12 Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress

Quizzes have been shown to be an effective way of increasing visitors to your website. They are an excellent choice for enticing a reader to spend more time on your website and to interact with it. Quizzes, as opposed to plain and straightforward articles, tend to produce significantly more social shares.

They provide users with a plethora of reasons to return to your website again and again. It takes a significant amount of time and work on your side to create a quiz for your website. But the greatest thing is that there are Quiz Plugins available for your WordPress site to assist you in many ways.

Even if you may spend all of your time and energy to creating appropriate questions, you can delegate the collecting of answers, presentation of results, the publication of scores, etc., to those plugins, because that is what they are meant to do.

Take the example of Buzzfeed. Why do you think they have such high engagement rates? What do you think is the reason behind their very low bounce rate? Well, you can pinpoint two reasons – listicles and quizzes.

Buzzfeed started with listicles and later included quizzes in a fun and interactive way that manage to keep people engaged. The quizzes they create are also known for tapping into users’ psyche, nearly forcing them to interact with the quizzes.

The quiz may serve two functions at the same time: they can provide important feedback to site administrators while also providing information to site users. Furthermore, if they are created with a little forethought, they may maximize social media shares as well. With quizzes, you get to keep visitors interested and engaged for a longer period of time. which in return, lowers the bounce rates and potentially increase conversion rates.

It does not take a degree in rocket science to implement quizzes on your WordPress site. All you must do is create the questions and answers for the types of quizzes you want to put up on your site. The quiz plugins will perform rest of the job. You must add the questions, answers and images and the plugins will display them in the desired format, allowing users to play quizzes on your site’s frontend.

Certain WordPress quiz plugins contain extra capabilities like adding polls and surveys. Some extend it even further to become a full-featured suite that can perform tasks like email collection, slideshow tools, and form-building, amongst other things. Whether you’re looking for a simple quiz generator or something more contemporary like a BuzzFeed-style quiz, you’ll find lots of choices.

Before I begin with the actual list, I will quickly walk you through the benefits of adding quizzes to your website. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Benefits of Adding Quizzes to Your Site

Lead Capturing

Leads may be captured via the use of quizzes. If you are to believe LeadQuizzes, the typical quiz has a lead capture rate of 33.6 percent on average.

Increased Popularity and Increased Social Sharing

Quizzes are almost certain to generate a large number of social media shares, which will help to improve the popularity of your blog or website. Don’t you want that to happen.

Improved Conversion Rates

Quizzes increase conversions because they allow consumers to understand more about your business while taking the quiz. Furthermore, since they will be there for a longer period of time, they may wind up signing up for your business email list, clicking on an advertisement, or purchasing a product.

Drastic Reduction in Bounce Rates

There is no denying that fun and engaging quizzes can keep visitors on your site for longer durations, thereby reducing your site’s overall bounce rate. Bounce rate is an important factor in over SEO. Reduced bounce rate can help to improve your search engine rankings.

Industry-Specific Use

If you are from specific industries like schools, online courses, etc., you can use quizzes to test the knowledge of your readers. This helps in many things, one of which may be handing of certificate of successful completion.

Comments-based Engagement

Quizzes are known to increase comments participation and people start engaging in meaningful conversations through the comments section, which in turn helps to reduce bounce rate even further.

Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress

I will never say that WordPress has a very large collection of quiz plugins. That will be a false statement. However, there are quite a few. Not all of them are equally powerful. In this segment, I will walk you through the 12 best WordPress quiz plugins that can help you convert your website into an engaging platform.

So, let us begin with the list. But before that, this list in no way is complete and neither do I rate the plugins in the order they are listed. Different people may have different requirements, making one quiz plugin a better option over others for their specific needs. The list is numbered just to keep a count and to provide better scanability.

#1. Quiz Cat

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User engagement, social sharing, and email opt-ins are all enhanced when quizzes are created using Quiz Cat‘s assistance. In summary, it may assist you in achieving your desired outcome.

You have the ability to create an unlimited number of quizzes. Each quiz may include as many questions as you want to add. You can add between two and four answers for every question.

The plugin will enhance the variety by of quizzes by automatically shuffling the questions in a random order. You have the option of flashing a personalized message after completing the quiz.

