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Philo TV Free Trial | Get 7 Days Free Trial

Watching similar kinds of content over and over can be a little disappointing. People are always in search of something new and fierce. Are you getting bored of your old online streaming platforms subscriptions and want something new in life? You do, right? Then, don’t worry; Philo is your one-go spot for all the new shows and movies that will keep you on a binge on a weekend night.

If you are searching for a good TV streaming service, you need to switch on Philo because it will make your life much happier and more fun. Are you someone who doesn’t know about the Philo TV streaming service? If yes, then don’t worry because this article will let you know everything about Philo that you should know before getting a subscription.

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What Is Philo TV Service?

Philo is an American online TV service that offers a variety of channels to its members. If you are a member of Philo, then you can get access to 60 plus channels that include TV shows, movies, series, live news channels, and live sports to keep the viewers updated on everything happening around the world.

The best thing about a Philo TV subscription is that it is easy to use and offers the lowest rates. What’s better for a member to get so much at such a low price? It is quite a cheap alternative if you consider switching from your local cable operator. Isn’t it amazing!

How Philo TV compare with other services

Philo$25.00No64Start Free Trial »
YouTube TV$64.99 and UpNo85+See Review »
Hulu + Live TV$69.99 and UpOptional75+Start Free Trial »
fuboTV$69.99 and UpNo100+Start Free Trial »
Sling TV$35.00 and UpNo30+Start Free Trial »

Does Philo TV Subscription Include A Free Trial?

Who doesn’t like to get a free trial? Everyone does, and why shouldn’t they? A free trial of Philo is like a cherry on top. Philo is very generous towards its customers, and to keep its members happy and satisfied, they also offer a free trial. Isn’t it a piece of wonderful news!

Like many other online streaming platforms and TV services, Philo TV also offers a 7-day free trial for its members. The free trial of Philo is currently available, and you can enjoy it. Moreover, it will help you to decide whether the content on the TV service is worth buying or not. If you are thinking of switching from cable to Philo but are not sure about it, then the 7-day free trial will help you choose.

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How To Get The 7-Day Free Trial Of Philo TV Service?

Are you someone new to the streaming platform and online TV services and don’t know how to get a free trial of the Philo TV service? If you are facing this problem, don’t worry because we have compiled all the ways to help you get a free trial of Philo TV and enjoy its premium content. Just follow these few methods and start enjoying the unlimited fun and entertainment at Philo TV.

How To Get Philo TV Free Trial Over The Official Philo Website?

If you want to enjoy Philo TV and don’t know how to get it, you can visit their website and sign up for real entertainment. Here are a few steps that will help you in this regard!

  • Visit the Philo TV official website on your browser.
  • On the website, you will see an option as “Start Your Subscription” in a box.
  • Click on it
  • Fill in a form that includes your details, contact and email details, etc
  • Philo team will send you a link on your contact number or email; click on that and continue the process
  • Click on “Complete Sign-Up,” and the Philo TV will set up your new account
  • You will get a 7-day free trial after your account is being setup

How To Get Philo TV Free Trial On An Android Device?

Are you an android user and want to enjoy seamless entertainment over your phone? Then follow these steps to get a free trial over your android device.

  • Visit the Google Play Store
  • Search Philo TV and install it on your device
  • Open the Philo mobile app
  • Click on the Start Free Trial option
  • Provide you contact information that is valid at the point
  • Confirm the Sign-up and enjoy a 7-day free trial of your Philo TV subscription

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How To Get Philo TV Free Trial On A Roku Device?

Are you a Roku device user and want to enjoy unlimited showers over it? Then follow these steps to get a free trial over your Roku device. Hopefully, it will be pretty helpful!

  • Press the home button on your Device
  • Then, a simple press on Streaming
  • Press on searching the channels
  • Select Philo TV by clicking over it
  • Press on add channels option
  • Navigate to the Philo TV
  • Press Start Your Free Trial of Philo and add your contact details
  • Confirm it to sign-up, and you will get access to amazing content on Philo TV Service

How To Get Philo TV Free Trial On A Fire TV & Devices?

If you are an owner of Fire TV and want to enjoy the Philo TV subscription and free trial over it, then you have to follow these few simple steps and enjoy it.

