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7 Essential Apps For Writing Your Dissertation Or Thesis

Writing a dissertation can be a nightmare for you as an undergraduate. Many students work with professional thesis writing services, but this isn’t the reality for all students. If you’re among those who relish the challenge of writing their dissertations, then this is likely the most challenging writing you would have ever done and the longest one as well. It requires skill and proper planning, so you must be prepared. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll have the leverage to excise yourself from other assignments. 

It takes lots of effort, time and hard work to complete your dissertation on time. While there are no shortcuts to this, there are ways for you to work smarter and optimize your processes through apps. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the apps that you can use to optimize your work on your dissertation. 

1. Grammarly Premium

To work successfully on your project, you need a tool to help you edit your work. Your supervisor expects a good level of competence from you, and your dissertation should be as close to perfect as possible. This is where Grammarly comes in. 

The algorithm of this tool works like a real-time editor checking for spelling errors and incorrect vocabulary. It also gives context-specific suggestions to help you with grammar, wordiness, punctuation, spelling and usage, inconsistent writing style, and plagiarism. 

2. Evernote & Penultimate

Your research process will have you take endless amounts of notes. This will include written notes, photos, and audio recordings. However, you must keep it all together. This level of organization can be achieved with Evernote. 

Evernote is a notetaking app that allows users to take notes in different formats, such as text, audio and photos. It also allows you to attach all file formats and keep them all in one place. These texts are searchable, and your data can be synchronized across your devices. 

3. Mendeley

An excellent dissertation always includes correct citations and references. The problem is not getting the reference but managing and formatting them properly. Not only does the Mendeley app help you to gather references from UCI databases and websites, but it also creates bibliographies and citations. This app also helps you work with other researchers and search for papers you need online based on your topic. 

4. Otter

It takes a lot to write a good thesis. You’ll have to spend several hours behind a keyboard and monitor, which can be very draining (and potentially harmful). However, this process is faster if you can speak instead of writing. 

The Otter app allows you to speak on your tablet or smartphone, and your words are converted from audio to text. This allows you to be faster with your project than you would normally and reduces the possibility of losing your thought train. 

This app allows you to continue your work in unlikely places, such as when you’re stuck in traffic. It can also be used as a transcribing aid for your dissertation interviews.

5. Dropbox

One of the risks of long-term projects like a thesis is losing your work or a huge chunk of it. A corrupted or stolen flash drive, hard drive, or laptop can mean the loss of hours and weeks of hard work on your dissertation. However, you can minimize this risk like phd dissertation writing services use cloud storage.

Thankfully, there are several cloud storage apps that you can use to back up your dissertation. Dropbox is an example of a cloud storage app you can sign up for to save your progress in the cloud. Others are Google Drive, iCloud Drive, and OneDrive. 

This ensures the safety of your work and makes it easier for you to use multiple devices for your project work since your files are synchronized automatically. You don’t need to create multiple versions on your laptop, smartphone, desktop or tablet. It’s all in one safe and secure place. 

6. Freemind

This interesting app allows users to organize and visualize information and is available for free download. With this mind mapping app, you can think, create ideas, gather knowledge and remember them. So, it makes you think better. It’s simple and straightforward to use. 

7. Offtime

Your phone and other devices contain several apps that can serve as potential distractions while working on your dissertation. Notifications and message pop-ups can pull you off your work easily, whereas you need laser-sharp focus to research and write your thesis. These distractions only lead to delays upon delays in your work. 

With offtime, you can block chats, apps, and other functions that can potentially distract you. This helps you retain your focus for as long as you need to. 


The introduction of technology has reduced the difficulty of writing a dissertation considerably. You can use several apps to achieve this goal from your room. It gives you the key to open the door easily, whereas others have been using a hammer to bring down the door.