When a responder completes a quiz, Quiz Cat can generate a customized headline. You can add pictures, an attractive “Start Quiz” button, and even create custom headlines.

The rest of the quiz is entirely up to you and your imagination from that point on. The plugin is quite versatile and reliable and allows you to create quizzes in various formats. Adding the quizzes to your site is as simple as adding a shortcode to any page or post you want.

The plugin allows using PHP filters to change content. However, you can do that directly using the user interface from either the frontend or the backend. Also, you can have it translated in any language of your choice.

The free plugin is quite limited in what you can do with it, however, if you want to upgrade to the paid version, you can do so and get access to many additional features that include things like quiz analytics, Zapier integration, Facebook pixel integration, email capture, social sharing and more.

Quiz Cat Pricing: The premium plugin starts with $49 a year for a single site license. If you want unlimited site license, you can go for their Elite plan that will cost you $149 a year. What’s weird is that the Person plan that starts at $49 a year will not give you some powerful features like email grabbing, analytics, spreadsheet export and so on.

#2. Quiz and Survey Master

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The Quiz and Survey Master plugin has received some overwhelmingly positive reviews, which should give you further confidence in your decision to use this plugin.

You also receive some really amazing tools for creating quizzes and surveys, which you can learn more about here. The WordPress quiz plugin comes with a straightforward constructor that includes choices for things such as comments, radio buttons, and checkboxes.

You may include a timeframe if you don’t want people to spend the whole day doing the quiz, and the plugin enables you to embed media inside the question. If you wish you can purchase a premium subscription, or you can purchase the paid add-ons separately.

You may want quiz players to watch a video before answering a question, however certain quiz plugins do not allow for this kind of interaction. Quiz and Survey Master will allow you to do that.  It is comparable to how a normal blog post behaves in terms of functionality.

A countdown is shown to the user in their browser tab in the event that they leave the quiz without completing it completely. After a survey or quiz has been completed, the plugin sends out emails to the participants. Landing pages, reporting, export results, are some of the premium features. You also get Mailchimp integration when you pay for the premium plugin.

Quiz and Survey Master Pricing: The plugin is quite pricey with the Basic plan starting at $79 a year for a single site license and yet not offering things like Mailchimp integration, reCAPTCHA support, conditional logic and so on. If you wish, you can upgrade to their Plus plan for $149 a year and install it on three sites. They also have a Pro plan with more features than the Plus plan and it costs $199 a year, allowing you to use the plugin on 10 sites.

#3. WP Poll

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When you use WP Poll, you can easily create a quiz to add some variety to your website or blog. This amazing free WordPress plugin comes with a slew of features and functionalities that allow you to quickly integrate eye-catchy polls to your site. Read more about it here.

WP Poll has incredible customization options, allowing you to rapidly and accurately customize it to your requirements. Designing a poll, a survey, or a quiz for your site visitors is a super easy when you use this plugin.

However, do not forget that the free version of the plugin will limit you to polls only. In case you need quiz and survey, you must opt for their paid addons.

In terms of functionality, you get over ten different themes, five timer styles, single and multiple votes, seven animations and a widget. The plugin also offers non-graphical and graphical reports that you can access through your WordPress backend.

With the easy integration of a shortcode, you can easily show the results of the quiz or the poll to your website visitors on the site frontend. If you are willing to pay for the addon, this plugin will make it super easy for you to add quizzes.

WP Poll Pricing: As far as the core plugin with support for polls is concerned, it is completely free. You can get the quiz and survey addons for $29 each. That’s a one-time fee that you must pay. That’s quite cheap compared to other plugins that require you to pay per year.

#4. Thrive Quiz Builder

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Thrive Quiz Builder is a powerful WordPress quiz plugin from the house of the famous Thrive Themes that includes a plethora of features. It enables you to create visually appealing and highly engaging and visually captivating quizzes using a simple and easy-to-use quiz builder.

Text-based questions as well as image-based questions are both acceptable. Using dynamic question trees, you can even guide participants to alternate questions depending on their responses.

The fact that this plugin is versatile means that you may build quizzes depending on particular objectives, such as expanding your mailing list, boosting social shares, or just getting more views, without having to learn coding.

