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Paramount Plus Cyber Monday Deal 50% Off Annual Plan

Do you want 50% off for an entire year on Paramount Plus? Do you want to stream Star Trek unlimited at a big discount? Are you trying to find a way to stream your favorite shows but want to pay less? Well, who doesn’t love getting a good discount? What if we tell you that you have a way to get a huge discount of 50% off on your Paramount Plus subscription? Are you excited to know about it?

As winter starts and Christmas is just around the corner, we all know how much we enjoy watching our favorite shows and movies with our family. Paramount Plus is the best place to do so. Now, you can get a huge discount on Paramount Plus with cyber Monday deals and offers. Want to get one for yourself, then keep on reading!

What Is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is the most affordable streaming service available online. The Paramount Plus service has a growing library of original series and films. It includes several Star Trek, Yellowstone, and Tulsa King starring Sylvester Stallone, for the fans to enjoy unlimited content.

With a Paramount Plus subscription, you can also watch live CBS sports, including NFL and SEC football games. You can also live to stream your local CBS station, but only if you have a Premium subscription to Paramount Plus.

How Much Will Paramount Plus Cost Me?

You might wonder why you’ve to pay a lot more to get a subscription to Paramount Plus. However, that’s not true. The ad-supported basic plan is just $5 per month, and the ad-free Premium plan is just $10 per month, which isn’t much for the amount and quality of content you get on Paramount Plus.

What Deals Do You Get On Paramount Plus With Cyber Monday?

Christmas is the best thing of the year because it brings a lot of deals and discounts. Isn’t it? As Christmas approaches, you can get huge discounts with Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is a fantastic opportunity to save money if you’ve been waiting for a good deal on your favorite streaming services. Paramount Plus still provides some outstanding deals that will save you a good amount of money.

If you purchase an annual subscription to Paramount Plus, you can get a 50% discount on its two streaming plans, allowing you to binge-watch your favorite sci-fi and science shows for less. The amazing 50% discount deal was supposed to end on November 27, but now it has been extended until Cyber Monday.

How Much Will Paramount Plus Cost You With Cyber Monday Deals?

If you don’t mind a few ads interrupting you from time to time, you can get a year of streaming on Paramount Plus for as little as $24.99 per year, or about $2 per month if you want to enjoy the ad-free Premium tier that will be half off, at an impressive $49.99 per year, or slightly more than $4 per month.

Why Use Paramount Plus Cyber Monday Deal?

Are you excited about the pros associated with the Paramount Plus subscription plan through Cyber Monday? You don’t, well, here they are!

  • You can get 50% off for an entire year on a Paramount Plus subscription
  • You’ll have unlimited access to the premium content of Paramount Plus
  • You’ll get to stream all the channels and shows of Paramount Plus in 4K picture quality that will enhance your streaming experience


How to get Paramount Plus for free?

Paramount Plus offers new users a 7 days free trial. Within this period you can try out all the Paramount Plus content and decide if to keep your subscription or cancel it

How to get Paramount Plus for half the price

Paramount is offering a 50% discount on it’s yearly plan for the paramount plus. To sign up, visit the Paramount Plus website and click the Redeem Now


Paramount Plus is the best subscription one can ask for, and if you want to binge-watch Yellowstone’s new season, you can do that with the Paramount Plus subscription plan. Sign up for a Paramount Plus subscription today and get a massive discount for a year!