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Epix Free Trial| Get 7 Days Epix Free Trial

With multiple options available, our world is at a streaming war. Different media companies are trying their level best to make their name in the field of online streaming platforms. Every company and online streaming platform will use new campaigns and free trials to promote their content. However, not each one of them is worth it.

Like many other streaming platforms, Epix is on the ground of the streaming war. But is Epix the best streaming platform? Is it worth your time and money? Does Epix offer a free trial to its viewers? Want to know all about Epix, then you have landed in the right place because we have compiled everything that one should know before investing in a subscription to Epix.

What Is Epix & Epix Now App?

Epix is one of the few leading streaming platforms based in the US. It allows the members to enjoy their favorite movies and series without disturbance. There are many competitors in the field of streaming, and it is pretty hard to create an impression on viewers, but Epix did it through several TV and digital providers.

Epix believes that cable TV is outdated, so it has launched its streaming platform app known as Epix Now App, where you can watch whatever you want without any restriction of having a proper TV cable connection. The content on Epix and Epix Now app is entirely the same, but what makes the app experience differs because you don’t require a specific sign-in through the TV provider. Isn’t it amazing? Indeed, it is!

The Epix Now is created by Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), which is trying its best to provide members everything under one platform for streaming. It doesn’t matter whether you want to watch a mega-hit blockbuster movie or an old classic film; you can get it all on the Epix Now app to keep yourself, and your family entertained.

What Type Of Content Do Epix Now Offer To Its Members?

Do you want classical and new movies alongside the leading shows at the time in 4K HD quality? Then, Epix Now is a perfect place for you to start. On Epix, you can watch movies, web series, shows, sports, live news, kids’ entertainment channels, live TV programs, and much more under one roof. The Epix Now library has 800 movies for the members.

Epix Now has a vast library of Hollywood movies, including theatre releases, motion pictures, documentaries, title content, music, comedy specials, and much more to let viewers binge for fun. Epix also offers a series of originals on its platform, including Women Who Rocks, The Lost City, Brittania, Licorice Pizza, FROM, and much more.

If we talk about the famous web series on Epix Now, then Pennyworth is one of their best productions. Other popular picks on Epix Now include Godfather Of Harlem, Deep State, Berlin Station, Get Shorty, and Road To The NFL. If you want to watch Pennyworth, you must get an Epix Now subscription.

What Is Epix Free Trial?

A 7-day free trial is offered on the subscription plan of Epix Now. The duration of the free trial is usually 7-day, but it can change depending on the type of subscription plan. The free trial of Epix lets the customers enjoy unlimited content without restriction.

Epix free trial is the best way to know what type of content is available on their platform to stream. In the 7-day free trial, a viewer can evaluate the quality of the content on the platform and decide whether it is worth buying. At the end of your Epix free trial, the company will start charging you for the subscription plan that you have chosen.

How To Get a Free Trial Of Epix?

If you have decided to choose Epix for your source of entertainment, you have to ensure that you don’t have any trouble while signing in to it. Still, if you are having trouble while signing up for Epix free trial, follow these few simple steps, and you will get access to the Epix library in less than 5 minutes.

  • Visit the Epix official website on the browser
  • Click on “Start my 7-day free trial of Epix.”
  • Create a new account with your valid personal information like name, email address, etc
  • Choose a strong password.
  • Once you have created an Epix account, you can download the app from Google Play Store, iTunes, Roku, or Amazon.
  • Run the app and log in through your valid account detail
  • Choose a subscription plan
  • Add accurate billing or payment details
  • Start Using the free trial of Epix for the next 7-day with full access to the library.

What Are Epix Subscription Plans?

Epix offers its viewers a standard subscription, according to which you have to pay only $5.99 monthly for cable TV and app. You can stream movies, shows, documentaries, cartoons, live news, and sports such as football tournaments and cricket matches at cheap and reasonable rates. Isn’t it a perfect deal for members?

There are many streaming platforms, but none offer such 4K HD quality content for entertainment for just $5.99. If you want to watch unlimited, download your favorite movie to watch offline later, and then an Epix subscription is best for you. You can also watch on multiple devices without any IP address restriction.

