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How To Watch Paramount Plus On Xfinity

Xfinity subscribers, did you hear the good news? You can now watch Paramount Plus shows by paying just a little bit extra, along with your Xfinity subscription fee. And yes, it includes any and every series of Paramount Plus, new or old. Imagine all the entertaining shows of Xfinity combined with the masterpieces of Paramount Plus, including sports, reality shows, documentaries, and many more. Can’t wait? Let’s tell you how to get through this.

Here’s How You Can Watch Paramount Plus On Xfinity

If you already have an Xfinity subscription, that’s great. If not, you’ll first need to sign up for Xfinity. As long as you have subscribed to the Paramount Plus bundle of Xfinity, you can follow these easy steps to watch Paramount Plus.

  • When you open your Xfinity TV Streaming Box, navigate to the Apps menu you can see on the screen.
  • Scroll to the right side until you land on the Paramount Plus icon.
  • Now, log in to your Paramount Plus account.
  • Sign in to your Paramount Plus account either through television or online.
  • Enter the activation code if required by the app. You may also be required to put Paramount Plus Xfinity code too if you’re logging in to CBS.
  • Choose whether you want to watch it on your television or on your Xfinity TV.
  • If you choose television, enter your email and password. That’s it; you’re ready to stream your favorite shows.

Want To Manage Your Paramount Plus Subscription? Here You Go!

Here’s how you can manage (view, upgrade, and downgrade) your Xfinity TV Paramount Plus subscription.

  • Go to the Xfinity website on your desktop or mobile device or open your Xfinity TV Box. (This can be Xfinity Flex streaming TV Box or Xfinity X1 TV Box too.
  • Choose the option that reads “Apps and Subscriptions,” and it will take you to the Apps and Subscriptions Menu. (You can also find the menu by using the voice command option).
  • Choose “Change the Plan” and follow the commands to change your plan. You can also cancel your subscription following the same method; just change your command.


A few questions about Xfinity and Paramount Plus subscriptions we keep getting are answered below. Have a look!

Is Paramount Plus free with Xfinity?

No, it is not. Paramount Plus is a paid option you can access along with your Xfinity subscription. You can check out the prices and details on the website.

Does Paramount Plus offer a free subscription?

Unfortunately, there is no free or trial version for Paramount Plus available as of now, however Paramount Plus is offering a 50% discount for a limited period


Starting a Paramount Plus subscription with Xfinity is an excellent way to make your watchlist diverse without burdening your bank account. And it saves you quite a hassle too. You can watch Jackass Forever, Candyman, If Beale Street Could Talk, and so much more with just a little extra payment. No regrets now if you cannot have Paramount Plus with the SHOWTIME bundle because this bundle will be more than satisfactory for you.