want to go for storytelling videos.

Pros of Explaindio

  • Keyframe animation.
  • Built-in transitions.
  • 800 doodle animations.
  • Model customization and 3D animation available.
  • 100 full HD background videos available.

Pricing of Explaindio

You can pay a one-time price of $497 or you can go for a subscription model. With the subscription model, you can choose to pay monthly ($37 a month) or yearly ($67 a year).

2. FilmoraPro

Most probably you have heard this name, but most likely you didn’t know that it is one of the finest video-editing software that allows creating whiteboard animation. To get started, you need to start by building a white plane.

FilmoraPro has various features like color correction, audio mixer, keyframe animation, and more. There are options of tethering texts or graphics to moving points on any object in a video.

The best part is that you can create your own animation or you can use the premade motion templates to make your life simpler. FilmoraPro will also allow you to add realistic camera movements and zoom to your video.

Pros of FilmoraPro

  • You can animate or edit customizable text.
  • You can manipulate your videos using Distort and Wrap feature.
  • There are preset transitions that you can use.
  • You can play around with midtones, highlights, shadows, etc.
  • There is an automatic stabilization feature available.

Pricing of FilmoraPro

FilmoraPro is a professional-grade video-editing program that is suitable for rookies and advanced users alike. It has a very weird pricing structure. You can get the software for lifetime by paying $149.99, or you can opt for a yearly subscription at $89.99 a year. That’s weird because if you go for a yearly subscription, you will pay more than the lifetime price in just two years!

Oh, they do have a free version that gives you all the features, but don’t expect any kind of tech support. Also, none of the video you create will be free of watermarks.

3. Easy Sketch Pro

If doodle videos are your thing, Easy Sketch Pro should be your primary tool. You don’t need any technical expertise whatsoever to use this amazing doodle video creator tool.

One of the most amazing parts of Easy Sketch Pro is that you can upload a simple video and the program will automatically transform the opening scene of it into a sketch and make it transition into a real video. Even cooler, you can set the duration of sketch before it transitions into the real video.

The program comes with an easy drag-and-drop builder. You can add your regular video or you can use hundreds of images that the program supplies to create a video from scratch.

There is a collection of 50 crayons, chalks, brushes, and pens to ensure that you create exactly what you want.

There are professional canvas types that you can use to start making your live sketch videos. All the images you get are royalty-free, and hence, you don’t have to worry about copyright claims.

Pros of Easy Sketch Pro

  • It allows exporting videos in MP4 format.
  • You can install the program on unlimited devices.
  • They offer a one-off payment model, making it really cheap over the long run.
  • It allows adding soundtracks, videos, logos, and images.
  • The program is available for both Windows and Mac users.

Pricing of Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro has three plans to offer. The basic plan is the Starter plan where you pay a one-off payment of $37. However, with this plan, all your videos will have Easy Sketch Pro branding.

The other two options are Business and Business Pro that cost $67 and $97 respectively (one-time payments). With these two plans, your videos will not have Easy Sketch Pro branding.

4. VideoScribe

One of the simplest whiteboard animation software in market is VideoScirbe. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows creating immersive videos quickly. You need to add images, texts, and audio, and you are done!

You can use VideoScribe either online or use their downloadable app that works like a charm. It is so simple that anyone with zero knowledge of whiteboard animation can create amazing videos in just matter of minutes.

What’s interesting is that VideoScribe is designed with rookies in mind. The program does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. There is no complex stuff like keyframe animation or anything.

The program converts all images you download into SVG files so that they scale easily. There are thousands of images to choose from. If you don’t want to use the images from their repository, you can use your own images.

They also have a large number of royalty-free music available that you can use for all your projects. Once you have created a video, you can download that to your computer in various formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc.

In case you want to share videos directly to social media platforms, VideoScribe will allow you to do that as well. As of now, the supported video platforms are YouTube, Sho.Co., and Vimeo.

