Best Mapping Plugins for WordPress

WordPress has great support for Google Maps. You can easily integrate it into your contact page, site header or footer, about page, and just about anywhere you want.

While you can use a plugin to do that, there are many themes that come with support for Google Maps by default.

The search for best mapping plugins for WordPress will lead you to a massive set of plugins. You need to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Of course, you need to try out one at a time to find out which one is the best for you. But in the process, you may end up with a lot of unwanted entries in your database. So, do ensure that you clean them up once you have settled for the plugin you think is best for your requirements.

Having said, I will clarify that I am not going to explain in detail how to get rid of the unwanted database entries. I will only touch over it at the very end.

Now, coming back to the mapping or map plugins for WordPress, here is a quick roundup of more than 20 such plugins that you can use. There is no countdown from best to worst or worst to best. It is just a simple list.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with the list. You are going to love it!

NOTE: You may have to create your Google maps API key for some map plugins mentioned below.

Best Mapping Plugins for WordPress

01. MapSVG Interactive Vector, Google & Image Maps [Premium]

mapping plugins

No list in this world can be complete without mentioning the MapSVG plugin. The strongest point of this plugin is that it will allow you create interactive vector maps, Google maps, and image maps.

Sounds great? There’s more!

There are features like tooltips, markers, coordinates (latitude and longitude), form building, custom CSS, custom event handlers (after load, mouse hover, on click, etc.), and more.

If you want to get into weather mapping, demographics, etc., you can add your own stats using the powerful choropleth maps.

What’s interesting is that you can enjoy a live preview complete with control panel that will allow you to make changes while building your maps.

Some other notable features that you get with MapSVG include:

  • 100+ maps of country and world.
  • Map object custom fields like checkbox, radio buttons, date, text, etc.
  • Map market directory list.
  • Region links.
  • Custom colors, etc.

MapSVG isn’t a free plugin. You need to purchase it for $49. Despite being a premium plugin, it is yet to allow front-end data submission, which might be a great addition in later versions of the plugin.

02. Maps Marker Pro Mapping Plugin [Premium]

mapping plugins

Maps Marker Pro is yet another premium plugin that you can use with various mapping systems including Google Earth, Google Maps, OGD Vienna Maps, MapQuest, Bing Maps, and OpenStreetMap.

If you want to use any of these mapping systems, you can upload your own. For instance, if you want to add a map for your hotel, or a mall, or your wedding’s seating plan, you can do that with ease.

This brilliant plugin has various fascinating features that will allow you to perform various tasks. For instance, if you own a mountain biking or running blog, you can display pace, distance, and route using GPX Tracks.

Also, you can draw geometric shapes on your maps using polyline support. With this feature you can highlight traffic zones, or create a garden landscape map.

There are well over 600 front-end and backend settings that will allow you to customize your maps.

That’s not all! There are more features like:

  • Map shortcodes,
  • Marker popup descriptions,
  • QR Code,
  • Integrated address search,
  • Marker layers,
  • Custom map pins, etc.

The plugin is translated into 46 different languages, but if you want more, you can happily use it with translation plugins like Polylang, and WPML.

For developers, the Maps Marker Pro offers fully-featured APIs in case you are building your custom app, or integrate third-party services.

The plugin comes with different pricing plans. You can purchase the plugin for a duration of 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years. You must keep renewing the plugin.

03. Interactive Geo Maps Mapping Plugin [Premium]

mapping plugins

The Interactive Geo Maps is yet another plugin that deserves a spot on any list on mapping plugins for WordPress.

This feature-rich plugin will allow you to do a lot. For instance, you can add heatmaps, tooltips, colored legends, market clusters, zoom, live filters, and more!

The plugin offers 250+ maps that you can use with advanced features integrated into the plugin. In case you don’t want to use the provided maps, you can always create your own custom maps.

The Interactive Geo Maps is a great plugin for travel bloggers who want to show the various places they visit across the globe. It is also great for real estate agents who want to show the neighborhood. Any business with multiple locations can also use it to show all the points of presence.