  • Press the home button over your Fire TV remote
  • Press the search button present on the top left corner of the home screen
  • Find the Philo and tap on it
  • Then, press the Get button and navigate to open the Philo App
  • Click on Start a Free Trial for Philo
  • Add your personal information and contact information and continue the sign-up process.
  • You will get a link through text
  • Click on the link and confirm it
  • Your 7-day free trial of Philo will be activated

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How To Get Philo TV Free Trial On An iPad, iPhone, Or iOS Devices?

Are you an iPhone or iOS device user? If yes, then you can get a free trial of Philo TV on your device. Want to know how? Just follow these simple steps, and you can join the 7-day free trial of Philo.

  • Simple download the Philo app on your iPhone or iOS device through App Store
  • Turn on the Philo App and click on Get Started
  • Enter your valid contact details such as contact number and email address to complete the process
  • Philo TV team will send you a link to your provided contact details
  • Click on that link and confirm your subscription; tap on the okay button
  • The team will set up your Philo Account, and you will get a 7-day free trial on your iPhone

How Much Does Philo TV Cost For Subscription Plan After The Free Trial Ends?

The Philo free trial is fun and amazing but won’t last forever. You have to pay for the subscription plan after enjoying the 7-day free trial of Philo TV. Do you enjoy the Philo TV free trial for 7 days and intend to keep the fun going? Then you have to pay for the subscription plan.

Now you might be thinking about the price of the subscription plan, but don’t worry; they are so affordable that even a teenager can afford it easily. Here we have a price list of Philo TV services subscription plans to help you choose which is better for you.

  • Philo Basic Package that currently is only $25 per month
  • Philo users or members can get Starz access for just $9 per month
  • Philo users or members can get Epix access for just $6 per month

Philo TV offers a single subscription plan for its customers that lets everyone enjoy the same amount of content and 63 channels for just $25 per month. Can you get any other TV service at much cheaper rates than Philo TV? We don’t think so!

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How To Cancel Philo TV Free Trial?

If you are getting bored with using the free trial of Philo TV and want to get rid of it, then we have some good news for you. You can cancel your Philo free trial or subscription whenever you want. Want to know how to cancel your Philo TV free trial or subscription plan? Start following the easy steps given below.

  • You must open your browser if you want to cancel the free trial of Philo TV.
  • Visit the official web page of Philo TV.
  • Sign in to your account by adding your valid account details
  • Visit the setting option and scroll down
  • You will see a “Cancel My Account” option at the bottom of the page
  • Click on that
  • Click on confirm, and the team will process your cancellation
  • If you had paid for a particular month’s subscription, then you can enjoy the rest of the month on Philo until the billing cycle ends, even after the cancellation

What Devices Are Compatible With Philo TV Subscription?

Before buying any online TV streaming service or even the Philo TV service, it is crucial to learn about the compatible devices within the Philo TV. Here we have a list of all the devices within the Philo TV.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Roku TV
  • Sony Smart TV
  • VIZIO Smart TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Android TV
  • Android Phones & Tablets
  • Mac book
  • iPhone, iPad, and iOS Devices

Unfortunately, if you are using a gaming console such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, or any LG Smart TV and Samsung Smart TV, you won’t be able to enjoy the Philo TV service. Maybe, in the upcoming years, Philo TV will also be available on these devices, but it is not working right now.

Final Verdict

Philo TV service was launched in 2010 and had been trying its best to entertain its audience. Although there are many online streaming platforms and TV services, none is as affordable as Philo TV. Do you know any other TV service that costs $25 per month? You don’t. So, if you are under strict budget control, Philo TV is an ideal subscription. Switch on it today!

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Does Philo TV offer free trial?

Yes, you can sign up for 7 days free trial from their official website

What are the alternatives to Philo TV?

Peacock TV is a great choice, however if you want a TV with free trial Apple TV+ is a good one.

How much does Philo TV cost?

Philo TV offers a single base package that costs $25.00 per month.

How many channels does Philo TV offer?

Philo TV currently offers 64 channels in their base package

Does Philo TV offer any add-on channels or packages?

No, Philo TV currently only offers one base package.