Voomly Review | Does This Whiteboard Cloud Work?

Our ratings and those from users reveal that Voomly is an application or program that lives up to its functionality. But what is this program? What can it do for you? Why do we rate it so highly? These we will answer in this Doodly review.

Voomly – Is it worth it?

Creating content that will engage your audience is no easy task. Ask any content creator, and they would affirm the challenge faced in creating great content. If you are an educator or content creator looking to boost conversion, engagement, and understanding of your subject, one of the ways you can do it is through whiteboard animation.

There are several adjectives that have been used to describe this program, and all of them hold true. Some have described the software as powerful, intuitive, easy to use, and so on.

While all of these might be the words of paid reviewers, we do not believe that to be the case. We have reviewed and tested the Doodly software and can be sure that it is an excellent option.

Appeal of the Whiteboard

If you have been observant, you would see that several advertisements on online spaces, like Youtube and Facebook, all have whiteboard animations. These animations have grown in popularity and is slowly becoming a go-to tool for marketers and related folks. Why is this the case? Well, research has shown that a large number of people are more comfortable with watching these animations over other media.

Studies reveal that the whiteboard version of events offers more engagement and conversion than other media. When asked why many say that the videos simply arrest the attention almost immediately. As for the creators of the animations, they have cited the ease of use of creating such videos over using other forms of media.

These animations hold sway because of their excellence. They are so simple to get. A consideration of the working operation of the software also shows just how great it is. With these animations, it is almost as if someone were drawing or explaining stuff to you on a piece of paper.

These doodle sketches are excellent, and you will certainly have an excellent time using and explaining concepts to your audience using them.

If you are an educator or content creator looking to boost conversion, engagement, and understanding of your subject, one of the ways you can do it is through whiteboard animation. Now that we have considered the benefits of using whiteboard animations; let’s delve into what this program is and why it is so great for you.

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What is Doodly


As an observant person, you will observe that we have been talking about whiteboard animations. Well, the Doodly software is a program that allows you to do this. In the simplest of terms, it is a whiteboard animation creator. With this program, you will be able to make these animations.

There are several advantages to the Doodly software, all of which we will discuss in detail in this post. If you carried out a survey of animators of whiteboard sketches, you would discover that a large chunk of them rely on the Doodly software. Why is this so? We will briefly highlight the reasons.

For one, this program, as we have stated, is one of the easiest to use. Whether you have experience creating such sketches or not, you discover that it is pretty easy to use. Regardless of the experience level, you can make use of the software in the classroom, in marketing, on your social media, and so much more.

The advantages of this also include a large repertoire of media. The media comes in the form of music, images, and so on.

Additionally, it has been seen that the creator comes with a builder that all you have to do is drag the images that you want for the sketching. Aside from the large number of images that are contained in the media library, this tool also allows you to include the images that you want via upload. Therefore, there is no shortage of media to use.

How about the compatibility? It is compatible with the most important operating systems today. To that end, you can use it on your Macbooks and Windows computers. Each of them will offer you excellent performance.

So, those are the benefits and features of the Doodly software in miniature.

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As with all other programs, there are specific things that make this a unique proposition, especially when compared with the other options on the market.

  • Media

We have briefly talked about this feature, but it bears talking about again. Well, the Doodly software comes with thousands of images. All of these are found in the library. The updates will add even more images to the library over time.

Images are all fine and good, but other software comes with similar images. For one, you get more than 190 characters with a score of poses. You also get a score of backgrounds and several props that can be added to the ‘canvas’ of your creation.

And if after searching the library you do not find the images that you want, you could always send a mail to the support team detailing what is lacking and what you’d like to be created just for you.

  • Tracks

Watching the media without sound is certainly not something that you’d find exciting. Apart from the images, the sounds also add life to the sketch.

The Doodly software comes with the ability to add sound right from the program. You get a pair of slots where the sound will go. Each of these slots comes with specific uses. The first one will accept the sounds that will comprise your background music while the other is where the voiceover goes.

The good thing about it is that it can be edited, giving you the opportunity to fiddle around till you feel satisfied.

The editing feature means you can include a wide number of clips.

Now, do you get unlimited tracks from the library? Maybe that would be possible; however, you do not get an unlimited number of tracks. Instead, the number of tracks available to you will depend on just the amount you paid. The software comes in a tier of packages, and your tier determines what you receive.