The plugin is available as both free and premium versions. Of course, the premium version comes with a wide range of features that you won’t get with the free version. For instance, the premium version will allow you to add different colors and markers to different regions. You can use vector icons and images as well.

The premium version will also give your advanced zoom, advanced click actions, and more! Of course, you can test the premium version with a trial that will last for only 7 days, but that is enough to figure out how well this plugin will fulfill your needs.

If you decide to pay for the premium version, you can opt for a monthly or an annual billing cycle, or you can decide to go for a one-time purchase. If you want to go for a one-time purchase, you must pay $79.99. For monthly billing, the price is set at $3.99.

The annual pricing plan comes with a price tag of $29.99 a year that translates into $2.49 a month.

The plugin has full support for Gutenberg editor. If you want you can use shortcodes to insert maps, or you can use custom Gutenberg blocks.

04. Toolset Maps Mapping Plugin [Premium]

mapping plugins

Have you ever heard of Toolset? In case you don’t know, Toolset will allow you to create advanced WordPress sites with ease. It will allow you to create custom post types, and even custom fields to your WordPress site.

Just as advanced as Toolset is the Toolset Maps that will allow you to create maps that are unique to your website. You don’t need any coding knowledge to add amazing maps to your website.

Toolset Maps will allow you to add maps displayed in multiple languages. You can display nearby results using geolocations and filters. You can even add a map depending on a specific content type (for instance, real estate listing).

There are many powerful features available with Toolset Maps that will allow you to create a map that you need. For instance, this plugin will give you conditional filters, street view, map type, zoom level, map marker design, custom fields, and much more.

Toolset Maps work great with both Azure and Google Maps. It also works with almost any theme you lay your hands on. So, just give it a try.

05. Hero Maps Premium Mapping Plugin [Premium]

mapping plugins

Immersive, full-screen maps on your mind? Hero Maps can give you whatever you want. Hero Maps will allow you to create full-screen maps. There are various features like drag-and-drop map builder, mapping location upload in CSV format, custom shape layers, fixed or full layout formats, color skins, tabbed map filters, customizable map markers, and more.

The plugin will allow you to draw lines and shapes with absolute ease. You can define fill color or outline color of whatever you draw. You can even set the transparency level. The maps you create a fully-responsive, and hence, you don’t have to worry about your website’s visitors’ screen size.

This plugin will cost you $20, and you can purchase it from Envato Marketplace.

06. Interactive World Maps Mapping Plugin [Premium]

mapping plugins

Yet another premium mapping plugin for WordPress, the Interactive World Maps is all about displaying large scale maps to your website or blog. You can show case the different countries in the world that you have visited, or if you have a multinational business, you can display the countries of your presence.

What else?

You can even display the historical points across the world.

If you want, you can show the entire world. If you want, you can even show a specific continent or a country, or state. In case you are in USA, you can even show a metropolitan area of the US.

The plugin will also allow adding images and additional information through interactive tooltips. It allows adding customizable colors, on-click actions, and more.

Interactive World Maps will cost you $29.

07. MapPress Easy Google Maps [Free]

mapping plugins

If you are looking for a free map plugin that will allow you to add maps to your WordPress pages and post, MapPress is a great plugin that you can use for free. The plugin is available in WordPress plugin repository.

It uses the latest Google API to allow you to integrate maps directly into your site. The plugin supports various features like real-time traffic, custom text, street view and more. The plugin offers shortcode support, making it really easy to integrate the maps.

While the free version is very limited in features, you can always upgrade to the pro version and unlock many more features.

The pro version comes with many extra features like custom marker icons, mashup maps with advanced filtering and search options, marker clustering, automatic generation of maps using custom fields and more.

08. Interactive World Map Free

mapping plugins

There is no need to mention separately in square brackets that the plugin is free. The name says it all. The plugin will allow you to add clickable world maps to your WordPress site with ease.