Here we have a list of subscription plans exclusively provided by service providers for Epix.

  • Spectrum TV – It will cost you just $5.99 per month
  • Conway Cooperation – It will cost you just $6.95 per month
  • DISH – It will cost you just $7.00 per month, including a special offer of a 30-day free trial of Epix
  • Amazon Prime Video – It will cost you just $12.99 per month
  • Version FiOS – It will cost you just $15.00 per month

How To Cancel The Free Trial Of Epix?

If you don’t like the content available on Epix for streaming, you can always try to cancel the subscription plan to save money. You can cancel the subscription and free trial anytime and anywhere without getting into trouble.

You don’t have to pay if you cancel the subscription to Epix before the free trial. If you are having trouble balancing the free trial of Epix, then it is a common issue because you have to cancel it differently on different setups and devices. Here we have explained how to cancel the free trial of Epix on various devices.

How To Cancel Epix Subscription On Google Play Store?

If you log in through a Google Play Store application, follow these simple steps to cancel Epix free trial and subscription plan.

  • Open the Google Play Store Service
  • Sign in with your Google account
  • Tap to the menu and visit the subscriptions
  • Then tap on “Cancel Subscriptions.”
  • Choose Epix subscription and cancel it, and you are done

How To Cancel Epix Subscription On Apple TV?

If you log in through an Apple TV, follow these simple steps to cancel Epix free trial and subscription plan.

  • Visit the settings
  • Select Accounts options
  • Visit “Manage Subscription”
  • Choose “Epix Now” and cancel the subscription, and you are done

How To Cancel Epix Subscription On iPad Or iPhone?

If you log in through an iPad or iPhone, follow these simple steps to cancel Epix free trial and subscription plan.

  • Firstly visit your setting on your iOS device.
  • Choose your name that is associated with the iTunes account
  • Click on iTunes and app store settings
  • Click and sign in on your Apple ID
  • Click on “View Apple ID” in the pop-ups
  • Click on the subscription option and find the Epix subscription plan
  • Then you have to turn off the auto-renewal option
  • Your Epix subscription will be canceled

How To Cancel Epix Subscription On iTunes?

If you log in through iTunes, follow these simple steps to cancel Epix free trial and subscription plan.

  • Visit iTunes and sign in to your account.
  • In the menu bar, you have to click on “My Account.”
  • Select “View Account” once you have logged in
  • Scroll down and click on manage settings
  • Find the Epix Now option and click on the edit button
  • Click on cancel subscription and confirm it
  • Your subscription will be canceled

How To Cancel Epix Subscription On Roku?

If you log in through a Roku device, follow these simple steps to cancel Epix free trial and subscription plan.

  • Visit my.roku.com
  • Sign into your account that is linked to your Epix Now subscription
  • Visit “Manage my Subscriptions”
  • Find Epix Now subscription
  • Press on cancel subscription, and your subscription will be canceled

How To Cancel Epix Subscription On Amazon App Store?

If you log in through an Amazon App store, follow these simple steps to cancel Epix free trial and subscription plan.

  • Visit the official website of the Amazon App Store
  • Sign in to your account
  • Find the Epix Now subscription
  • Then turn off the auto-renewal of the Epix Now, and your subscription will be canceled.

What Devices Are Compatible For Using Epix Now?

Epix Now offers support on many devices that are compatible with it to use. Here we have a list of compatible devices for using Epix Now to stream unlimited content.

  • iPhones, iPods, iTunes
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku player and TV
  • Chromecast TV
  • XBOX and PlayStation Consoles

Is Epix Now Available Worldwide?

Epix Now is a US-based streaming platform that is available in the US only at the moment. If you are not living in the US, you are at a huge loss because you won’t get any other streaming platform that offers so much content at a reasonable price. However, shortly Epix Now will expand its services to other parts of the world.

Wrapping Up

Epix Now is the best platform to binge on a Saturday night with friends and family. The services are cost-friendly, and even a teenager on a budget can buy a monthly subscription to Epix Now to entertain themselves. Epix Now aims to reach every person, which is why it offers a reasonable price that everyone can pay. What are you waiting for? Get Epix Now and stream Pennyworth because it is worth it!