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Netflix Free Trial: How to Watch Netflix for Free

Netflix is ​​indeed a king in the industry of video streaming services. It has over 6,000 streaming movies and 2,500 series available to watch. As of April 2022, it’s said there were up to 17,000 titles available globally.

If you are wondering whether you can still have a Netflix free trial, you should know that some changes have been implemented. For several years, the company had allowed users to enjoy a free trial period for a month by registering with an email, creating a password, and confirming that you were of legal age.

But this benefit was discontinued by Netflix in October 2020. The platform assured that they continue to test the availability and duration of free trials to understand the platform’s value. But there are still ways to get Netflix free trial, watch Netflix, or other alternatives for free.

Can You Still Get a Netflix Free Trial?

We’ve got some bad news for a free Netflix free trial. The streaming service had been offering a full month-long free trial for new subscribers but discontinued the offer.

Netflix also removed the option to watch the first episode of select TV series for free and a 30-day free trial. So if you were planning to subscribe to Netflix’s free trial, much to your disappointment, that is no longer possible (at least in most countries). This is what we know so far in June 2022.

So do not be fooled by websites that promise you a free trial month of Netflix; the company does not offer free trials (officially). But it specifies on its official site that you are free to change your plan or cancel the online service at any moment.

How to watch Netflix for free?

Netflix is not offering a free trial. However, some are still enjoying Netflix for free. Most users choose to share subscriptions between relatives, and thanks to that, they can save a good amount of money.

There are other options to enjoy Netflix for free, such as taking advantage of the internet or pay-TV packages that include a Netflix subscription. Just be careful about sharing your account, as this could also no longer be allowed by the platform.

How to create a free Netflix account

Creating an account to enjoy its content is as easy as following these steps. You can do it through the web or app at the click of a button. Prepare your credit/debit card, and we get to work.

The first step to creating a Netflix account for free is to go to the website and enter your email and a password.

Now it’s your turn to choose the plan. Again, you will have at your disposal all Netflix movies, series, and documentaries at the best price. On the next page, you will see all the detailed plans:

  • Basic: $9.99.

Features: 480p resolution, good video quality, and multi-device: TV, computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

  • Standard: $15.49.

Features: 1080p resolution, better video quality, and multi-device.

  • Premium: $19.99.

Features: 4k+ HDR resolution, best video quality, and multi-device.

In all of them, information will appear about the availability of the content in those resolutions, depending on the quality of the Internet users and the device’s service. Then a message we remind you that you can see at the same time 4 devices, 2 and 1 for premium, standard and basic respectively.

And the last step for the subscription on the platform comes the payment method to choose. Credit or debit card, Paypal or Netflix gift code always with the possibility of canceling it at any time.

In which countries does Netflix work for free?

For now, this free subscription is only available in Kenya as part of a test to open it to other regions of the world. Last year, Netflix’s free trial was offered in Switzerland, Portugal, Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan, among others, to open new markets.

To enjoy this free subscription as a Kenyan, you have to register with an email, create a password and confirm that you are of legal age. No bank or other information is requested to guarantee the free service.

However, Netflix does not make one hundred percent of its content available in this free subscription and only allows you to see 25 percent of the catalog. In addition, it is worth mentioning that this type of membership does not allow downloading the content on the devices.

How can I get FREE Netflix 2022?

Below are ways to get Netflix for free:

Free trial without registration

As of this, Netflix doesn’t offer a free trial. But it is offered in select countries. So it’s unlikely the company will roll back this benefit to more users. If the company decides to offer it, this is the fastest and easiest way to access the content without paying anything. However, since it is a free trial, you cannot access all content.

To enjoy this method, the first thing is to access www.netflix.com. Then a window will open. In this window, the content that you can enjoy without paying and without making any registration will appear. First, you must choose the series or movie from the list on the screen, click on “watch now,” and then on “play.”

However, as mentioned above, this method is not available in all countries. Even so, it is a procedure that allows you to watch Netflix for free for a month, without any cost or registration.

Extend free trial days

A way to watch Netflix for free for life is through the 30-day free trial. However, unlike the previous method, registering is necessary to have access to free content for a month. To achieve this, you must access the Netflix website and subscribe for free for thirty days.

It is essential to register using an email account and choose a password that will be used to access that account. After finishing the registration, you will have to indicate which payment method will be used once the free trial of one month ends. This is if the user wants to go to the paid subscription and leave the free one behind.