What’s interesting is that the maps you add to your site are completely responsive. The plugin has shortcode support, and it comes with a visual editor that will allow you to add and edit maps with knowing any coding.

The plugin also allows integrating third-party popup plugins, and it will even allow adding images, text on hover, and links. The visual editor will allow you to change the map color so that it suits the overall color scheme of your website.

If you want maps for individual continents with clickable countries, you can purchase separate maps for Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America.

09. Progress Map [Premium]

mapping plugins

If you want a map for listings, the Progress Map plugin is the one you should seriously consider. This premium plugin will allow you to add listing for anything like real estate listings, hotel locations, burger joint, and more!

Every location you set shows up on the Google map. Additionally, you can enable a custom carousel just underneath the map that will show the locations you set on the map.

There are multiple map layouts to select from. It even supports custom markers, and it supports mobile touch-swipe navigation too!

Other features include things like the ability to add polylines and polygons, clustered markers, search filters, and distance search. What else? You can add layers for bicycling, transit, traffic. You can add info boxes, route maps, and even allow people to zoom into countries, and more.

The plugin costs $59 for a one-time purchase, and that’s the only purchase option you will get!

10. 5sec Google Maps Pro [Premium]

mapping plugins

Yet another premium plugin, the 5sec Google Maps Pro comes with a visual builder that will allow you to see the pins as you keep adding them. This will allow you to make changes as and when necessary.

The plugin will allow you to add unlimited pins and maps. You can completely customize the pin bubbles and the descriptions. You can add different layers for bicycle, clouds, transit, weather, and traffic.

You can even add direction support using to and from pins.

There are 25+ different options to play with and the maps you add are completely responsible, giving your SEO efforts the much-needed boost.

You also get 10 skins for maps, 15 pin icons (you can add custom icons as well), auto language select and various other features. What’s interesting is that you can even add map type (terrain, satellite, road, and hybrid).

The plugin comes with zoom feature for maps, and it will allow you to go full-screen as well. If you want, you can even lock the maps by locking zoom, pan, and hiding controls. It will allow you to add multiple maps per post or per page.

Not only that, you can even add maps to custom post types and widgets (sidebar, footer, etc.). Yes, shortcodes are available, too!

You can get all these for just $20 with a full six-month support!

11. WP Google Maps [Free]

mapping plugins

Available through WordPress plugin repository, the WP Google Maps is a free plugin that will allow adding maps quickly to your posts or pages.

Working with plugin is quick and simple. To add markers, you will have two options. You can either type in the address, or you can drag and drop the marker.

The plugin will also allow you to select the map type (satellite or road). Once you have created the map, you can add it through a widget or using the shortcode that the plugin generates for the map you create.

12. [Premium]

mapping plugins

If you are looking for a plugin that will allow you to add custom maps to your website, is one of the best mapping plugins for WordPress users. It is a super flexible plugin that will allow you to add Google maps to your site in a jiffy.

The plugin will allow you to unleash your creative side and create custom maps as well. With this plugin you get to do things that other plugins wouldn’t normally allow you to do. For instance, you can add hotspots to a work of art, or you can add pins with tooltips to a group of photos.

There are features like custom markers, animations, lightboxes, gallery options, multisite support, and much more.

You can append each location on the map with beautiful pop-up galleries that will allow you to showcase videos and photos. Yes, you can add zoom and pan effects to just about any custom image map you use.

On the downside, it is a very expensive plugin, and it will set you back by a whopping $899. Despite its price, thousands of people have purchased it, which is a screaming testimony to the fact that it is an incredibly powerful map plugin for your website.

You can purchase from Envato marketplace.

13. Symple Shortcodes: Google Maps [Free]

mapping plugins

If you don’t want anything complex, but only a simple plugin that will allow you to add a simple Google map to your website, Symple Shortcodes is brilliant plugin you can get for free.

Symple Shortcodes is actually a suite of shortcodes with maps being one of them. To add a map, you need to key in the location title, address, zoom, and height. Once you do that, just grab the shortcode, and put it in the location where you want to display the map.

