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The Cycle Tips and Tricks To Be A Successful Prospector

Playing as a prospector in The Cycle: Frontier revolves around playing on a map in space – The Prospect Station. This planet is almost uninhabitable as a radioactive storm constantly ravages the environment. You have no choice but to survive under harsh circumstances.

You have to engage in activities such as scavenging deserted settlements and fighting other prospectors in the game. We’ll give you tips that can help you achieve this easily. Furthermore, the Cycle Frontier ESP hack is available if you ever run into difficult encounters in the game.

How to be a successful prospector in The Cycle: Frontier

Use the beasts to your advantage

Many creatures in the game wouldn’t hesitate to shred you. More deadly is the fact that they can ruin your entire game in seconds. While there are many smaller such creatures, you’ll also come in contact with the Colossi – his boulders are not your friends.

If you can survive their attack and successfully kill these creatures, they can provide you with income and useful materials. Just make sure you have a good set of weapons in your loadout. Smaller creatures like Critters and Striders can go with a shotgun, but you’ll need more than that for bigger creatures like the Colossi or a Crusher.

Scavenge for items

Whatever you’re able to scavenge on the game is yours to keep. Strewn across the map are precious materials that you’ll need in the long run. While scavenging the map, pay extra attention to deserted buildings as they may harbor some useful items.

Another thing you should note is that you can kill other prospectors in the game and go away with their belongings. More interesting is that you can make profits from selling whatever items you’re able to gather in the game. You can also use scavenge materials to craft tools or upgrade your home.

Gears are your best friends.

You cannot be successful as a prospector on The Cycle: Frontier if you don’t have good gear. Gears on the Prospect Station are available in many forms, such as weapons, tools, and medkits. Other gears you’ll need in the game are helmets, grenades, shields, and other consumable items.

Before you proceed with the game, it’s of significant importance that you personalize your loadout. The weapons in your loadout must suit your play style and serve you in various combat situations. However, you must note that you don’t have to go into a single match with all your weapons – you’ll lose everything if you don’t survive the round.

Contracts are essential

There’s about nothing more profitable to do on the Prospect Station than taking contracts. These are a must if you’d make any noticeable progress on the game. On the Prospect Station, you have bosses, better known as Factions in the game. These Factions will always have contracts that they’ll assign you to complete.

Upon successful completion of these contracts, you earn bonuses and rewards. As your reputation level keeps increasing, the risks associated with the kind of contracts you are given also increase. However, with the increased risks comes greater rewards.

Attachments are essential

Your weapons will deliver just fine in the game with very few things to worry about. However, you can get some attachments on them to boost their performance. Attachments can help you boost some of your weapons’ abilities, such as recoil, ammo containing capacity, scope, and more.

Attachments even give you the ability to customize your weapons further. In The Cycle, you can pick attachments strewn across the map, buy them, or craft a new one. If you want to be successful as a Prospector on the Prospect Station, you’ll need all the attachments you can get.


Surviving on The Cycle: Frontier is not an easy task, let alone being a successful prospector. You’ll need to gather all the items strewn across the map as they’ll help you get all you need, including gear and weapons.

Creatures on the Prospect Station may be small, but you must never underestimate their abilities. Small creatures such as Critters can shred you to bits in seconds – the main reason your loadout must be subpar.