The email marketing capabilities included with this plugin are particularly helpful since they enable you to create quizzes that classify subscribers into predefined groups in your mailing list depending on how they answer the questions you ask.

This tool is particularly useful for boosting the amount of social shares you get, as it enables you to design graphically pleasing visuals for results that people will want to share with their friends and family.

The plugin support four different quiz types and comes with premade templates that you can use. It is particularly helpful if you are trying to perform A/B testing. The developers also include extensive analytics that will allow you to learn how your website readers are interacting with your quizzes.

Thrive Quiz Builder Pricing: The plugin is quite expensive. It will cost you $19 a month but billed annually. So, you have to shell out $228 at once. What is interesting to note here is that the quiz plugin is a part of the whole Thrive Suite. You cannot purchase the quiz part separately. This might be a bummer for many. In case you want to go for a quarterly billing cycle, the developers will charge you $90 every three months, making this plan even more expensive than the yearly billing cycle.

#5. WP Quiz Pro

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MyThemeShop’s WP Quiz Pro is a premium quiz plugin that is available for purchase. Including classics like trivia and personality tests, it offers six other kinds of interactive quizzes that you can create with this incredible plugin.

The plugin will allow you to create flip card-based questions that will reveal answers only when users click on the cards, or you can create list-based quizzes that users may take by up- or down-voting list items. You can also create multi-choice questions.

WP Quiz Pro has a very intuitive interface that makes extensive use of the WordPress user interface design. As a visual builder, it is one of the least appealing quiz plugins you will come across. On the bright side though, it does at least make use of the UI that you are experienced with.

It is the number of options you can configure to make your quiz more engaging or react in certain ways that makes this plugin stand out from the rest of the crowd.

It is possible to set durations for particular questions and whole quizzes. You can even randomize questions, select from a choice of 40+ animations, have your quiz automatically move to the next question, and more.

The plugin will allow you to create quizzes using videos, images, and text. If you wish, you can even create Facebook quizzes. Quiz analytics is included in the plugin as well, and you can access the data from your WordPress dashboard. Of course, there is email marketing integration available, and you can accept payment through Stripe and PayPal integrations.

There is a free version available, but it is very limited in functionalities. However, do note that the plugin’s coding might not go well with several themes. Also, because of its poor coding, you may find yourself losing the questions as they do not get saved properly. These issues are present even in the Pro version of the plugin. That is the reason why the plugin is losing prominence. So, my recommendation will be to use the free version before you shell out your money for the paid version.

WP Quiz Pro Pricing: The plugin will cost you $77 for three sites license every year. If you want a discount, you can approach the company’s lead Bhanu and ask for a rebate. He will send you a special link with discounted price. However, do remember that the discount will be applicable only for the first year.

#6. WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

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If you’re searching for a quiz builder in the manner of Buzzfeed, the WordPress Viral Quiz plugin is a standout choice. It is available for purchase on CodeCanyon. Because it is available only through CodeCanyon, there is no free version available. The good news, however, is that you just need to make a one-time purchase. There is no yearly subscription. 

The quizzes appear nearly precisely the same as those seen on BuzzFeed, with big thumbnail pictures and various outcome options at the conclusion of each question.

It doesn’t take long to find out how the plugin’s customization features operate, and they are simple to use. Not to mention the fact that the quizzes created with WordPress Viral Quiz have the potential of going viral, which is enough to convince the majority of website owners to purchase and use it.

It has an email capture module that allows you to increase the number of people that sign up for your site’s newsletter. The plugin allows creating personality as well as trivia quizzes. It is needless to say that Facebook users hog personality quizzes while Twitter users love trivia variants.

If users wish to view the results of the quiz, the plugin offers a button that prompts them to share the findings on social network. You may check the quiz’s statistics to see how well it is doing in real time.

Insert advertisements around the quiz and allow the browser’s refresh feature to generate additional revenue.

On the downside, however, the type of quiz you can create using this plugin is limited only and only to Buzzfeed-style quizzes. This may not be appropriate for everyone. Also forced social sharing can be annoying and so can be the constant browser refreshes. It doesn’t even support email marketing platforms.

