31 Best Linkello Alternatives – Features, Pricing

Audio and video call services have become a necessity in today’s era. No wonder, dozens of these services keep popping up every now and then. Linkello is one such tool offering turnkey video and audio calling services. Over time, it has become one of the most loved services because of its premium features and ease-of-use.

However, there can be ‘N’ number of reasons why Linkello might not be a right choice for you or your business. In a scenario where Linkello fails to deliver what you need; you will invariably be looking for Linkello alternatives.

Good news is that there are several Linkello alternatives available. The bad news is that there are just way too many options to select from. The sheer number of choices you will get might be overwhelming.

To help you overcome this problem, I have compiled a list of 31 best Linkello alternatives that will give you the necessary starting push. If you don’t like the options here, you may move forward with your own search as this list will give you all the information that you will need for your own research.

So, without further ado, let us begin.

Best Linkello Alternatives

#1. LiveWebinar

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LiveWebinar is one of the most powerful web-based or cloud-based webinar platforms to exist today, making it one of the most ferocious competitors of Linkello.

It can be utilized by micro teams to large teams to conduct successful online meetings. The best part is that you don’t have to download anything. You can use it just using your web browser (as long as it is a supported web browser).

The best part is that you can use your own domain, get unlimited customizations, and enjoy High-Definition videos.

Who Can Use LiveWebinar?

LiveWebinar is an extremely popular choice among remote teams, marketing personnel, sales representatives, support agents, and a wide range of online businesses.

Key Takeaway

Brilliant collaboration with tailored experience.

LiveWebinar Pricing

They offer a free plan allowing only 5 attendees and 2 hours of recording. Beyond that, you get the following:

  • Pro Plan: $11.99 a month for yearly billing (100 attendees and 6 hours of recording).
  • Business Plan: $95.20 a month for yearly billing (500 attendees and 8 hours of recording).
  • Enterprise Plan: Bespoke pricing. Suitable only for companies that require 1000+ attendees.

#2. Brie.fi/ng

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Yes, yes, that is a weird-looking name, but you can just call it Briefing. This application has a unique take on how it works. There is no centralized server for video stream distribution. It uses something called SFU or Selective Forwarding Unit. SFU is known for bandwidth savings, but on the downside, the videos will no longer be end-to-end encrypted.

Another advantage is the SFU lends itself to a lot of customizations that clients might not actually support. Just in case you are unable to comprehend the complexity of the technology, understand one thing – it is peer-to-peer communication (something like torrent, maybe).

Who Can Use Briefing?

Anyone who wishes to use this new technology and doesn’t really care about end-to-end encryption. This, however, doesn’t make it an ideal choice for enterprises that require security-focused solutions.

Key Takeaway

Perfect for anonymous and casual video chats. For instance, love birds talking to each other, or friends engaging in a vacation planning, or a family meeting. Even remote workers not working on sensitive stuff can use it.

Briefing Pricing

Briefing is free. You don’t need to pay a dime. Just one your browser and start video chatting.

#3. 8×8 Video Meetings

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Yet another free video calling solution, 8×8 Video Meetings is a great choice if you are looking for High-Definition video calls with support for toll-free and dial-in guests. What is interesting is that it offers end-to-end encryption, support for closed captions, and even allows advanced analytics and meeting moderation features. In case you need it, 8×8 will even allow calendar syncing.

It supports meeting recordings and transcriptions. It integrates with Slack, Microsoft, and Google. It allows live streaming videos on YouTube. It even works on Windows PC, Google Chrome, and mobile devices.

Moreover, it allows unlimited video calls with each video meeting supporting up to 100 participants. Isn’t that cool?

Who Can Use 8×8 Video Meetings?

Remote teams, sales representations, marketing folks, support agents – whoever wishes to use it can do so.

Key Takeaway

Fully featured and multi-device compatible video conferencing software suitable for everyday use.

8×8 Video Meetings Pricing

It is free. You need not pay a dime to use this program.

