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Creative Fabrica is primarily recognized as a marketplace for crafters to purchase digital assets such as fonts, images, and machine embroidery patterns. Creative Fabrica was founded in Amsterdam, Holland, and now has over 3 million digital products from over 5,000 designers.

The Crafts part features designs developed by Creative Fabrica’s in-house designers, while the Graphics section features designs created by freelance designers.

If you’re in the print-on-demand industry, you have a plethora of design options and typefaces. Additionally, you may browse the site for specialty ideas.

For those in the Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP sector, Creative Fabrica offers pre-designed interiors for your publications.

The majority of the graphics you buy are available in a variety of formats, including EPS, JPEG, PNG, and AI. This is an excellent value for money option that enables you to use or change the design in a variety of design programs.

After ordering, the files are promptly downloaded as a zip file, which you may keep on your computer.

All downloaded files are also stored to your Creative Fabrica account. You can always recover and download them again.

Creative Fabrica is a legitimate site in which you may place your faith.

What is Creative Fabrica Studio?

Creative Fabrica Studio is an online graphic design tool that provides a designer with every tool needed to produce stunning graphics. It’s part of Creative Fabrica, a web-based ecosystem that provides a vast array of creative resources, including fonts, graphics, and free templates. Creative Fabrica Studio brings together all the tool a designer will need into one place.

Wondering what is print-on-demand?

Print-on-Demand is a sort of online company in which you produce a digital design, upload it to a physical object (mugs, t-shirts, or books), and sell it on various marketplaces such as Etsy, Merch by Amazon, Redbubble, and KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing.

When a buyer orders a product featuring your design, the platform or the marketplace will handle printing and shipping, and you will get a royalty.

It’s a business strategy that you may launch for free, since most marketplaces or platforms do not charge a dime to join or submit your design to a product.

Now that you’ve gained a basic understanding of what Creative Fabrica is and what print-on-demand is, it’s time to look at the most critical components of Creative Fabrica.

Is Creative Fabrica free? If not, how much does it cost?

No, Creative Fabrica is not a free service. You must buy a subscription plan to get access to creative items you need. However, the company does offer a special ‘freebies’ segment where you get free stuff daily. You don’t need to buy a subscription plan for that.

The free items that you can get include:

  • Free fonts
  • Free SVGs
  • Free graphics
  • Free embroidery
  • Free classes

These free items are offered every day. So, you just need to sign up and get hold of them. What is interesting is that the free stuff that you get comes with a full commercial license, which means that you can use them for commercial projects like blogs (that earn money), designs that you sell, and so on.

If you need anything beyond the freebies, you must purchase a subscription. What I really like about Creative Fabrica is that they have four different pricing packages, three of which are targeted towards different product types. So, if you don’t intend to use other products, you can get a subscription for the product that you want.

Here are the pricing plans offered by Creative Fabrica:


This plan costs $12 for every three months. This plan will give you access to the following:

  • 51,068 cut files.
  • Commercial license.
  • Access to the craft club.


This plan costs $19 a month. This plan will give you access to the following:

  • 74,438 fonts.
  • Commercial license for the fonts.
  • Access to new fonts that are added daily.


This plan costs $19 a month. This plan will give you access to the following:

  • 3,672,221 graphic designs.
  • Commercial license for all graphic designs.
  • Access to new graphics that are added daily.


This plan currently costs $29 a month. This plan will give you access to everything you get in STUDIO, CRAFTS, FONTS, and GRAPHICS plans, plus you also get access to 22,590 embroidery designs.

It is needless to say that the “ALL ACCESS” plan is the most popular plan they have to offer, because it gives everything that Creative Fabrica has to offer.


There is currently an ALL ACCESS subscription Unlimited Access to 9,021,413 products, Instant access to all new products, Personal & Commercial Use, Including fonts, crafts, embroidery, tools, and Unlimited Studio for only $47 for 1year

What products are offered by Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica has multiple products and tools to offer to its users. Let us quickly go through each option.


