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Spellbound Reviews – Does Storytelling for Action Works?

Is no news that storytelling is essential if you’re an internet marketer, copywriter, or business owner that has a product or service to sell to an audience. However, not all stories have same effect and not all words sell.

Each day, articles in their thousands and even millions are published and promoted by brands to make sales, increase sales, captivate or retain audience. Getting your words and story across is increasingly difficult yet important if you must make sales and remain in business.

Not all stories are created equally and if you must stay above the competition and the noise in your marketing and branding endeavour you need an edge. You need special words that will draw customers towards your sales page, digital channels or whatever you have set up to bring in sales for your company.

So how do you achieve that edge? Spellbound Storytelling For Action by Peter Tzemis and Chris Wright.

What is Spellbound?

Spellbound is an E.P.I.C Storytelling Framework that shows you the simple, 4-Step story telling system directly responsible for creating multiple top offers and generating over 100M online

Created by Peter Tzemis and Chris Wright, Spellbound Storytelling For Action shows you a simple 4-STEP “E.P.I.C.” framework to craft compelling stories that bypass your prospect’s limbic (buying) brain to move people to action and make a metric ton of money in the process for you and your organization.

It shows you the 4 little words that Disney used to build a $190 billion business empire, that the early adopters of Bitcoin used to usher in the era of cryptocurrency, that everyday investors in GameStop used to build a movement that separated Wall Street from billions of dollars, and you can use to make millions upon millions online.

Who are the Authors?

Peter Tzemis and Chris Wright together have over 14 years of experience in using storytelling to sell products from financial newsletters and e-courses to supplements, dog treats and keto cookies. They have both played a part in helping to grow multiple 8-figure companies, scaled sales funnels to 7-figures a month , brought in tens of thousands of buyers all through the power of storytelling.

Their latest work “E.P.I.C.” storytelling framework or Spellbound, according to them is their most proudest accomplishment and they are eager to help you bring in millions through the act of effective storytelling.

What Spellbound: Storytelling For Action Contains

Spellbound Storytelling For Action is a storytelling course that is specially designed to craft stories that tap into the limbic brain of the readers and inspire them to take immediate action.

Inside the course you will learn the entire EPIC Framework (Emotion… Problem… Inception… and Close) where the author explains step-by-step how to construct stories that grab your prospect by the hand, imbed an idea deep in their limbic brain and drive them to the exact action you want them to take.

What more?

There are 6 over-the-shoulder videos that takes you through the various stage of storytelling process. Included also are templates, swipes and all the resources you will need to start writing action-inspiring stories that makes money right away.

Also you’ll be exposed to 10 breakthrough modules that teaches you the complete act of Spellbound storytelling.

A little about the Modules

In Module 1 which is the HEART of Spellbound, you will be walked through what a story is and how you can harness them to double and triple your conversions and squeeze out every penny from your offers, ads, and emails.

In Module 2 which is where the rubber meets the road, you will learn the 4-step EPIC framework for writing hard-hitting, emotionally-driven stories that tap into the limbic brain and persuade your readers and move them to action. The formula in this module can add millions of dollars to your (or your clients) bottom line.

Module 3 takes you through the conversion-Boosting-Triggers of the Limbic Brain. In this module you’ll discover ways to not only dramatically increase the power of the stories you tell by harnessing the psychology of humans. You’ll also learn how to instantly bring to life a “dead story” that pulls prospects in their droves.

Module 4 covers the 7 deadly sins of storytelling you must avoid so that you can shortcut your way to writing killer stories that move people to take action. In this module, you will learn the #1 mistake storytellers make that tank conversion rates faster than the Titanic, the sure-fire way to OVERLOAD your prospects with “stuck in the mud” details that chase prospects away and much more.

Module 5 introduces you to Storytelling without words. You’ll learn music, jump cuts, countdown timers, b-roll in this module. You’ll learn how to get a 110% boost from your VSL without changing the copy, how to direct your creative team to execute like marketers, the exact frequency to add b-roll, jump cuts, and musical transitions to keep viewers engaged, and much more.

There is Module 6-10 and you can check the out here

What are the Bonus?

The best courses always come with bonuses and this is no exemption. Here are the bonus product that comes with the course.

Bonus #1: Good Stories & Bad Stories
Bonus #2: Six Words Storytelling
Bonus #3: Story-Hunting


There is no doubt that Spellbound Storytelling for Action works However it is only for those who are serious about taking their business to the next level. The course offers you the opportunity for ceaseless leads and sales and a one time chance to build multiple million dollar business.

At $997 one time payment of $397 three monthly payments, this is a great steal and you’ll be insane to let this opportunity of scaling your business to 7 figures pass you by.