Pros of VideoScribe

  • It allows exporting videos as image sequence.
  • It allows adding unlimited number of pages to a single storyboard.
  • You can use it on both Mac and Windows platforms.
  • You can customize the pre-built templates.
  • There is a 24/7 support team available.

Pricing of VideoScribe

They do not have a free plan; however, they do give a free trial that lasts for seven days. Once the free trial expires, you can choose their annual subscription for $8 a month, or you can go for a quarterly plan that will cost $35 a quarter. You can also opt for their monthly plan that will cost you $17.50 a month.

5. Vyond

In case you are looking for a whiteboard animation software that will allow you to make professional videos for eLearning, HR, training, and marketing, Vyond is a great choice. It can help you create compelling video communication through story telling and content customizations and repurposing.

If you have a learning management system, Vyond will allow you to seamlessly import your MP4 videos into the LMS. There are advanced features like realistic movements, lip-sync, dialogue, etc., that can help you create extremely engaging video content.

There are thousands of colors, movements, and characters to choose from. There is a complete sound effects library, and it even allows to import custom music. You can load your fonts, logos, etc.

Pros of Vyond

  • Allows customizing objects, characters, and models.
  • Allows creating life-like character animation.
  • You can create compatible videos for all your email marketing campaigns.
  • They have a large repository of educational material, use cases, etc. to help you get started.

Pricing of Vyond

There are four different plans. The Essential Plan costs $299 a year. The Premium Plan will cost $649 a year. The Professional Plan costs $999 a year. Finally, there is the Enterprise Plan that attracts custom pricing depending on your needs.

Vyond gives you a 14-day free trial to try out their product and find out whether it is suitable for your needs or not.

General FAQ

What is a whiteboard animation software?

A whiteboard animation software is program that allows you to create animated illustrations. The viewers can see the drawing process, or depending on your settings, you may hide the process of illustration.

A whiteboard animation is usually in black and white, but the modern software are capable of adding colors, providing voice over, etc.

You can even use different motion styles of create one depending on your need. These software come with huge libraries of audio, animations, images, and videos that help you to get the desired result.

Whiteboard animation software can help you to create explainer videos, HR videos, education videos, marketing videos and more.

What things should you consider before purchasing a whiteboard animation software?

There are dozens of whiteboard animation software available in the market. It doesn’t mean that you should pick the first one that comes your way. Make a comparison based on different parameters. Here are some parameters that you should consider:

Ease of use: Whiteboard animation software are generally easy to use with a simple drag-and-drop feature. If a particular program has a steep learning curve, you should consider avoiding it.
Customization: Find out the degree of customization allowed. If you cannot customize the existing or pre-made templates properly, you should avoid such programs. Customization covers every aspect from character to fonts to color, audio, video, etc.
Voice over: Make sure that the whiteboard animation software you are creating has voice over capabilities. There are certain types of videos where you need to give voice over. If a program lacks this feature, you must avoid it.
Media library: The media library refers to videos, images, and audio files provided by the program. The library should be large enough, and you should have access to copyright-free media files.
Price: Finally, exorbitantly high pricing is not really acceptable, is it? If there is a one-time buy out option, always settle for that, because in the long run that becomes cheaper.

How long does it take to make an animated video?

Depending on your skills, it can take a couple of hours to 5-6 hours or more to create a single video. However, the time required to create a video also depends on the complexity of your video, the length of your video, and more. So, it is impossible to give you a definitive time.


Animated videos are very powerful tools for marketing. Do not underestimate their power. If you are serious about growing your business, and you don’t mind investing money for the growth of your website, purchasing a whiteboard animation software

is a meaningful and wise decision.

If you are still in a dilemma, think of it in this way – creating one professional video using traditional channels can cost up to 16,000 USD. Is that the kind of money you want to pay for making professional videos?

I thought so! Unless you are a really rich businessman and you want something truly exclusive, such expenses make sense. If not, it is better you settle for a whiteboard animation software. It will cost you way less and allow you to make as many videos as you want in a short span.

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