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Disney Plus | Get Disney Plus Free Trial

Have you watched Raya and the Last Dragon? Do you want to see more movies like it? You do, right? Because it is amusing to watch and appropriate for all age groups. Disney Plus is the best platform for you to keep yourself and your kids entertained.

It is a fact that Disney’s original creations played a massive part in making our childhood memorable and happy. And now, as the world has shifted to online streaming platforms, Disney is also making big moves.

Whether you’re looking for a show to watch with your friends or an animated movie with your kid, Disney Plus has everything one can ask for.

But how does Disney work, and does it have a free trial? Is it compatible with your device? And Is Disney Plus available in your region? Are you curious to know? Here is everything that you should know before getting your Disney Plus subscription.

What Is Disney Plus & What It Has To Offer You?

Disney doesn’t require any introduction because everyone knows it. When someone says Disney, a childhood memory of watching favorite cartoon shows on it immediately pops up. Isn’t it?

Well, as the world is evolving and many online platforms have paved their way to every home, Disney Plus came into being.

On 12 November 2019, Disney launched their online streaming app, Disney Plus. For unlimited streaming, you’ll get hundreds of movies and epic shows on Disney Plus.

In the Disney Plus library, you’ll find exciting options like animated movies, the world of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and even Marvel. Don’t forget National Geographical for the love of our planet.

Countries Disney Plus Works

With that much fun content for every age group, Disney Plus is happily inviting more and more viewers to their platform with every passing day. Disney Plus is already available in 50 countries. It includes the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and more.

Isn’t it amazing? But there is much that Disney Plus offers you. Recently, Disney Plus claimed that by the year 2023, it would be available in 160 countries. That’s piece of pretty exciting news for Disney lovers across the globe.

What Devices Are Compatible For Using Disney Plus?

Before getting any subscription, you should know whether it is compatible with your device or not, or you’ll lose your money. You don’t want that, don’t you?

Do you know what Devices are compatible with streaming Disney Plus original? Here is a list that will help to know if your device is one of them or not. Let’s see!

  • Roku TV
  • Apple TV
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android TV
  • Android Phones
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Tablets
  • Mac Book
  • Windows
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • LG Smart TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Sony Smart TV
  • VIZIO Smart TV

All these devices are compatible with Disney Plus and can help stream favorite shows. The most beautiful thing about Disney Plus is that it can be streamed on gaming consoles. However, if you are a Nintendo user, then there is a piece of bad news for you. Disney Plus doesn’t work on Nintendo devices.

Does Disney Plus Offer A Free Trial?

Unfortunately, as of 2022, Disney Plus isn’t offering any free trial to its viewers. In the past, Disney Plus offered its customers a 7-day free trial, but now the free trial isn’t available. However, many viewers are worried about the free trial services and curious to know why it isn’t available anymore.

Is There A 30-Day Free Trial Of Disney Plus?

Disney Plus’s 30-day free trial is one of the most searched questions. However, there is no such trial available for viewers by Disney Plus. It is lame. Disney has always offered a seven-day trial since it was launched and has also ended the seven-day trial now.

Is Disney Plus Planning To Get Free Trial Back?

Well, free trials are offered to give viewers a sneak peek at the content available on the online streaming app. Disney Plus content doesn’t require any sneak peek because they have created their mark in the entertainment world, and they think that viewers can trust their level of content without any free trial.

But maybe Disney Plus will again open their 7-day free trial for the sack of viewers in the future. Instead of giving a free trial to new subscribers, Disney Plus is working to provide a new offer to its users. It automatically gives you a discount on the first month’s subscription to compensate for the free trial benefits. It is entirely what we want!

How To Get A Disney Plus Subscription?

As you know, Disney Plus is available in more than 50 countries, but do you know what’s unique about Disney? It offers different price packages in every country. Here are easy steps that you should know for the Disney Plus subscription.

  • Visit www.disneyplus.com
  • Select the sign-up option on the website
  • Enter your valid Email. I’d
  • Create a strong password
  • Choose your subscription type on Disney Plus
  • Enter your bank details for the payment process
  • Click on “Start Watching,” and you’re done

Here are different Disney Plus Subscription packages according to other countries.

Disney Plus Subscription Cost In the USA

You’ll get different standard subscription packages of Disney Plus in the USA that will cost you a few dollars. The subscription to Disney Plus is quite reasonable. It is like buying a few coffees at Starbucks.