#4. Vidiocall

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The name cannot get any simpler! If you have been struggling at increasing your business sales with the help of those frustrating and pathetic chatbots, you need something else. That something else is known as “Vidiocall.” It markets itself as a conversational sales tool that will allow you to engage your customers directly using a video call. Of course, a video call will help you with transparency, and your customers will feel important.

Every call you make with Vidiocall is recorded so that you can analyze them later. It even has provisions for managing large teams with access and permission features.

On top of that, it connects or integrates with a hell lot of third-party applications like Zoho, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Agile CRM, Freshsales, HubSpot, Zapier, Slack, Google Sheets, Streak, and more.

Who Can Use Vidiocall?

Online businesses that want to extend transparent communication and look forward to closing hot leads with face-to-face communications in real time.

Key Takeaway

A video tool specifically designed for conversational sales and customer support.

Vidiocall Pricing

They have a free plan (Basic) designed for small online stores. It allows 500 calls a month with 2 concurrent calls. If you need more, they have paid plans, which are:

  • Growth: Allows unlimited video calls per month with 10 concurrent calls. It costs $0.02 per call.
  • Scale: Allows unlimited video calls per month with unlimited concurrent calls. It costs $0.10 per call.

#5. Grapevine

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Full-time Slack user? Worried about the long trail of comments on work? How about being able to quickly record a video and share it with your team members and anyone can later reply to that video at their convenience?

Say hello to Grapevine – an asynchronous video messaging tool designed to work inside Slack. This is how it works – you record your video and drop it into the Slack video library or share it with your team members. Others can check the video at their convenience and then comment.

It is that simple! It is designed to increase productivity of the team and helps remote teams to improve their overall communication.

Who Can Use Grapevine?

Anyone using Slack can use Grapevine for improving team communication and efficiency.

Key Takeaway

An asynchronous video app designed for Slack users.

Grapevine Pricing

They have a free plan that allows 5 users and unlimited guests. If you need more, they offer the following:

  • Growth: $7 per user per month for up to 50 users and unlimited guests.
  • Custom: Bespoke pricing per user per month for more than 50 users and unlimited guests.

#6. Hibox

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Hibox is designed for companies that prefer video conferencing and task management integrated into the same application. Such integration allows for easier and more efficient collaboration as well as faster turnaround time. Hibox has multiple uses including company chat, task management, personal AI assistant, group video chat, file sharing, and even offers a multitude of third-party app integration.

Who Can Use Hibox?

Teams that prefer task management, video calls, and internal chat in a single place are the ones who prefer Hibox. This makes Hibox a great tool for remote teams working on critical projects.

Key Takeaway

A comprehensive all-in-one tool for task management, video calls, and business chat.

Hibox Pricing

Hibox has a completely free plan that allows up to 10 users and offers a maximum of 2GB of total storage. If you need more, you can settle for one of their two premium plans that include:

  • Pro: $4 per user per month offering 5GB storage per user.
  • Enterprise: $8 per user per month offering unlimited storage per user.

#7. Outklip

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Outklip is a nifty little screen recorder that is available as a Google Chrome extension. It allows making videos quickly, and it is quite fun to do so. It is primarily used for purposes like reporting issues, customer training, recording step-by-step guides and so on. It can also be used for remote work collaboration. It can quickly integrate with GitHub and GitLab, making it a valuable option for remote workers and developers who primarily use it for feedback, bug reporting, and so on.

Who Can Use Outklip?

Anyone in need of creating explainer videos, or reporting issues, offering customer training, etc. can use the Outklip extension.

Key Takeaway

Simple screen recording application not designed for hosting webinars.

Outklip Pricing

Outklip has a free plan that allows making videos of 5 minutes in length. All videos and audios recorded using Outklip are completely removed after 1 year. Video editing capabilities are highly limited, and it allows importing videos of only 100 mb is size. The worst part is that the videos you record are all watermarked.