This plugin is best-suited for small businesses that want to display their business location on a map. With this plugin, you can add only a single-location basic map that gets the job done.

Maps is just one of the various elements you can find in this plugin. Apart from maps, you can add various things like pricing table, social icons, highlights, boxes, columns, bullets, post slider, post grid, dividers, callouts, tabs, accordion, etc.

14. Responsive Styled Google Maps [Premium]

mapping plugins

If you want to add simple yet styled and responsive maps to your WordPress site, this premium plugin is going to get the job done. It is a premium plugin that will cost you $16 for a one-time purchase.

The plugin is designed to support multiple maps on a single page or post. You can even add multiple markers, and there are 50 colorful map styles to select from. Once you have created a map, you can use the generated shortcode to place it wherever you want.

15. Interactive Map Builder for WordPress [Premium]

 Interactive Map Builder for WordPress

This premium plugin will allow you to create clickable SVG maps. You can create maps for the world, continents, subcontinents, countries, and states (US only).

To make your maps interactive, you can add tooltips that can be shown only when the mouse cursor reaches the marker or the highlighted region.

There are different map templates that you can use. These templates have different functions that add special behavior to the map you create. For instance, you can make images open in a lightbox, or display a small chart below the map, or display a link below the map, and more!

The plugin also allows various customizations that include things like tooltip styling, region and marker color customization, border width and color customization, marker size and opacity, map background color customization, etc.

The plugin allows add maps using shortcodes generated for each map you create. Priced at $22, this plugin is available for purchase through the Envato marketplace.

16. Mapplic – Custom Interactive Map [Premium]

 Mapplic – Custom Interactive Map

Mapplic is an incredibly powerful mapping plugin for WordPress. You can create a map for just about anything. If there is anything that will prevent you from creating stunning maps, it is your own imagination.

With Mapplic, you can create responsive map for just about anything. For example, you can create maps for building floor plans, or fantasy maps, or historical maps, or maps for moving vehicles like cruise ships, temporary maps for festivals, camps, etc., and much more!

What’s great is that the maps that you create are fully responsive and work great on just about any device. The plugin will allow deep linking, and you can add individual URLs to every location.

This premium plugin will cost you $46 – a one-time price with 6 months of support from the developer.

17. Advanced Google Maps Plugin [Premium]

 Advanced Google Maps Plugin

If you are looking for one of the most advanced mapping plugins, the Advanced Google Maps Plugin is an option that you can seriously give a try.

The plugin is full of features you are going to love, and guess what? It will allow you to create just about any type of map imaginable.

On the maps you create, you can overlay colored lines and shapes to convey different messages to your visitors. The plugin has complete support for the different map views that Google Maps supports. For instance, you can use Earth view, map view, street view, 45° Imagery view, and panoramic view.

The plugin will allow you to add unlimited number of locations on a single map. You can insert the map into a page or a post using a shortcode, or you can even display the map on a widget.

The plugin will also allow you to add layers to your map. Simply put, you can add cycling routes, weather layers, traffic levels, etc. You can create and display custom filters, create listing designs, display custom post types of maps, create different marker categories with different icons, and much more.

If you want to display multiple maps on a single page or a post, you can do that with ease!

This premium plugin will cost you $59 for a one-time purchase, and you also get 6 months of free support with your purchase. The plugin is available for purchase through the Envato marketplace.

18. Maps Widget for Google Maps [Free]

Maps Widget for Google Maps

Though available in a Pro version as well, the free version of Maps Widget for Google Maps is incredibly powerful that will allow you to define custom size for the map. You can choose the map type such as road map, terrain map, satellite map, custom map, hybrid map, etc.

The plugin also offers various map color schemes, and if you are going for the pro version, you can build your own style.

You can set zoom level, pin type, pin color, pin label, or even set custom pin icon using any image.

For link type, you get to use custom URL or lightbox map. There are other options available for the pro version.

You can use shortcodes for displaying the maps wherever you want. If you want to display them on custom post types, you need to upgrade to the pro version. The plugin is already available in different languages, and hence, it will be beneficial if you have a multi-lingual site.

