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Can Cloud Technologies Transform Betting and iGaming?

One of the latest trends aiding computer game developers and gambling companies in enhancing their services and attracting players is free cloud storage. Established companies like Google and Nvidia have already developed and launched technologies that enable playing modern games on low-powered computers.

On this page, you’ll discover information about cloud storage solutions and the features that cloud services offer.

What are cloud technologies?

Cloud service refers to a location on the internet where virtual servers are used instead of physical media and storage devices. From gaming to film streaming, cloud technologies are everywhere. These solutions include both hardware and software tools that assist internet users in different ways.

Now let us talk about how cloud storage is relevant in the context of gambling. They serve various purposes, such as storing and processing information, facilitating communication, handling payments, regulating gambling equipment operations, and more. Any operation conducted not on physical devices within a casino but directly through an internet service constitutes a direct use of cloud technologies.

In the case of computer games, a cloud service facilitates the transfer of all processes from a physical device (the gamer’s computer) to a separate device or server. Under such conditions, the developer generates all gameplay visuals remotely on the server and then delivers them to the player’s computer. In this case, the player maintains control of their own device.

Cloud Technologies in iGaming

Please note that cloud services in the field of gambling serve a similar purpose as in other types of activities.

Online casinos heavily rely on this technology as it offers flexibility to owners when it comes to choosing server services, hardware configurations, and client support for end users. These end users can access casinos through means like mobile phones, browser-based portals, or even downloadable desktop applications. Nowadays, numerous cloud service providers offer their gambling solutions.

Cloud services enable online resources to save costs, as they can update their game offerings with relatively small expenses for new licensed developments. That is, they allow for a seamless installation of video poker games – like the ones you can find at SlotsLV. Essentially speaking, cloud technologies in gambling provide remote access to data stored on virtual servers, which help users launch poker games without any hiccups.

To illustrate, video poker games necessitate data around hand rankings, betting strategies, game variants, such as Draw Poker or Jacks or Better, and more. Cloud computing enables the processing of these data points across an array of devices and geographical locations, facilitating a diverse library of games on the platform.

To clarify the concept of a cloud service in a casino, let’s focus on casino hotels. By leveraging these technologies institutions can improve their infrastructure. For example, through cloud-based management, they can access financial statements, communicate with employees, or store essential information without being tethered to a physical server.

Cloud services are particularly advantageous for casino owners as they help reduce IT costs by eliminating the need for software updates and equipment replacements. Furthermore, other expenses can be significantly curtailed because cloud resource providers handle almost all aspects related to program installation, operation, maintenance, and infrastructure management.

The continual advancement of physical equipment by manufacturers may render expensive servers purchased by a casino just a year ago obsolete and inadequate for the company’s needs. Cloud technologies autonomously update themselves, requiring no direct involvement from online casinos.

Benefits of Cloud Technologies in Betting and iGaming

Below we will look at each way cloud technologies can benefit the iGaming industry.

More Control Over Data

In today’s world where data security is paramount, the cloud presents a cost-effective straightforward solution for online casinos to securely store their customers’ sensitive data. This convenience allows them to focus on revenue-generating aspects of their business with ease.

Even the most prominent names in the industry wouldn’t operate as efficiently without the benefits of cloud computing.

Enhanced Compatability

Cloud computing enables online casinos, which rely less on servers compared to video games, to swiftly and effortlessly provide their services to customers worldwide, all without the necessity of investing in costly geo-locked servers.

Better Analytics

Traditionally, when an online casino aimed to gain insights into their customers’ behavior, they had to make substantial investments in staff for the collection and analysis of customer data. Cloud technology has opened up possibilities for companies by giving them access to a wealth of data, which they can use to gather and analyze user information.

Additionally, the use of cloud technologies allows employees working in analytics to operate remotely without the need for software installations on their devices. In essence, cloud computing has provided casinos with an understanding of their customers enabling them to cater to their specific needs and ultimately boosting their revenue and profitability.

Final Thoughts

In recent years cloud computing has become an important part of the online gambling industry revolutionizing its day-to-day operations. Cloud computing largely underpins the simplicity and convenience that players highly cherish in online gambling.

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