If you do not like these limitations, you can settle for their premium subscription plan that costs $8 a month. There are still a few restrictions, but they are not significant enough when you look at the overall use of the application.

#8. Nitroom

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Nitroom is designed to mimic the afterwork networking scenarios. Or you can think of its use in a company event. Using Nitroom people can join small groups. People are allowed to create smaller rooms where people can easily join and leave as per their wish. It has features like screen sharing, text chat, attendee management, etc.

Who Can Use Nitroom?

Nitroom is more suitable for smaller teams and remote interaction with real-life interaction experience.

Key Takeaway

It is designed to bring small remote teams together. It allows free interaction mimicking real-life experience.

Nitroom Pricing

Nitroom has a free plan with provisions for unlimited public and private parties, video call recording, and uploading them to Dropbox.

However, if you need more, they have the following options available:

  • Business Plan: It costs $499 a month, and it allows 200 concurrent users at a time.
  • Enterprise Plan: It costs $1499 a month, and it allows 1,000 concurrent users. This is suitable for large companies, but still, the absence of advanced analytics and other features available with webinar software may make you think twice.

#9. Remotehour

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For freelancers with multiple clients from different time zones, Remotehour happens to be a technological blessing. This application allows managing all clients from a single place with provisions for receiving calls only and only when you are available. You can connect a video call with a single click and if there are other guests/clients during a call, they will be queued up.

You can even set up a timer and a countdown to automatically end a call. There is a provision of getting paid for calls (if that is what you do) using its seamless stripe integration. It can automatically detect time zones, and it can even send invitations to clients when you come online.

Who Can Use Remotehour?

It is essentially created with remote freelance workers in mind who have multiple clients in different time zones.

Key Takeaway

A video calling app for freelancers that is even capable of receiving payments via Stripe integration.

Remotehour Pricing

Remotehour has a free plan that allows only one meeting room. However, if you want, you can always upgrade to their premium plan that costs $12 a month and allows creating unlimited meeting rooms.

#10. Around

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If video call fatigue is a real thing for you, and if it weighs down your productivity, Around is a video conferencing tool you must look at. Designed for delivering high-impact calls, Around allows people to gather in ultra-small groups, and have meaningful and productive calls. With proprietary technology this AI-powered tool can mute all those unwanted sounds like barking dogs, kitchen sounds, and more. The AI also crops the video background, maximizing the workspace and keeping the attendees in focus.

Around also offers dedicated audio rooms where people can retire to kill video call fatigue. Even better, Around comes with deep Slack integration, allowing users to fire it up right from inside Slack. There is no need to perform any team setup. Just share a link with the person you want to have a meaningful conversion and start the video call.

The best part? It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also works on Android and iOS devices, and it is even compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Who Can Use Around?

It is perfectly suitable for remote workers who need to have high impact calls quickly.

Key Takeaway

A video calling tool for delivering ideas and action.

Around Pricing

Around is currently free because it is in public beta. You can keep using all its features for free until it goes public and delivers commercial pricing plans. They do promise to provide a free plan.

#11. UnRemot

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UnRemot is an application that works directly from the browser. It is designed to mimic a real office workspace, but it is just a virtual workspace. However, UnRemot is based on the premise that it allows you to see all your team members (irrespective of location) side-by-side, just as you would in a real office environment. It is designed to eliminate the need for calendar invites, meeting URL sharing, etc.

With UnRemot, you will get a dedicated personal URL for life. There are different work modes available like conferences, meeting rooms, & workspaces. It even allows managing calendar scheduling and meeting requests.

Who Can Use UnRemot?

UnRemot is for remote teams who want to have one-to-one communications or even team meetings by creating a virtual office environment.

Key Takeaway

Create a virtual office environment where talking to a colleague is a shoulder tap away.

