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Fresh Breathies PupLabs Reviews – Does it Work?

Are you a dog lover? Do you love cuddling and kissing your puppy in the morning, but you are annoyed by the foul breath of your dog? If your answer is yes, then you must try PupLabs fresh breathies! Are you thinking about what these PupLabs fresh breathies are? They are the magic that will turn your stinky puppy into a cuter one.

If you want a product to help your dog’s foul breath, bring PupLabs fresh breathies into your life and say bye to stinky breath. It is one of the most viral and talked about products on the market, and the internet is flooded with positive responses from many dog lovers. Do you want to know everything about PupLabs fresh breathies, or are you curious if it’s worth spending your money? Then keep on reading because this review is written for you.

A Little Info About PupLabs Fresh Breathies

PupLabs fresh breathies are chewable for dogs that help with the oral cavity and oral cavity odor. It is a dental formula specially designed to maintain the dental health of dogs and puppies. The reason behind the invention of these chews is to work on maintaining the hygiene of puppies. It helps to provide energy, freshness, dynamic behavior, and fresh breath to the dog.

It is also very beneficial for the overall health of the dog. PupLabs fresh breathies are a fantastic product to keep your dog and little pup healthy and fresh because there is no compromise on the hygiene of the pets. They are getting viral online and are available to buy from online stores and websites.

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How Does It Taste?

It is an ideal solution created by the hard work and lab research on dogs’ oral and abdominal health care. Experts at PupLabs tried to make it as good as possible, so they didn’t compromise on the product’s taste.

The ideal thing about PupLabs fresh breathies is that these chews taste good. That is why puppies and adult dogs enjoy them. What’s the secret behind the taste of the PupLabs fresh breathies chews? A delicious chicken flavor is added to the chews to enhance the taste so that it becomes irresistible for the dogs. Plus point, they are easy to digest as well for puppies.

What Is The Vision Of the Manufacturers Of The PupLabs Fresh Breathies?

Mr. Peter Tzemis founded PupLabs. The founder of PupLabs comes with an excellent idea to create something that can provide benefits for both dogs and their owners. That’s when he came up with his remarkable dental health care product PupLabs fresh breathies chews.

Peter aims to maintain the pet’s hygiene and overall well-being. The PupLabs’ primary mission is to provide dogs a fresh breath and a healthy gut. He also said that the company works with safe ingredients for the dogs and has no harmful or adverse effects. PupLabs are working effectively to create high-quality treatments for dogs to promote good health naturally.

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How Does PupLabs Fresh Breathies Work?

It is very crucial to understand how a product works to understand the nature of the product. PupLabs fresh breathies are supplements, but to make them easy to digest and engulf, they are being designed into chews.

They are made up of natural ingredients that support the good health of the oral, dental, and abdominal cavities of dogs and little puppies. PupLabs fresh breathies work on the gut health, control bad odor, and general health of a dog. Moreover, it is an all-natural product that makes it safe for dogs and puppies.

The product has been tested in the lab, and no side effects ensure the product’s safety. Any dog owner does not like foul smelly breath, so to add a unique adorability to the dog, you need to make chewing an everyday necessity of your dog routine.

Every dog is unique in itself, and its body genetics may vary, so it takes different periods to work on different breeds of dogs. So, if you see that your dog shows no improvement and your best friend’s dog is improving faster, then don’t worry, wait a bit, and you’ll get the desired results on yours as well.

You must carefully consider two things that will help you get the desired effect on your dog. First, use the dosage carefully as told by an expert of PupLabs, and secondly, be consistent. Consistency is the key to a happy and cute pup without sharp breath.

The product will start showing results after at least a minimal use of 1 month to improve the dental and oral cavity. Moreover, the PupLabs claim that their product can balance microbiomes and also nourish the dog’s body with the number of nutrients available in the product.

The PupLabs fresh breathies chews will start working within the first week. It targets the gut and balances the bacterial balance in the dog’s gut. As a result, the dog’s breath will become fresh and odor free, and your dog will be more active, energetic, and healthy.

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What Are The Ingredients Used In PupLabs Fresh Breathies?