Depending on where you are, you can extend the free subscription time. This is achieved by one free trial after another. The method is to cancel the one-month free trial before it ends. Then register for another free trial with another email.

Sometimes, Netflix offers another 30-day trial for those users who are not very satisfied. However, it is a method that cannot be used indefinitely since it is only possible for a maximum of approximately 90 days.

Use a shared account

When the free trial ends, another alternative to watch Netflix for free is through a shared account. For this, it is necessary to gather several people, whether family or friends, then choose a person to register. In this way, the cost of the subscription plan is significantly reduced, making it very affordable.

Depending on the chosen Netflix plan, price and content vary. In addition, the shared account allows you to use it on several devices simultaneously. There are three subscriptions: the basic plan, the standard HD, and the Premium Ultra HD. In the case of the first, it only allows using the account on a single device. But the Standard HD and Premium Ultra HD plans can be used on two and four devices, respectively.

Therefore, one of the ways to enjoy free Netflix is to talk to a family member or friend who has a multi-device account. In addition, some users choose the Ultra HD account to enjoy the best HD content.

It is an option if you know a person with this type of subscription that does not use the maximum number of screens allowed. If the person is close enough, they may have no problem sharing the account without charging you anything. This way, you can watch Netflix at no cost.

However, this plan can be paid for by four people, and the cost would be reduced to practically free. In this case, each person would have to pay just $2 per month, which is an affordable price. But first, checking the price and available promotions on the Netflix page is advisable.

Through referrals

It may not be one of the best-known promotional options within the Netflix community. However, when it comes to watching Netflix for free, this is undoubtedly a great option. The platform has a referral program in which it can enjoy the content at no cost. The only thing you have to do is recommend other people to use this streaming platform.

To simplify, it is a system in which the platform gives away a balance that can be used to pay for a subscription plan. But it is necessary to have a personalized referral link to share when making the recommendation.

When a user accesses through the personalized link, the platform will pay a certain amount of money. This will serve to pay for the subscription itself without paying anything at all. To access the referral method, you must enter the account through a browser and click on the icon with the shape of a gift. This can be displayed at the top right of the main screen.

In this window, a small box will appear with the personalized link; you have to click on “copy link” and share it. This way, many bonuses are obtained that are converted into credit to cover the subscription cost.

Netflix promotions

Sometimes the platform offers specific promotions in which it is possible to get a free Netflix account. For example, several months ago, the platform launched a promotion called the “Immortal Netflix Account,” where the prize was a free subscription for a thousand months. You read that right, 1000 months, which means 83 years of free binging. This means that you can enjoy Netflix for free for life, which is really amazing.

However, this promotion ended a while ago since it was only carried out to promote the game Old Guard. But it is essential to be attentive to the platform’s promotions through its social networks. Although it is not the easiest way to get a free account, it is one of the legal ways.

Through third parties

Due to the incredible popularity of Netflix today, it is possible to enjoy the platform through operators and cable companies. These offer certain services with which you can obtain a completely free subscription to the platform. Depending on the place and the operator, you can get three to six months subscriptions. But these are promotions, so they are not always active and unavailable in all countries.

7.Netflix free with ads

This year, Netflix announced that it might decide to incorporate ads into its lower plans for consumers to enjoy the service almost for free. The company has said they will show the ads at the start of playback and between chapters. The proportion would be the following: in a 45-minute episode, the maximum would be three spots of 30 seconds each, in the style of YouTube. Now it will be up to the brands and advertising companies to buy the spaces. However, the prices will have nothing to do with the usual television ads.


Netflix has become the streaming platform par excellence. And in one of its most recent attempts to gain new markets, the service often decides to launch a subscription that you can enjoy for free in select countries. So its users can enjoy part of the content for free. But we’ve also shown you other ways to watch Netflix for free.

Keep in mind that most of the methods shown are used to watch Netflix for free legally. This means that piracy or illegal procedures are encouraged at no time. There are various methods with which you can enjoy the content of this platform without problems. Even paying the subscription is not so expensive if it is shared among several users. So it is more affordable and would be almost free.

Netflix FAQ

Does Netflix have free trial?

The streaming service had been offering a full month-long free trial for new subscribers but discontinued the offer. Netflix also removed the option to watch the first episode of select TV series for free and a 30-day free trial.

Is Netflix Worth Watching?

Netflix has a huge collection of movies, series, documentaries, kid’s programs and much more. There’s always something for everyone.