WordPress Viral Quiz Pricing: The plugin is available for $36 one-time price. This will entitle you for 6 months of support. If you want additional support, you can extend the support by 12 months by paying additional $11.63.

#7. OnionBuzz

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OnionBuzz is a simple WordPress quiz plugin that enables you to create well-designed questions in the manner of the popular BuzzFeed website.

Personality tests, list postings allowing users to upvote and downvote, flip card content, trivia quizzes, and checklists are all possible with the five quiz kinds available.

OnionBuzz has developed its own user interface (UI), which is well-designed and extremely intuitive.

The frontend user interface (UI) was designed to appear similar to that of BuzzFeed in order to give quizzes a playful feel. Users are allowed to post quiz results across different social media sites and networks. You may even prevent users from seeing their quiz results until they post the quiz on social media.

Integration with email marketing services is also possible, albeit only with MailChimp at this time. You may get around this by using Zapier to export your MailChimp list to your chosen email marketing platform. This will save you time and effort.

Aside from that, you may earn money by adding advertisements throughout your postings, including at the beginning and conclusion of each quiz. Ads can be added even between questions.

The plugin will allow you to create multiple quiz layouts and even randomize the questions. You can create text-based and image-based questions and the plugin also gives analytics so that you can understand which quizzes are working and which aren’t!

OnionBuzz Pricing: OnionBuzz is also available only and only through CodeCanyon with a one-time purchase price of $35. However, be careful while purchasing this plugin as the developers will not provide any support, which is clearly mentioned on the item listing page.

#8. Ari Stream Quiz

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The Ari Stream Quiz is a powerful tool, especially given that it is completely free and that you get some email capture options along with the quiz builder. The email collection form can connect with the common email marketing platforms such as AWeber and MailChimp. 

The email collection form can connect with the common email marketing platforms such as AWeber and MailChimp.

The plugin will allow creating personality and trivia tests to further engage your prospects. You may encourage users to share the quizzes on social media by providing them with incentives.

The use of an email marketing tool will almost certainly result in an increase in the number of individuals on your mailing list.

They do, in fact, provide premium assistance for a free plugin.

You can decide to purchase their premium versions that include features like “force-to-share” capabilities along with improved social sharing tools, among other things.

However, the problem with Ari Stream Quiz is that you are limited to only two types of quizzes – trivia and personality. If you want other formats, this plugin is definitely not for you. Yet another downside is that to add media you must use HTML code, which can be off-putting for those who have no knowledge of coding.

Ari Stream Quiz Pricing: The have two paid plans – Personal and Developer. The personal plan costs $17 while the Developer plan costs $25. With the Developer plan you get to add the plugin to as many websites as you want, but the Personal plan will restrict the installation to only one site.

#9. Riddle Unlimited Quiz Maker and Email Lead Capture

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If you’d want a little more freedom than the popular trivia quizzes and personality quizzes, the Riddle Unlimited Quiz Maker offers a variety of other choices, such as lists, polls, regular quizzes, etc. However, it is one of the costliest plugins you will come across.

Among the many capabilities of the plugin include the ability to capture emails and share them on social media, as well as a search engine for GIFs.

The plugin has a convenient search bar for discovering pictures, GIFs, and memes that are likely to be popular and shared widely.

The plugin interacts with services like as MailChimp, AWeber, Zapier, and the majority of customer relationship management systems.

You may create quizzes using the Likert scale.

You won’t have to worry about altering pictures before uploading them since the plugin has an excellent editing tool. Despite the fact that the plugin is quite professional, it retains the BuzzFeed style, that some webmasters might not be interested in.

Riddle Quiz Maker Pricing: The plugin happens to be one of the most expensive plugins you will come across. The Basic plan starts at $29 a month. The also have Pro and Team plans that cost $49 and $199 a month respectively.

#10. HD Quiz

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A simple quiz plugin, HD Quiz is offered completely free of charge.

One quiz type is available, which may be used to construct a straightforward exam with multiple-choice questions. Depending on the question, there may be up to ten potential responses, and you will be required to indicate which of those answers is the right one.