Before buying any product, it is imperative to go through the product’s ingredient list, which helps a lot. You can quickly rule out any ingredients that can cause your dog’s allergy; on the other hand, ingredients show how effective the product is.

Here we have described every ingredient used in PupLabs fresh breathies soft chews that can help your dog to transform.

Champignon Mushroom Extract

Champignon mushroom extract is one of the key ingredients of PupLabs fresh breathies chews. It is very effective to treat inflammation and cardiovascular disease in dogs. Moreover, it helps balance the dog’s gut health and regulates microbiomes. The champignon Mushroom extract is amazingly treating foul, pungent breath in dogs.

Yucca Schidigera Extract

One of the vital ingredients of the product is Yucca Schidigera extract. It has some of the most remarkable properties, such as aid in reducing body breath and oral bad breath; that is why it has been added to the formula of PupLabs chews.


Parsley is a common herb that almost everyone is familiar with, but many of you won’t be familiar with its health benefits. It is an effortless breath freshener and good for bones and joints.


It is a miraculous ingredient due to chlorophyll and omega-3 fatty acids. Spirulina has been seen to boost the immune system and support gut health and heart in dogs. That is why it is used in the formula of PupLabs fresh breathies.


The last ingredient in the formula of PupLabs fresh breathies is cinnamon powder. Cinnamon is something that works on balancing the bacteria in the gut and improves the oral odor of the dogs. It is exceptional for dental and cardiovascular illnesses.

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What Benefits Are Associated With PupLabs Fresh Breathies?

Many health benefits are being associated with the miraculous PupLabs fresh breathies chews. Let’s dig into them to know the benefits of using PupLabs fresh breathies regularly.

  • It improves gut health in dogs
  • It does not let your dog grow old fast by protecting it against microbes
  • It helps with the bad breath of the dog
  • Improves the oral and dental health
  • Improve the loose stool in dogs by improving the gut flora
  • It helps with itching and scratching in dogs
  • It helps to improve the bone density in dogs and to treat painful joints.
  • It helps to keep the dog healthy, active, and energetic
  • It makes the dog naturally strong and improves the physical health of the body
  • It has also shown a positive effect in avoiding weight loss in dogs
  • It also helps to reduce inflammation in dogs
  • It is beneficial for the cardiovascular health of the dog as well

What Are The Side Effects Of The PupLabs Fresh Breathies?

The PupLabs fresh breathies are made of all-natural ingredients, which is why the product has no side effects. You can use it regularly for your dog and puppy but make sure to use the quantity and dosage of the product as suggested by the experts to avoid any unfavorable conditions, especially in little pups.

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How Much Does It Cost For PupLabs Fresh Breathies?

The company sold its amazing product PupLabs fresh breathies chewable on one of their official websites. However, you can also buy it from online stores like Amazon, eBay, etc. Many fakes roam all over the internet, so purchasing from their official website is better.

Moreover, only the official website of PupLabs offers special discounts on product packages. It is very crucial to check if the website provided is authentic or not.

Here is the list of prices that are officially available on the website of PupLabs.

  • 1 Jar of PupLabs fresh breathies chews for $49
  • 3 Jars of PupLabs fresh breathies chews for $39 per jar
  • 6 Jars of PupLabs fresh breathies chews for $29 per jar

Many people will complain about the product’s high prices, but you need to understand that the ingredients used in the formula of PupLabs fresh breathies chews are of high quality but are costly. It is recommended to buy in bulk to get a special discount on every jar.

Final Verdict

PupLabs fresh breathies chews are highly recommended. They have all-natural ingredients that are safe for the dog and will turn your dog’s bad breath into a fresh breath. The health benefits of PupLabs fresh breathies are equal for pup and adult dogs and are safe to use for puppies.

The PupLabs fresh breathies chews are worth spending money on to maintain the hygiene of your little one. It’s time to say goodbye to bad-smelling dogs and say hi to a new and happy pup in the morning. Do give PupLabs a try!

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Fresh Breathies FAQ

What is Fresh Breathies?

PupLabs Fresh Breathies supplements are made up of natural ingredients that support gut health, odor control, and the general health of your puppy. It works from the inside out to get the desired results. 

Where can you buy Fresh Breathies?

You can purchase Fresh Breathies from their Official Website