  • 1 Month Subscription- $7.99 only
  • 1 Year subscription- $79.99 only, one-off payment
  • Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus- $13.99 per month
  • Disney Plus, Hulu without Ads, ESPN Plus- $19.99 per month
  • 1 Year Disney Plus Gift Card- $79.99 at Disney Plus

Disney Plus Subscription Cost In the UK

Disney Plus is available in the UK, and it will cost you a few pounds that are worth it. UK users will also get a gift card that can be redeemed anytime.

  • Disney Plus Monthly- £7.99 per month
  • Disney Plus One Year- £79.90 one-off payment
  • Disney Plus Gift Card Valid for One Year- £79.90 (only redeemed by new subscribers)

Disney Plus Subscription Cost In Australia

You can also get two different packages for all the lovers of Disney Plus living in Australia. One is a monthly subscription and one for a year. Isn’t it amazing? Here is how much it will cost you for a Disney Plus Subscription in Australia.

  • Disney Plus Monthly Subscription$11.99 only
  • Disney Plus Yearly Subscription$119.99 one-off payment.

Disney Plus Subscription Cost In Canada

Disney Plus subscription is quite reasonable for the viewers of Canada. You’ll get access to all the library, including all shows and movies, with no restrictions. You can save $24 on a yearly subscription in Canada compared to a monthly one. You’ll also get a star channel with an annual subscription.

  • 1 Month Disney Plus Subscription$11.99 only
  • 1 Year Disney Plus Subscription$119.99 only

You can enjoy Disney Plus at a reasonable price in your country, and if you’re living in New Zealand, it will only cost you $12 per month and $120 per year. Due to its fantastic subscription prices, it is loved by everyone because it is affordable. Disney Plus is an excellent money-saving option that is worth buying.

How To Cancel A Disney Plus Subscription?

Disney Plus has premium content that everyone loves. Disney Plus has multiple options that are pretty interesting for the kids and everyone; however, if you don’t have much time to watch the shows and movies on Disney Plus.

If you think your money is getting wasted and you are not using Disney Plus quite often, don’t worry. You can easily cancel the Disney Plus subscription by following simple steps.

  • Visit the official website, www.disneyplus.com
  • Log in to your account.
  • On the top right corner, click on the profile option
  • Select the “Account” option on the Disney Plus
  • Select the billing details of your account there, and you’ll find a cancellation option on the website.
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription”
  • Click on it to confirm
  • Add a valid reason so Disney Plus can work on it to make it a better experience for future viewers.
  • Disney Plus will cancel your subscription.

Once you cancel your subscription from the Disney Plus website, it will never charge you again for any further month. After a time, if you want to reactivate the subscription plan of Disney Plus, you can reactivate it anytime because it is pretty reasonable, so you must consider repurchasing it.

What Are The Upcoming Shows To Binge On Disney Plus?

Suppose you have bought a Disney Plus subscription but don’t know where to start. Then Disney Plus is a spot where you’ll get a lot of entertainment options. From Star Wars to Ratatouille, you can get everything you want. You can watch many incredible shows, but we have gathered hot upcoming shows and movies in 2022 to keep bingeing.

  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
  • Star Wars: Andor (TV Series)
  • Hocus Pocus 2
  • Willow TV Series
  • Better Nate Than Never
  • Baymax (TV series)
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special Christmas 2022
  • Disenchanted- on Christmas 2022
  • Zootopia TV series
  • Night At the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again
  • Diary Of A Wimpy Kid-Rodrick Rules
  • Limitless With Chris Hemsworth (Documented Series)

You’ll be able to enjoy many Disney movies and shows in 2022. If Disney Plus isn’t available in your area, don’t get disheartened. Disney Plus is working hard to make it available across the globe. As per the news, it will launch its streaming services in more than 160 countries, which means 110 new countries will access Disney Plus in their region.

Final Verdict

Disney Plus is undoubtedly the best online streaming app, so get your subscription today. Moreover, no other streaming app will offer you such content for only $12 bucks. Disney Plus has a lot for you on the plate. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up on Disney Plus and see how Luca fulfilled his dreams. Adios!

Disney Plus FAQ

How much does Disney Plus cost?

1 Month Subscription- $7.99 only
1 Year subscription- $79.99 only, one-off payment
Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus- $13.99 per month
Disney Plus, Hulu without Ads, ESPN Plus- $19.99 per month
1 Year Disney Plus Gift Card- $79.99 at Disney Plus

How can I get Disney Plus for Free?

At the moment there is no Disney Plus free trial however you can get started by visiting disneyplus.com/welcome