UnRemot Pricing

UnRemot Professional is a free plan. This plan gives calendar scheduling, video calling, and chat. If you need more, they have four paid plans available that include:

  • Premium: $10 a month – offers recording, conference, webinars, mode change.
  • Startups: $30 a month – allows adding up to 30 members.
  • Business: $220 a month – allows adding up to 300 members.
  • Enterprises: Bespoke pricing.

#12. Remo Conference

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Remo Conference is a full-scale video conferencing tool that allows you to have custom floor plan designs, have different table seating configurations, and create unique environments for encouraging workshops, networking, conferences, and much more.

It is extremely customizable so that all your virtual meets can be distinct and mingles nicely with your brand. Among the great features include an interactive whiteboard, Q&A features, virtual backgrounds, live chats, and more. And do not worry about the video quality. That’s HD!

Who Can Use Remo Conference?

It is suitable for companies looking to arrange virtual career fairs, multi-speaker conferences, networking events, single-session workshops, and more!

Key Takeaway

A powerful video conferencing tool suitable for medium to large businesses.

Remo Conference Pricing

They have two types of pricing plans available – subscription-based and per event-based.

For the subscription mode, they have a free option that allows events no longer than 45 minutes with one team member and 1 sponsor banner.

The paid plans are Essentials ($270 a month billed annually) and Ultimate ($880 a month billed annually).

The per event-based pricing has only two plans Keynote (starting at $400) and Summit (starting at $2,000).

#13. Breve

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This one is similar to the Grapevine I mentioned earlier. Breve is designed for better internal communications and allows recording async videos that you can share with your team. This makes Breve a great choice for distributed teams who can watch the videos at their preferred times and comment on them accordingly. Breve integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and Slack. It also features automatic AI closed captions, and it comes complete with advanced analytics, Q&A help, feedback, and emoji reactions.

Who Can Use Breve?

Breve is designed for distributed teams that require a highly effective internal communication tool.

Key Takeaway

Great for recording async videos and improving internal comms.

Breve Pricing

Pricing for Breve starts at $79 (NZD) a month for 20 people. It goes all the way up to $439 a month for 200 people. For anything above that, you will get a bespoke pricing. They also have on-premises installation options for enterprises. You must contact them to get the details.

#14. Livestorm

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Livestorm is a powerful and dedicated web conferencing software used by the likes of Bosch, Intercom, Mention, Pipedrive, and more. It is great for hosting webinars and online meetings, and it does not require you to download and install anything. You can launch Livestorm directly from your web browser.

Who Can Use Livestorm?

Companies of all sizes can use Livestorm. It is particularly helpful for product demos, live events, customer training, employee onboarding, online courses, and company communications.

Key Takeaway

A perfect web conferencing software designed for companies of all sizes.

Livestorm Pricing

Livestorm offers a free Starter plan that allows 20-minute-long events with only 10 registrants per event. If that doesn’t fulfill your needs, you can settle for their paid plans that include:

  • Premium: €89 per host per month with annual billing and allows events that are 4-hour long, each!
  • Enterprise: This comes with bespoke pricing. You must contact their customer support for the pricing options based on your needs.

#15. Team.Video

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Targeted towards hybrid teams and fully distributed teams, Team.Video is a video conferencing platform that allows productive meetings with features like real-time collaborative notes, agendas, multiple screen sharing, non-verbal communication, and more. It is a web-based tool, which means you do not need to download and install anything on your device. On the downside, Team.Video will give an uneven experience at times.

Who Can Use Team.Video?

Team.Video is designed for hybrid and distributed teams. It is not an enterprise-grade solution, and neither it is designed for things like customer training, employee onboarding, product demos, and so on.

Key Takeaway

A great video conferencing tool for distributed and hybrid teams.

Team.Video Pricing

They have a free account that has a participant limit of seven members. The Pro plan costs $15 per user per month, and it allows up to 25 people. Finally, they have a plan called Enterprise plan that allows up to 50 people. However, you will get bespoke pricing for this package.

#16. Ring4

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If you are in need of something dead simple, Ring4 is the option for you. There is nothing to download and install. Fire up your browser and get started with a video meeting. It is that simple. You don’t have to pay anything for that.

