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New England Patriots Schedule 2023: Prime Time Games

The New England Patriots, a storied team with a rich history of success, are gearing up for the 2023 NFL season. With numerous changes in personnel and the constant evolution of their rivals, the upcoming season promises to be another exciting chapter in the franchise’s history. The Patriots’ schedule is a mix of familiar foes from their division, challenging competitors from the rest of the AFC, and intriguing opponents from the NFC. This comprehensive guide will explore the New England Patriots’ 2023 schedule, delving into the strength of the schedule, prime time games, and the predicted outcome for the season.

New England Patriots Schedule 2023

WeekDateOpponentKickoff timeTV
1Sept. 10Philadelphia Eagles4:25 p.m.CBS
2Sept. 17Miami Dolphins8:20 p.m.NBC
3Sept. 24New York Jets1 p.m.CBS
4Oct. 1Dallas Cowboys4:25 p.m.Fox
5Oct. 8New Orleans Saints1 p.m.CBS
6Oct. 15Las Vegas Raiders4:05 p.m.CBS
7Oct. 22Buffalo Bills1 p.m.CBS
8Oct. 29Miami Dolphins1 p.m.CBS
9Nov. 5Washington Commanders1 p.m.Fox
10Nov. 12Indianapolis Colts9:30 a.m.NFL Network
11Nov. 19BYE
12Nov. 26New York Giants1 p.m.Fox
13Dec. 3Los Angeles Chargers1 p.m.CBS
14Dec. 7Pittsburgh Steelers8:15 p.m.Amazon Prime
15Dec. 18Kansas City Chiefs8:15 p.m.ESPN
16Dec. 24Denver Broncos8:15 p.m.NFL Network
17Dec. 31Buffalo Bills1 p.m.CBS
18Jan. 6/7New York JetsTBDTBD

Strength of Schedule

Analyzing the strength of the Patriots’ 2023 schedule, it’s clear they are set to face a diverse range of opponents. The roster boasts teams that have been performing well in the past few seasons, like the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs, along with a couple of promising upstarts like the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills. These games could provide the Patriots with a stern test and an opportunity to prove themselves against top-tier opponents.

Conversely, there are matchups against teams that have struggled in the recent past, such as the New York Jets, offering an opportunity to rack up some wins. Additionally, divisional games always carry an extra bit of significance and unpredictability, irrespective of the teams’ form in the broader season context.

Prime Time Games

Prime time games are a showcase for teams to demonstrate their talent to a national audience. In 2023, the Patriots have four prime time games, which are scheduled against the Miami Dolphins (Week 2), Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 14), Kansas City Chiefs (Week 15), and Denver Broncos (Week 16).

Patriots vs. Dolphins (Week 2)

The Patriots will have their first prime time showdown in Week 2, going head-to-head with their AFC East rivals, the Miami Dolphins, on Sunday Night Football. The Dolphins, though inconsistent in the past, possess a budding roster that could potentially cause problems for the Patriots’ defensive setup. To secure a victory, the Patriots will need to leverage their well-coached offensive and defensive units. This early-season divisional game can set the pace for the Patriots and will serve as a critical litmus test for their playoff aspirations.

Patriots vs. Steelers (Week 14)

Week 14 sees the Patriots under the Thursday Night lights as they battle the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers, known for their rugged defense and explosive offense, will undoubtedly test the mettle of the Patriots. It will be vital for New England to capitalize on their strategic playcalling and the abilities of their key players. This mid-season prime time game could play a pivotal role in shaping the playoff landscape for both teams.

Patriots vs. Chiefs (Week 15)

In Week 15, the Patriots will be showcased on Monday Night Football against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs, led by their high-octane offense, are a formidable adversary for any team. To emerge victorious, the Patriots will need to exploit their tactical prowess and rely on their stars to step up in this crucial late-season encounter. This prime time game will not only serve as a litmus test for the Patriots’ defensive abilities but could also significantly impact their playoff positioning.

Patriots vs. Broncos (Week 16)

Rounding out the prime time games in Week 16, the Patriots take on the Denver Broncos on Saturday Night Football. The Broncos, a team known for their sturdy defense and dynamic offensive potential, will provide a stern test for the Patriots. New England will need to harness their tactical acumen and make the most of their key players to secure a victory. This late-season game could play a decisive role in solidifying the Patriots’ postseason ambitions, making it an essential watch for football fans.

Predicted Season Outcome

The prediction for the Patriots’ 2023 season is cautiously optimistic. Their roster is filled with talented players, and the team has a proven coaching staff that knows how to win games. Given the strength of their schedule and their track record, it is reasonable to expect them to be competitive in the majority of their games. However, it’s also vital to remember that the NFL can be unpredictable, and the outcome of the season can be influenced by a variety of factors including injuries, player performance, and luck.


The 2023 season is set to be an enthralling journey for the New England Patriots and their loyal fans. With a challenging schedule, multiple prime time games, and the unknown variables that every season brings, there is plenty to look forward to. Whatever the outcome, the team will undoubtedly give their all in pursuit of success, providing spectators with a roller coaster of emotions and memorable moments. The coming months will reveal how the team handles these challenges, and the unfolding drama is sure to be captivating.


When is the first game of the 2023 season for the New England Patriots?

The New England Patriots will start their 2023 regular season on September 10 against the Philadelphia Eagles. The game will kick off at 4:25 p.m. ET and will be broadcasted by CBS.

How many prime time games do the New England Patriots have in the 2023 season?

The New England Patriots have four prime time games in the 2023 season. They play the Miami Dolphins in Week 2 on Sunday Night Football (NBC), the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 14 on Thursday Night Football (Amazon Prime), the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 15 on Monday Night Football (ESPN), and the Denver Broncos in Week 16 on Saturday Night Football (NFL Network).

When is the New England Patriots’ bye week for the 2023 season?

The New England Patriots’ bye week for the 2023 season falls on Week 11. The team will have a week off before resuming play in Week 12 against the New York Giants.