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What’s the difference between Peacock and Peacock Premium?

Peacock TV offers a 3 tier subscription that includes Peacock Free, Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus. Each subscription gives you access to quality contents, shows, movies, Original Peacock shows and movies, sports and much more.

Are you a fan of crime dramas and sci-fi movies? Looking for a platform that has it all? Peacock TV is the answer to all your prayers! It is unlike your ordinary online platform streaming service and is much more than that.

You’ll get various versions of Peacock TV to watch your favorite unlimited shows. Are you wondering why Peacock TV is the best choice for you? Let us tell you why! Keep reading to learn more about Peacock TV and the differences between its free and Premium versions. And find out which subscription is best for you and why!

What Is Peacock TV Subscription?

Peacock is ranked as one of the Best on-demand streaming services of 2022, owned by the famous NBC Universal streaming service. It is a relatively newbie in the streaming market, having launched in July 2020. But it has amassed around 13 million subscribers since mid-2022.

Unlike many other major streaming platforms, Peacock provides free, ad-supported access to some of its content. Initially only available in the United States, Peacock has begun to expand into Europe through a partnership with Sky TV and Now Entertainment.

What Is Different Between Free Peacock TV & Peacock Premium Version?

Peacock’s free version allows you to access 40,000+ hours of shows and movies, with many shows offering only their pilots or selected episodes. It includes current NBC broadcast series, older NBC shows and movies, and advertisements.

The Premium tiers unlock the Peacock library and include next-day drops of NBC series and originals. Most intriguing, Peacock Premium will release a new Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon episode three and a half hours before broadcast. Isn’t it amazing?

You will also watch Live coverage of selected Premier League matches, the US Open Championship, Sunday Night NFL games, the Super Bowl, WWE wrestling, and Major League Baseball on Peacock TV’s premier tier. Peacock Premium also gives you access to all 60,000+ hours of content.

Is There A Free Trial For Peacock TV?

It is the most frequently asked question about Peacock TV. However, Peacock does not provide a free trial for its paid plans. However, it has a free subscription tier that gives viewers ad-supported availability to select content from its library. Due to the availability of a free version of Peacock TV, there is no need for any free trial.

Which Peacock TV Subscription Is Better?

If you have many responsibilities and manage your finances carefully, you should save money on something other than the Peacock TV premium version. You should rather enjoy the free version of Peacock TV, which offers a lot of entertainment. Otherwise, you can always get a paid Premium Version of Peacock TV that provides unlimited content access without ads.

How Much Will One Have To Pay For A Peacock TV Subscription?

Once you have decided about Peacock TV, you should choose the right plan. Are you interested in getting paid versions of Peacock TV? Here is a price list that will help you let you know which Peacock TV plan is better for you.

Type Of Subscription Plan

Cost Value

Watch Hours

Free (Ads)

Free of cost

40,000 watch hours

Peacock Premium (Ads)

$4.99 per month

80,000 watch hours

Peacock Premium Plus (Ads Free)

$9.99 per month

80,000 watch hours

Does Peacock TV Offers Streaming In 4K Quality?

Video quality is a thing that cannot be compromised at any cost. Isn’t it? 4K resolution is available on all streaming services, which is twice as good as 1080P. The high-dynamic range is a new video technology that improves the appearance of colors and shadows. 4K video streaming and HDR video streaming are only available to Peacock Premium subscribers.

What Are The Most On Demand Shows On Peacock TV?

If you want to start streaming on Peacock TV but get confused, start with our top list of the best shows on the platform.

  • The Office
  • Parks and Recreation
  • 30 Rock
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Law & Order franchise
  • Downton Abbey
  • Below Deck
  • Southern Charm
  • Yellowstone
  • House
  • Cheers
  • Frasier
  • Parenthood
  • Psych
  • Saved by the Bell
  • The Bad Girls Club
  • Snapped
  • All current NBC series

What Are The Most On Demand Movies On Peacock TV?

If you are looking for movie options on Peacock TV, start with these.

  • Die Hard franchise
  • Friday franchise
  • Bridesmaids
  • Pretty Woman
  • The Goonies
  • Sex and the City
  • The Green Mile
  • The Hangover
  • Trolls World Tour
  • Despicable Me
  • Robin
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Monster vs. Aliens

How To Unsubscribe Peacock TV Premium?

Peacock TV automatically charged the credit card you provided at the subscription time. But if you are feeling bored and don’t spend much time on Peacock TV, then don’t worry. Following these steps can save you from a hustle just by unsubscribing from the Peacock TV premium plan.

  • Visit the official website of Peacock TV
  • Login your account
  • Go to settings and click on “Cancel my subscription.”
  • Add a valid reason so that Peacock TV can work on it to make it better for the future.
  • Press confirm, and you’re done.


Peacock TV is an ideal subscription that offers everything one can ask for, from shows and movies to news and sports. You’ll get everything on Peacock TV; the fun part is that you don’t need to pay for it. Peacock TV Free or Peacock TV Premium Plus, it’s your choice to decide which is better.


Is Peacock Premium Plus Worth It?

Peacock Premium Plus comes with no ads, so if you are someone who doesn’t want to be interrupted with ads when watching your favorite shows this is truly worth it

Does peacock have a free trial?

Peacock does not have a free trial, however they offer a free tier plan which offers over 10,000+ hours of streaming and eliminates the need for a free trial plan.