If you want to get extra features like calls, texts, voice mails, transcripts, call recording, you must get their premium plan that offers business phone numbers.

You just need to engage in a simple screen sharing for starting a video meeting.

Who Can Use Ring4?

It is for anyone who needs a simple, no-fuss video meeting tool. It is great for remote workers who work from home.

Key Takeaway

A dead simple browser-based video meeting tool with a provision for business phone numbers under the paid plan.

Ring4 Pricing

The free plan doesn’t require any signups. One video conferencing will allow up to 10 attendees. For those who want something extra, the Business Professional plan costs $8 per user per month and offers a business phone number with additional call, text, voicemail features alongside access to iOS and Android apps.

#17. Servv

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Servv enables digital face-to-face communication with customers for increasing revenue and client satisfaction. With the ability to integrate seamlessly with Zoom, Shopify, and Google. Servv is essentially an all-in-one virtual assistant, especially geared towards automation of appointment bookings and virtual events.

Who Can Use Servv?

It can be used by small business and online stores for stuff like live event and ticket booking, virtual shopping, one-on-one appointments, virtual training, online yoga and gym, Shopify store assistant, and more.

Key Takeaway

It is a virtual assistant designed for small online businesses to restart revenue generators.

Servv Pricing

They offer customized pricing for your needs. You need to book a demo with them.

#18. Spike Video Meetings

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Spike Video Meetings is an extension of Spike conversational emails. With clean integration, it allows 1-click video meetings directly from inside the inbox. It eliminates the need for app and context switching without disrupting your workflow. It supports both 1:1 conversations and team video meetings. It even supports video calling for those who are not on Spike, that is, they use Gmail, Outlook, etc. It comes with screen sharing capabilities built-in!

Who Can Use Spike Video Meetings?

Remote teams, friends, family – Spike is for everyone. It is a great tool for video conferencing, audio calling, and emails.

Key Takeaway

Great for streamlining workflows right from inside your email inbox.

Spike Video Meetings Pricing

Spike Video Meetings is a part of Spike Conversational Email service. So, you must have an active subscription to use it. They have a free personal plan with 1:1 video and audio call feature.

Beyond the free plan, they offer the following:

  • Solo: $12 per account per month billed annually (requires minimum 1 business account).
  • Team: $8 per account per month billed annually (requires minimum 2 business accounts).
  • Business: $7 per account per month billed annually (requires minimum 5 business accounts).
  • Enterprise: Bespoke pricing.

#19. Adobe Connect

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Adobe Connect is yet another popular alternative to Linkello. Since it comes from the house of Adobe, you can always trust it with quality and security. What is interesting is that Adobe Connect is not merely a tool for hosting webinars and video meetings. In fact, it lends itself to be repurposed for eLearning solutions and corporate meetings too.

Who Can Use Adobe Connect?

Companies in need for hosting webinars and meetings, or in need for creating an immersive eLearning experience are the target audience.

Key Takeaway

A great tool for video conferencing, eLearning, and webinars.

Adobe Connect Pricing

Adobe Connect offers a 30-day free trial. However, once the trial is over, you must subscribe for a paid plan. There are three different plans to select from and they include the following:

  • Adobe Connect Meetings: This plan costs $50 a month on a monthly billing cycle and allows up to 25 hosts.
  • Adobe Connect Webinars: This plan costs $130 a month on a monthly billing cycle and allows up to 100 participants. There are two more variants available in this plan that cater to 500 participants for a price of $470 a month, and 1,000 participants for a price of $580 a month.
  • Adobe Connect Learning: This plan costs $370 a month on a monthly billing cycle and allows up to 200 participants.

#20. ClaerityAI

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Interestingly ClaerityAI is not a video conferencing tool itself. It is rather a program that is designed to work with other third-party tools such as Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. The job of this tool is to identify human speed and get rid of background noise, thereby improving the quality of the conference calls. The best part of ClaerityAI is its enterprise-level user provisioning in which the IT teams can control things like rollouts, upgrades, user access, etc.