Because of this, the results are expressed as percentages, and you will need to set a minimum percentage that a quiz taker must obtain in order to pass the quiz. A report will be generated for each quiz participant once it has been completed, including the responses that were accurate and incorrect. For the wrong answers, it will display the correct answers.

Despite the fact that the plugin is simple, it nevertheless has a few features that give it a premium feel. Adding pictures to questions and answers is a significant step forward from even simpler plugins that simply enable you to build text-based quizzes, as is the ability to construct multiple-choice questions and answers.

Its user interface (UI) is nicely developed on the frontend, but it relies on WordPress’ own UI on the backend, where you will create your quiz questions.

In comparison to the other plugins on our list, it has a less user-friendly design, but at the very least, it is one that you are already acquainted with. A quiz styler is currently on the development team’s to-do list, but there are no stylistic choices to set at this time.

Multiple-choice questions are used in a single quiz type.

Text-based, image-based, and gif-based questions and responses are all available. The plugin allows adding time limits and you can make individual questions to have tooltips.

You can add an explanation to each answer that will be shown once the quiz is completed. You can make the plugin display questions randomly. Results are shown as percentages, with correct and incorrect answers marked appropriately.

HD Quiz Pricing: The plugin is a free one available through WordPress repository. You don’t have to pay a dime to use this awesome plugin that comes with a lovely user interface.

#11. Watu Quiz

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Watu Quiz, like many of the other free plugins on our list, also has a paid edition that is packed with additional features. However, for many people, the simple free version of the plugin will be sufficient. It has the ability to design entire examinations as well as quizzes, and it can show the results once a quiz or exam has been completed.

It enables you to give points for each correct response to a question. The plugin even grades the questions and finally calculates the total points automatically. The results may be shown in the form of a bar chart, which compares a user’s performance to the average performance of the whole population of players.

In addition to single-choice and multiple-choice questions, there is also the option of making some of the questions compulsory. The quizzes created by the plugin are responsive and touch-friendly, and hence, you do not have to worry about Google’s mobile-first approach.

When you upgrade to the pro edition, you’ll have access to a slew of extra features, including an extremely detailed grading system. It is possible to import questions from CSV files and to transfer questions from existing quizzes into new quizzes.

Prior to the commencement of the test, you may collect contact information from participants without really needing them to register. You may also use a timer to time the exams, change the difficulty levels, and enable any user to go back to an incomplete exam or quiz at any moment.

The plugin allows exporting results as a CSV file. You can even search, sort, and filter the results. If you wish, you can send the results to the users through emails.

Watu Quiz Pricing: There are three levels of pricing available. However, what’s nice is that despite a high charge, you do not have to pay a recurring fee. You can get the premium versions with a one-time purchase. The three levels of pricing are WatuPro for $47; WatuPRO + Intelligence Module for $87; and WatuPRO Full Bundle for $137.

#12. Quiz Maker

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Quiz Maker is available in two versions: a free version and a paid version. Of course, you’d want to give it a try for free initially and then upgrade if the need calls for it in the future. Nonetheless, if you discover that the free plugin works for you, feel free to use it for as long as you like. Although it has less advanced options, you can still create a quiz that will keep your customers engaged for a longer period of time.

The plugin is laden with many features. For example, Quiz Maker does not impose any restrictions on the number of quizzes and questions that you may create. 

Furthermore, it enables random questions, has a results page, and has the option of making it accessible exclusively to those who are signed into the system.

Furthermore, you have complete control over the appearance of the layout. In other words, you may adjust the height and breadth, as well as the color. And, before going live with your updated quiz, make sure you preview it, and if the need arises, make necessary adjustments.

Quiz Maker Pricing: The plugin has two paid plans – Business and Developer. The Business plan will cost you $29 one-time payment and can be used on five sites. The Developer plan can be used on unlimited sites and costs $62 (discounted from $89) one-time price.


As I told earlier, the list is not an exhaustive one. There are many more quiz plugins that you can find in both WordPress plugins repository and in paid platforms like CodeCanyon. Test out a few of them to find out which one works for you the best. I will always recommend going for a paid plugin for better support, but at the same time, I will recommend that you use the free version first to find out whether it is suitable for your needs or not!

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