19. Image Map Pro [Premium]

Image Map Pro

Image Map Pro is a premium mapping plugin for WordPress. Available for $39 through the Envato marketplace, the Image Map Pro gives you the power of creating SVG maps.

The plugin will allow you to create responsive maps that can automatically resize depending on the screen size. Users can even make the maps go full-screen.

The plugin comes with 50+ maps of countries that work out of the box. These bundled maps are editable and you can add pins, enable or disable regions, change colors, draw polygons, texts and various other shapes on the map.

There is a powerful web app that works as an editor. You can use the editor for creating interactive image maps, custom shapes, pins, etc. and import them all into your website with absolute ease.

You can add image backgrounds, define custom tooltip position, enable zooming, enable actions on click or on mouseover. You also get the layer duplication feature that comes in very handy from time to time.

20. Huge-IT Google Maps [Freemium]

Huge-IT Google Maps

Huge-IT Google Maps thrives on a freemium model. If you want to use the plugin for free, you can do so, but with certain limitations. The pro version will give you complete access to all features that the plugin has to offer.

The core features of the plugin include options like 20 map options, 44 marker styles, support for polygons, polylines, and circles. The plugin will even allow you to add different layers including bicycle layer, transit layer, and traffic layer.

The developers of the plugin also throw in a large repository of Google Maps styles that you can use with ease. If you have some technical knowledge, you can even customize the styles.

The plugin will allow you to add unlimited maps to your site. You can even add unlimited markers! What’s best is that the maps you add to your site are fully responsive.

Of course, various features will not be available to the users of the free version.

21. Google Maps Easy [Free]

mapping plugins

The Google Maps Easy plugin is a very simple, and yet incredibly powerful plugin that you can use without paying a dime.

In fact, the features you get with this free version are often comparable to the paid plugins you have read above. There is a pro version available as well!

The maps you great using the plugin are completely responsive, and hence, the maps will scale to just about any screen size.

You can add unlimited numbers of locations and map markers. You can even add email, phone, video, images, etc. to the markers.

You will get the option of using shortcodes to activate the maps on your website, or you use PHP for displaying the maps. You will also have the option for creating maps with social share buttons.

The plugin will also allow you to create maps with exposition slider, and table view of markers. You can make the map go full-screen, draw paths and figures on the map, and more! You can even edit the map and markers from the frontend.

Of course, some of the features are not available of the free version, but the free version will give you features like marker categories, marker customization and clusterization, and more!

Okay, that completes the list of 21 best mapping plugins for WordPress. Now, if you want to know how to get rid of the database entries that are created after installing and trying multiple map plugins, keep reading!

Don’t worry! I will keep it short.

Database Cleanup

There is no denying that you will use and try different mapping plugins for WordPress before settling for the one that perfectly caters to your needs.

However, everytime you install a plugin, it will create database entries. Once you remove the plugin, some entries will remain. You need to remove them to ensure that your database remains clutter-free.

How do you do that?

One easy way for those plugins that you use from the WordPress plugin repository is to install a small extension on your chrome browser. It is called WP Hive Insights.

The plugin will give you quick insights on the plugin directly on the plugin details page.

Database Clean up

You can click on the ‘more insights’ button where you can find the list of all database entries that the plugin creates.


You can the access your database (through phpMyAdmin or whatever option your hosting provider gives) and find the entries one-by-one and delete them.

If you have purchased a premium plugin, and you no longer use the plugin, you can ask the plugin creator(s) to provide the list of all database entries, and then delete each on them from the database.

Database cleanup is a serious matter. You need to be extremely careful about whatever you delete from your database. Deleting the wrong entries can mess up your website, and make it inaccessible.

That’s it!

Now that you have learned about different mapping solutions for WordPress, and how you can remove the unnecessary database entries after you delete plugins that you don’t want to use, what will be your next move?

Which plugin did you like the most? Let me know through the comments section.

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