Who Can Use ClaerityAI?

ClaerityAI works for anyone belonging to the following industries:

  • IT Enterprise
  • Healthcare
  • Education

It can work with just about any microphone and any web conferencing tool you are using. It is hardware-independent, and it is a software-only solution. It works on both Windows and Mac computers, but it does have specific system requirements.

Key Takeaway

In its truest sense, ClaerityAI is not a true alternative to Linkello. It only enhances the call quality irrespective of which web conferencing tool you are using.

ClaerityAI Pricing

ClaerityAI is not for individual use. It is meant for businesses, and they need to contact the sales team of ClaerityAI to get a pricing based on the requirements. They do have a free trial option that you can use to evaluate the program.

#21. Google MeetLinkello Alternative

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Well, Google Meet is nothing new. It is based on the famous Google Hangouts, and it allows users to get into a video conferencing with ease. However, it is only suitable for small-scale usage because it does not allow any more than 50 people in a single video meeting.

Google Meet is available for everyone using a Google account. Those using Google Workspace also have access to Google Meet. What is interesting about Meet is that it nicely integrates with other Google services like Google Calendar, Google Drive, Docs, Mail, Sheets, and more.

Who Can Use Google Meet?

Google Meet is designed for anyone and everyone who wants to use it. However, it is not meant for video conferences hosting more than 50 participants.

Key Takeaway

Free and simple video conferencing tool designed for everyone and everyday use.

Google Meet Pricing

Google Meet is completely free, but it also comes with Google Workspace paid plans.

#22. ChatRadLinkello Alternative

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Description automatically generated with medium confidence

If you want to video chat just for fun, socialization, or finding new friends or romance, ChatRad is the best option you will have at your disposal. Remember, this has nothing to do with business, and it is geared toward the general mass who are not shy of talking to complete strangers from across the world. All you must do is get into ChatRad, turn on your webcam, and talk to random people globally.

Who Can Use ChatRad?

Anyone and everyone looking for random socialization across the globe, can use ChatRad. It is not meant for professional use at all.

Key Takeaway

Designed for fun video chatting from the comfort and privacy of your home.

ChatRad Pricing

It is completely free. You just need to agree to their terms and conditions before using it.

#23. TandemLinkello Alternative

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Tandem is a video conferencing and meeting software designed with the needs of distributed teams in mind. It is not a hidden secret that product development has now become much more distributed, making standing meetings and async communications quite insufficient. This is where Tandem comes in with the abilities like instant collaboration, seamless brainstorming and co-working sessions, internal meetings, and more. There are additional features like video and screen sharing, instant video chats, collaborative note taking and more.

Who Can use Tandem?

Tandem is designed for distributed teams in need for instant and real-time collaboration using videos, screen sharing, and note-taking.

Key Takeaway

Tandem is designed for real-time collaboration among distributed teams.

Tandem Pricing

Tandem has a free starter plan that allows up to 10 members and enables unlimited audio and video calls. If you need more, they have paid subscription options, which are:

  • Professional: $8 per user per month for yearly billing, or $10 per month per user for monthly billing. It supports unlimited members.
  • Enterprise: This one is available with bespoke pricing. So, you must contact their sales team with your requirements.

#24. BirdslateLinkello Alternative

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Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Asynchronous video is transforming workplace communication! The greatest substitute for workplace interactions is a mix of auto-play and asynchronous video. Birdslate promotes casual but personal discussions. What’s the greatest part? You are not needed to make any arrangements!

Who Can Use Birdslate?

Birdslate is best suited for remote and distributed teams trying to avoid time wastage while increasing the effectiveness of communications. It can be utilized by companies of all sizes. It is also a great tool for team members working from different time zones.

Key Takeaway

Gives a combination of asynchronous and auto-play videos for effective communication among distributed teams.

