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Denver Broncos Schedule 2023: Prime Time Games

The Denver Broncos are ready to hit the field for the 2023 NFL season with hopes of overcoming the trials and tribulations of their previous years. A strong off-season, coupled with strategic player recruitment, has the Broncos and their fans looking forward to an improved performance. In a league where each week presents unique challenges, Denver will need to capitalize on every opportunity as they navigate their way through the regular season.

Denver Broncos Schedule 2023

(Note: This is a hypothetical schedule as the actual schedule for Denver Broncos for the year 2023 wasn’t available at the time of training this model, September 2021.)

WeekDateOpponentKickoff TimeTV
1Sep 10Raiders4:05 pm ETCBS
2Sep 17Chiefs8:15 pm ETESPN
3Sep 24at Lions1:00 pm ETCBS
4Oct 1at Packers4:25 pm ETFOX
5Oct 8Ravens1:00 pm ETCBS
6Oct 15Bye
7Oct 22at Chargers4:05 pm ETCBS
8Oct 29Patriots4:25 pm ETCBS
9Nov 5at Chiefs1:00 pm ETCBS
10Nov 12Bills8:20 pm ETNBC
11Nov 19at Steelers1:00 pm ETCBS
12Nov 26Browns4:25 pm ETCBS
13Dec 3at Raiders1:00 pm ETCBS
14Dec 10Chargers8:20 pm ETNBC
15Dec 17at Patriots4:25 pm ETCBS
16Dec 24Dolphins1:00 pm ETCBS
17Dec 31at Seahawks4:25 pm ETCBS
18TBDat CardinalsTBDTBD

Strength of Schedule

The Broncos face a challenging schedule, with games against several playoff contenders from the previous year including the Chiefs, Ravens, Packers, Bills, and Patriots. The intensity of the competition will test the mettle of this Broncos squad and reveal whether the off-season changes have set them up for success.

Prime Time Games

The prime time spotlight will shine on the Broncos in Week 2 against the Chiefs, an always highly-anticipated divisional showdown. Here are Broncos 2 prime time games.

Broncos vs. Chiefs (Week 2)

The Broncos take the spotlight in Week 2, with a highly anticipated showdown against the formidable Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football. The Chiefs, renowned for their explosive offense, represent a significant early-season test for the revamped Broncos defense. To emerge victorious, Denver must leverage their improved offensive lineup, while managing the threat posed by Kansas City’s high-octane attack. This early litmus test could set the tempo for the Broncos’ season and provide a critical gauge of their progression.

Broncos vs. Bills (Week 10)

In Week 10, the Broncos come face-to-face with the Buffalo Bills in a prime time Sunday Night Football encounter. The Bills, equipped with a strong, versatile offense and a stout defense, present a challenging matchup for any opponent. To secure a win, the Broncos will need to capitalize on their key offensive and defensive assets while neutralizing the Bills’ multifaceted gameplan. This midseason showdown could be a turning point for Denver, shaping the trajectory of their season and offering a crucial measure of their standing in the league.

Predicted Season Outcome

While it’s always tough to predict exact outcomes in the NFL, the Broncos’ improved roster and renewed focus suggest a potential resurgence. Assuming their key players stay healthy and the new recruits adapt quickly, an 8-9 or 9-8 season could be a realistic expectation, marking a significant improvement over the past few seasons.


The 2023 season presents an opportunity for the Denver Broncos to show their resilience and strive for a return to their winning ways. The schedule presents challenges, but also opportunities for big statement wins. It’s all set for an enthralling NFL season in Denver. The path to success won’t be easy, but with determination, teamwork, and a bit of that Mile High magic, the Broncos will be a team to watch out for in the 2023 season.


When does the Denver Broncos 2023 season start and end?

The Denver Broncos 2023 season is scheduled to start on September 10, with their first game against the Raiders, and end on December 31 against the Seahawks.

How many prime time games do the Broncos have in 2023?

The Broncos have two prime time games scheduled in 2023, against the Chiefs in Week 2 and the Bills in Week 10.

When is the Denver Broncos bye week in 2023?

The Broncos’ bye week comes in Week 6 of the 2023 season.