  • Editing

You certainly cannot land feet first every time you want to create a sketch. You will need an initial draft and work on that repeatedly. The makers of Doodly realize the importance of making adjustments, which is why you have the ability to edit what you have created.

With other software, editing can be a headache as there are just so many controls and all that palaver. However, your worries are reduced when you use this program. The program continues to receive updates, which makes it an excellent tool. You will discover the ease of editing.

The screen is divided into easy to identify and handle parts that will show you just what you need to correct your videos. This also makes your editing swift and seamless.

  • Export

Unless you are creating the videos purely for your enjoyment, you will certainly want to show others. How can you do this, short of inviting everyone to view the product on your personal computer? Exporting and sharing of course! Therefore, you need to set up your software for sharing.

The great thing about this is that it is very straightforward and easy. The software will let you determine specific things about the video. Some of the things that you can adjust as you export the product include the frame rate, the quality of the video, and the path to the importing device or program.

Once you have adjusted these parameters, you just have to choose ‘Share’, and you are good to go. Where can you send the created videos to? Well, you have several choices.

If you have a website, the good news is that you can embed it into the site. Easy and straight to the point.

  • Ease of Use

When choosing a program, especially for the first time, it is vital that you consider whether you will have an easy or hard time using the software.

Well, this is a vital consideration with Doodly, and several users have commented on the ease of handling the program. In our testing as well, we discovered this to be true.

  • Offline Use

There has been an increase in cloud solutions, but we are glad that Doodly hasn’t completely gone over that way.

If you have a poor internet connection, several other software becomes useless and impossible to use. And even if you could still use them, they are usually with limited features.

Well, you do not have to bother about that with this software. Once downloaded to the computer, you are certainly good to go.

  • Versatile

The versatility of this model cannot be understated. If you want your mind blown, just check out the number of canvases available on this program. Where the other has 2 or 3 canvases, you get up to 4 from this program.

The benefit is that you will have a unique proposition that will certainly bring a new dimension to your creation and will work to improve content engagement and will capture the attention of the audience.

You get the canvas in white, black, green, and glass boards.

Apart from the versatility in terms of the number of canvases, another important way in which this is great is that you get different types of hands. This adds diversity to the program and your sketches. You get hands of both genders and different races.

How Does The Voomly Software Work?

In this section, we will show you a systematic way of using the program; It should be noted that even without this guide, the program is intuitive enough for first-time users to have an easy time with it.

The first thing that you ought to do is decide the type of canvas that you want. This is what you will have all the images and all that on.

Next, browse the library for the images that you believe will transmit your ideas to the audience. Determine also the text and audio to be included in the sketch.

After you include and carry out the editing, save, share, or send.

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So, why do we and several other users on the market so highly rate this program? Well, here is why:

  • The first, and for many, the most important benefit of Doodly is that it is so easy to use. You can start using it even if you don’t have plenty of experience in creating such sketches.
  • You get an impressive and extensive catalog of media. This certainly includes images and sounds.
  • The price is excellent, making it one of the more affordable options in its category
  • Lastly, you can use it without an internet connection.


As with almost all products of its kind, there are things that you might not like. For us, these are the things that we found disappointing:

  • Exporting your created video is a slow, torturous process
  • You have to pay upfront with no choice of a trial period.


How can I get support for Voomly?

You can visit our online FAQs: http://support.doodly.com or contact us directly: support@doodly.com. Our team of talented support specialists will respond to your query in less than 24 hours, and typically much faster.

Does Voomly create blackboard videos?

Yes, Voomly is the first and only doodle video software that not only creates captivating, realistic whiteboard videos but can also create blackboard videos. The process is simple – click a few buttons and instantly convert the whiteboard to a blackboard.

What kind of images can I upload to Voomly?

Doodly allows you to upload PNG and JPEG files. Each image will automatically have a pre-determined “draw path,” that you can customize as you wish. You can import black and white and color images as well.

Final Words

Voodly software is a program that allows you to do this. In the simplest of terms, it is a whiteboard animation creator. With this program, you will be able to make these animations. If you carried out a survey of animators of whiteboard sketches, you will discover that a large chunk of them rely on the Voomly software. For one, it is one of the easiest to use. It is very versatile and includes a diverse number of features and other benefits.

In conclusion, do we recommend this program? Yes, we do. The benefits that it offers, which we have stated above, outweigh the drawbacks for many other people and us. So, regardless of your level of use, this will certainly give you a good performance.

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