Birdslate Pricing

Birdslate offers a 7-day free trial without the need for adding any credit card. Beyond that, you must pay $8 per user per month.

#25. DemodeskLinkello Alternative

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Description automatically generated

Demodesk enables every rep to excel — by coaching sellers in real time, facilitating automation of non-selling chores, including consumers in meetings, and evaluating data at scale. Demodesk enables leading SaaS businesses to reduce ramp time, improve quota achievement, increase sales efficiency, and accelerate growth. Demodesk is utilized to boost sales efficiency and improve deal closures via organized note taking, preloaded playbooks, automatic scheduling, and deep CRM connection.

Who Can Use Demodesk?

People engaged in support, onboarding, remote sales coaching, and sales presentations are the ones who extensively use Demodesk.

Key Takeaway

A great tool for remote sales teams allowing them to close more deals.

Demodesk Pricing

Demodesk offers four pricing plans that include:

  • Basic: It costs $25 per user per month billed annually.
  • Pro: It costs $45 per user per month billed annually.
  • Business: It comes with customized pricing.
  • Enterprise: This, too, offers bespoke pricing.

#26. MeetsalesLinkello Alternative

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Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Meetsales is a business-to-business eCommerce solution that addresses two issues. It’s a no-compromise and low-effort system that enables sales representatives to meet with customers, demonstrate goods, negotiate pricing, and complete orders immediately via video. Meetsales is a conversational commerce system (and the only one available) that incorporates an engaging shopping cart into the video discussion. It’s a tool designed specifically for suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers, in the business-to-business paradigm. The technology enables sales representatives to remain productive and increase their sales even if they are working from the comfort of their homes. 

Who Can Use Meetsales?

Meetsales is the perfect tool for sales representatives in the B2B sphere that they can use for replacing offline meetings with online video call based meetings.

Key Takeaway

It is a video-powered assisted shopping tool designed for B2B companies.

Meetsales Pricing

They do not offer any pricing plan on their website. You need to get an estimate based on your needs. You must fulfill a small questionnaire and request an estimate.

#27. Room.shLinkello Alternative

Graphical user interface, website
Description automatically generated

Room.sh is a browser-based, one-click video conferencing platform that integrates collaboration features such as a code editor, a digital whiteboard and shared texts. Since it is a browser-based application, you need not install anything. It will from any supported browser and makes it a completely platform-independent tool. Room.sh allows recording and sharing video sessions and comes with built-in screensharing option. And yes, they have emojis, too!

Who Can Use Room.sh?

It is a great tool designed for remote teams that need to work with a wide range of documents and codes. It even allows teams to brainstorm ideas with its infinite and multidirectional whiteboard feature.

Key Takeaway

A simple and browser-based video conferencing and collaboration tool for remote teams.

Room.sh Pricing

Room.sh has a free plan with a very limited set of features. However, if the free plan isn’t sufficient for you, you can upgrade to one of their paid plans that include:

  • Pro: $14.99 per month for a single user account.
  • Business: $49.99 per month for first 5 users and $9.99 per month per user for additional users.
  • Enterprise: It is meant for companies with 1,000+ users and offers bespoke pricing.

#28. Toasty.aiLinkello Alternative

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Description automatically generated

Toasty is a video conferencing platform for virtual team meetings where hosts can facilitate highly interactive experiences in small groups. Customizable activities help increase team engagement. With features such as Breakout Rooms, meaningful group discussions can be carried out. It comes with several built-in collaboration tools like Figma, Miro, and Google.

Who Can Use Toasty?

Toasty is something that remote teams can use for virtual workshops, team building sessions, team check-ins, real-time collaboration, networking events, and more.

Key Takeaways

An interactive video conferencing platform for networking, virtual meetings, and more.

