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The Home Doctor Reviews (USA): Facts You Must Know

Who needs years and years of cramming medical notes when you can learn how to tackle medical emergencies by just reading a 304-page book? We know that it’s ridiculous to say that you shouldn’t study detailed concepts and just gather an overview of things. But not everyone can study medicine; still, there’s a possibility that everyone might face a medical emergency somewhere in their life.

And that’s precisely why you need to read The Home Doctor – Practical Medicine For Every Household. Today’s review will revolve around the benefits of The Home Doctor and things it lacks or could be improved. So don’t forget to read till the end; let’s get started!

What Is The Home Doctor, And What Is It About?

A medical stuff-filled book that aims to provide authentic yet easy-to-understand information about different medical procedures and happenings to people who need this book the most, that’s what the Home Doctor is all about. You don’t know what medical crisis might await you tomorrow, so it’s better to be prepared beforehand, and The Home Doctor will prepare you for it.

What Can I Learn From This Book?

  • You will discover and learn about various do-it-yourself or DIY medical procedures.
  • You will learn how to tackle an emergency medical situation at home, at work, or even on the road.
  • You will learn about the lifesaving medical supplies and medicines you must always have on your hand.
  • You will learn what you can do while you wait for the ambulance or doctors to arrive; these moments are very crucial moments, and The Home Doctor will teach you the importance of this critical time.

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To be More Specific, What Are These Pieces of Advice Or Procedures?

We understand that basic information might not give you an idea about the treasure hidden in this book for you, so here are a few examples of what this book has for you.

  • How to store prescription drugs?
  • Nature’s painkiller that you can easily find in your backyard
  • What to do if someone has a stroke?
  • What to do for respiratory issues (breathing problems)?
  • What can you do to improve your immune system?
  • How to get rid of back and neck pains with simple stretching?
  • Breast examination to identify risks of cancer and all
  • How to treat wounds and different skin conditions?
  • How can leeches be used for therapeutic purposes?
  • Dental treatments at home
  • How to extract ingrown nails?
  • 40 grandparents remedies
  • How to improve the quality of sleep?
  • Home-based abdominal examination
  • Spot the difference between malignant and benign arrhythmia
  • The eggshell and turmeric oil remedies
  • The risks of ingesting expired medicines

All this and a lot more in a single book; this book is a legit bomb.

Who Is The Author Of The Home Doctor?

Not one, but there are three authors of this book. Imagine the knowledge three incredible brains withhold; don’t you want to gain something from it? The Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household is a book by Claude Davis, Sr., and Maybell Nives. Let’s talk about the authors one by one.

Claude Davis, Sr.

A firm believer in practicing what you preach, Claude is a writer of many famous books like “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies” and “The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods.” Fun facts you didn’t know about Claude are that he loves to cook his food outside using woods, makes his own clothes, and makes tons of homemade canned foods.

Maybell Nives

Maybell Nives is also a co-author of the amazing book “The Home Doctor.” But surprisingly enough, Maybell leads a very private life, and no information is present about him on the internet. His only work known to us is The Home Doctor, perhaps that’s what he wants, and we respect that.

Rodrigo Alterio

Similar to Maybell Nives, the only published work of Rodrigo Alterio is his book The Home Doctor. No information on his whereabouts is available whatsoever. We sure know that all three of these authors are physicians from Venezuela and Texas.

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What Is The Price Of The Home Doctor?

The Home Doctor is priced at a minimal cost of $37 per copy. The price is enough to keep up with the manufacturing cost and keep it in the range of most people who need to learn these lifesaving hacks and tips. The advice and data you’re getting from this book are nothing compared to its price.

An additional $8.99 is added to your total bill to compensate for the shipping cost, only if you buy the book in physical form. You can save these extra bucks by buying an online book version. Also, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee with both the book’s physical and digital versions. What else do you need?

Has It Helped Anyone Yet?

Thousands of people consider this book a lifesaver. Customers’ Thoughts about the book are that it is easy to read and understand and describes everything so well. The remedies and recommendations helped tons of others to lead a better life. One of the customer reviews from Amazon says it all: “Easy to read, explains topics very well. A must-have book in case one is functioning, or has to function off the grid.”

But hey, that’s not all. It is our commitment to make you aware of all the pros and cons of the book so that you can decide better. Although 94% of customers love the book, you still need to know the opinion of the remaining 6%. “I do not appreciate graphic photos of hemorrhoids from mild to severe, for instance, wounds, severed fingers, and other (private) body parts. The authors of this book should remember the audience, not nurses or doctors but ordinary people who’d like advice on how to treat and recognize minor/moderate ailments”, says Daniela Anderson, who doesn’t seem to be happy with the purchase.

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Does The Book Have Any Triggers?

The Home Doctor might not be the perfect fit for you if you have a weak heart because many customers hate that powerful graphics have been used in the book. Graphic photos of different wounds on different body parts (including private parts) seemed to trigger many people as they weren’t happy about this rebellious move against the patients.

But then again, if you have studied any medical subject, you know this is exactly what medicine is about—telling you about things you didn’t know, showing you harsh realities you don’t want to face, and making you aware of what can come next. Society must learn how to get rid of the taboos and stigmas around different medical procedures.

You Also Get Freebies With The Home Doctor; Did You Know This?

Yes, you read that right. With every purchase of The Home Doctor, the authors give away two free ebooks. It’s now triple the fun (read knowledge). The other two books you’ll get include:

  • Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans
  • Wild Edibles You Can Forage for or Find Around Your Houses

Is The Book Easy Enough For A Beginner To Understand?

Yes, of course, that’s the whole point. Most of the audience of The Home Doctor doesn’t belong to medical background, and that’s why they need this book. The sentence structure used in it is straightforward and, in standard English, easily understandable by most people.

I’m A Medical Student/ Practitioner Already, Will This Book Help Me?

Learning should never stop because when learning stops, growth stops. You might have a lot of knowledge or experience with various medical techniques and treatments, but we think there must be something new for you to learn from this. If not even that, wouldn’t you be able to at least get another person’s opinion on these topics? This book can help you describe various points to your patients easily, so what’s there for you to lose?

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Now is the time to answer some of your most frequently asked questions; let’s do this.

Is there only a PDF version of The Home Doctor?

The Home Doctor is available in both PDF and book formats, meaning you can utilize whatever is your preference, digital or printed.

Are there any terms and conditions of the money-back guarantee?

Customers get two whole months to try and test the handbook and see if it’s worth their money or not. But if you don’t like it anyhow, you can always return it within 60 days of purchase, no questions asked.

I have got a few questions; where can I contact the team?

Email The Home Doctor team at support@homedoctorbook.com to get your queries resolved in no time.

Where can I buy The Home Doctor?

You can buy this amazing handbook from your trusted seller, Amazon using this link. It is also available on Google Books and many more, so don’t forget to check out multiple websites before buying. Who knows, you might get a good deal somewhere.

Final Thoughts

The Home Doctor is a book jam-packed with medical knowledge we all must know about. The information this book will provide you can prove to be a blessing in disguise. And even if you just want to learn some basics about medicine, The Home Doctor is definitely a good read for you. Tell us your thoughts. Have you read this book? Or will you buy it now?

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