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Project Next Review – Experience Thrive Edition Massive Bonuses

There is no doubt that Time to Thrive Challenge with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi has been super amazing. From the comments, the testimonies of transformation and the opportunity to actually do something amazing for yourself and your family.

The good part? Several thousands of people have already started with The Project Next Experience with amazing testimonies. Here are some..

Elizabeth Jones says “I remember when I started Project Next I was lost in this industry and now I am making sales every month and it has changed my family’s life for ever!’Rivane Chybar-Virgo says “I did It!!! After completing Project Next, I worked so hard on my course and it’s officially live and i’m ready to help people!!!’Steven Paul Ram says “Message of gratitude to Dean Graziosi & Tony Robbins. I feel so grateful I’ve managed to find the perfect mentors and teachers. I’ve never had a role model growing up and both of you fill that gap with abundance in my life so thank you so much!” Here is what Brian Skillen has to say “We have so much to be grateful for. Our business which started out as a course on Mastermind has continued to steadily grow. I love serving each and every one of our clients. It is an amazing feeling to empower authors to get their books out into the world. Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins thank you so much for putting up #ProjectNEXT!”

There are thousand more testimonies of people killing it and making their dreams come through. What are you waiting for? Remember your WHY.. why you dropped everything you are doing and join thousands of people learning from Dean and Tony. It all comes down to this, it’s time for action, it’s time to get started.

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What is Project Next Thrive Edition?

Over the last few days there have been so much to learn from Tony, Dean and the rest of the speakers. A new community was born or should I say rediscovered, but what’s more important is that you made the decision to be part of this movement, to become a “Thriver” to come alive, to pursue your dreams and to give value to the world.

There’s no doubt we are in a crazy time. With the economy in technical recession, the on going war and rumor of war (Don’t let it get to you) and the rising food and gas price. There’s light and that light is you.

Project Next Thrive Edition is a perfect opportunity to shine in the midst of all these uncertainties. An opportunity to build your dream, grow it and use it to help others fulfil their dreams.

Superpower!! yes, you heard that right.. superpower. This course is tailored to teach you how to identify, develop, launch and scale up your knowledge product today even if you have no experience in product development or sales.

You’ll learn the next level mindset, strategies and tools to confidently sell what you know or what others know in 6 simple but incredibly powerful modules. What are you waiting for? Get started now.

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Is The Project Next Thrive Edition for you?

How would you like to learn

  • How to become unstoppable so excuses never get in your way again
  • Uncover exactly what YOU should sell and discover who you will sell it to 
  • ​How to build your product in 5 easy steps & get it live to sell to the world
  • Learn how to effortlessly market your message and sell from a place of service so you can attract your ideal client even in a down market
  • ​Find your perfect clients on social media using the channels you’re likely already on
  • ​How to sell confidently like a pro and feel good about doing it

Does this sounds like something you are interested and eager to learn? Then Project Next Thrive Edition is for you. Think about this.. do you want more money, success, impact, influence, admiration of your spouse, children, friends and the community? Again what is your WHY?

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have helped hundreds of thousands if not millions discover their WHY and go on to achieve their dreams of financial independence, success, influence and impact. It’s your turn.

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Project Next Thrive Edition Review

The Project Next Course is a complete package put together by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and some of the top minds in the business and marketing industry. What you’re about to have access to is a complete 6 weeks of live training, mastermind platform, VIP 3-day event, private community, and bonuses, all design to help you succeed.

Here are the details.


One of the reason most people fail in business and whatever they set their mind to do is wrong mindset. This module ensures that your mindset is inline with your goals and dream. It provides you with the strategies, tools and correct mindset to develop, start and launch your business.

In this section, you’ll learn the exact strategy on coming up with a product and how to sell it, the various marketing channels for selling your product, how to attract the right client for your product, selling your product like a pro, and how to scale your business.


Nothing beats having someone walk you through a process. That’s what this section offers. You will have private access to LIVE group coaching calls with Dean every week from now until the World Summit

In this section your progress is reviewed and you get the opportunity to ask Dean any questions and get instant feedback.


All you have been learning in the last few days is nothing if you are not going to implement it. This is what this section is all about. Action, action, massive action.

The tools and resources this section offers you makes it easy for you to start building your knowledge business right away. You’ll be given access to Mastermind.com which allows you to build a professional and beautiful looking course, coaching or workshop that you can upload & launch to the world in just minutes.

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One of the unique thing about Tony and Dean’s program is the electrifying atmosphere they create.. you can literally taste and feel success in the air. You feel empowered and ready to conquer your world.

Pillar 4 gives you an opportunity to mastermind with Tony and Dean live at the 2022 Mastermind World Summit on September 16th-18th hosted in Tony’s $20 million dollar studio. The good part? you get a front seat row. In this submit you are going to be learning from some of the greatest speakers and master of the industry

This is what success looks like. Still waiting? Get started now.

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Project Next Thrive Edition FAQ

What is Project Next Thrive Edition?

The Project Next Course is a complete package put together by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and some of the top minds in the business and marketing industry to help you launch, grow and scale your knowledge business

How do I sign up for Project Next Thrive Edition?

You can sign up for Project Next Thrive Edition by visiting their website