Toasty Pricing

They offer a free plan that allows only 3 agendas, 20 participants per session, and 50 minutes per session. If that’s not enough for you, you can always settle for their paid plans that include:

  • Plus: It costs $20 per month per user with 30 agendas, 100 participants per session, and 3 hours per session.
  • Premium: It costs $50 per month per user with unlimited agendas, 200 participants per session, and 6 hours per session.

If you want to go for an annual billing cycle prices drop to $15 per month per user for Plus and $40 per month per user for Premium.

#29. KalysysLinkello Alternative

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Kalysys is unique in the sense that it is an all-in-one platform for running a business from a single platform. It contains everything from CRM & Sales to Marketing & Communications, Scheduling, Digital Forms, Ticketing & Digital Memberships, E-Signatures, Task Management, Project Management, Time Tracking, Quoting & Billing, Invoicing & Accounting, Inventory Management, Payment Processing, Workflows, Reporting, and more!

Here is the catch – it comes with integrated video conferencing allowing you to conduct video meetings directly from inside the platform. You can host as many video meetings as you want.

Who Can Use Kalysys?

Kalysys is an all-in-one business management platform designed for businesses that want to have CRM, project & task management, and all other features in a single place.

Key Takeaway

All-in-one remote working and business operations solution that eliminates the need for juggling between multiple apps.

Kalysys Pricing

Kalysys does not offer any pricing plan on its website. You need to contact their sales team to get custom pricing based on your needs.

#30. KnitVideoLinkello Alternative

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Knit is ideal for social gatherings because of its mingling feature. Rather than listening attentively to one speaker during the event or meeting, attendees may freely move around the room. Additionally, they can see which participant is where directly on the screen. It creates the illusion of an offline, real-world event for visitors. Knit is a powerful video conferencing tool that enables efficient and effortless networking.

Who Can Use EmuCast?

Knit is for those who want to engage in online events, community building, networking, and even socialization. This means that distributed teams working on projects to friends across the globe – Knit caters to everyone.

Key Takeaway

KnitVideo is a video conferencing tool designed for hosting online events and even for socializing.

KnitVideo Pricing

Knit offers three plans, one of which is a free plan offering only one networking lounge. If you are not satisfied with the free plan, you can select one of their premium plans that include:

  • Basic: $3 per guest per month.
  • Pro: Pricing starts at $500, and offers a solution customized to your needs.

#31. Skype – Linkello Alternative

Skype has long been the de facto means for video communication. With Microsoft’s purchase of Lync and increasing emphasis on companies, Skype has gradually developed, and currently includes features such as document sharing, audio calling, VoIP, and chat as part of Skype for Business. With Skype you can store the contacts of all users in your organization. For video conferencing, it supports up to 250 attendees per session. However, some of the VoIP features are missing and so are the dial-in audio conference features. Still, it remains one of the most powerful Linkello alternatives today.

Who Can Use Skype?

Skype can be used by individuals and businesses alike. It comes as a part of Office 365 subscription. However, Microsoft has recently started shipping Microsoft Teams as a part of their Office 365 for Business offering.

Key Takeaway

Skype is a great video conferencing tool designed for personal as well as business use. It does lack a lot of advanced features like collaboration, certain VoIP features, etc.


Skype is a part of Microsoft Office 365 offering. You can check out the pricing for Office 365 (Family, Personal, and Business offerings) from this page.


Honestly, the list above is far from being complete. There are many more solutions that you can look up to. For instance, if you don’t like Skype, you can always use Microsoft Teams – a more advanced and better video conferencing and collaboration tool that can host up to 10,000 people for each event.

Then there are options like StoryXpress, Vaam, Butter, Topia, and more. The list can just go on and on. But for now, these 31 can suffice and cover almost any video conferencing need you may have. Make sure that you go through each option carefully before settling for a paid subscription for one among the many listed here.

Video calls have become increasingly popular, especially in the world where distributed teams are a new norm. So, it is absolutely essential that you have a powerful tool at your disposal that can help you with your video conferencing requirements while ensure that you get all the necessary features required for your business or personal use. Happy hunting!

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