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Okay, this one needs no introduction. Creative fonts are required by graphic designers and web designers alike to create a synergy between design and typeface. Also, fonts are so important that they can attract or repel customers. Brands heavily invest in fonts because fonts often help to establish their identity.

Creative Fabrica has a collection of over 74,000 fonts (new fonts being added frequently) that can make your design process a pleasurable experience.


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Graphics entails everything from quilt, sewing, knitting, & crochet patterns to logos, illustrations, backgrounds, coloring books, teaching material, and more.

Designers can create unique and catchy designs with ease because of their expertise with such software programs and their creative imagination.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a designer. Not everyone can have creative thinking. Hiring a designer can be an expensive affair. Also, even for designers, creating a new design from scratch can be a very time-consuming affair.

The graphics offered by Creative Fabrica can help you to circumvent these problems with ready-to-use designs and illustrations that you can use for commercial purposes.


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This doesn’t need introduction. Halloween designs, Christmas designs, crafts for fall, spring, Easter, kids, and so on… there are many scenarios where you just want a design that you can print and cut out and use. The Crafts segment gives you access to high quality cut files that are compatible with Silhouette, Cricut, etc., which are basically die-cutting machines.


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If you are into knitting and embroidery and want to work with elegant pre-made designs, this segment is for you. There are many sub-categories, and hence, you can quickly find what you need. All designs you get are perfect for machine embroidery.


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This is basically where you find online classes offered by the community of designers and crafters associated with Creative Fabrica. This means that if you want to learn a specific skill, the pros sitting somewhere in the world will teach you all that you can take in. The thing to note here is that Classes are free for the “ALL ACCESS” plan subscribers.

There are classes available for a lot of things like Cricut, Graphic Design, Clays, Sewing, Crochet, Macramé, paper crafting, painting, and more.


Creative Fabrica offers a variety of tools that you can use. Here is what they have to offer:

FontCloud: It is a font manager where you can add, explore, and view online fonts with ease. This tool helps you to find the perfect font you need for your next big project.

ShapeCloud: It is a word art generator. All you need to do is add the text, select a shape, play around with settings if you want, and see your design come to life.

Here is a sample design:

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Webfont Generator: This tool will convert your regular TTF and OTF fonts into usable webfonts. You just need to upload a font file and hit the convert button. That’s all! Now download the webfont.

The Craft Club: This is where you get access to thousands of craft designs, get personal designers and tools to help you in getting tailor-made designs, and more.

The Artistry: This is a blog where you can read many step-by-step tutorials.


POD basically refers to Print-On-Demand assets. There are many graphics available for which you can order a full POD license to keep using it perpetually.


Bundles are, well, bundles! For instance, you can buy a huge bundle of fonts, or SVG file bundles, craft bundles, and so on.

Who is Creative Fabrica best suited for?

Creative Fabrica is for designers, crafters, students, teachers, authors, etc. who need access to a wide range of design items at an affordable pricing.

Now, not only can a person buy from Creative Fabrica, but can also sell on the platform or the marketplace. For instance, if you are an expert font designer, or if you have impeccable skills with graphics designing, you can always sell your work through the platform. What is interesting is that as a seller on the platform, you will have full control over the pricing, and you can sell the same item through other marketplaces.


Not for the sake of saying, Creative Fabrica is indeed a great platform, but just like with other platforms, you will find customers who are not happy. Several customers are not happy about their interactions with the customer care team, some are unhappy about their cards being charged even after they cancelled their subscriptions, and so on.

These things happen. You will find those problems even with a big name like Envato or Flaticon, and so on. There will always be a certain percentage of users of a certain service that will be unhappy. Minus those unhappy souls, Creative Fabrica happens to be a great marketplace for creatives and DIY hobbyists.

They have a trial available for 1 month against a payment of just $1. You can also sign up for free and get access to freebies to check quality before you commit to a monthly subscription.

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