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How To Cancel Your Audible Membership?

Are your tricky job timings making it hard for you to listen to your favorite audiobooks on Audible? Or maybe you’re too busy with your exams, and you can not just find enough time for Audible. In such hectic times, you must be feeling like Audible is a mere burden to your bank account. We know how it feels, but there’s nothing to worry about now. Shed the load off your shoulders (read your credit card), and cancel your Audible membership for the time being. It’s not as strenuous as you think; let us show you how to do it.

How Do I Cancel My Audible Membership?

How you call off your subscription depends on how you sign up. There are three possibilities:

  1. You have a Google Play membership.
  2. You have an iOS app subscription.
  3. You have an Audible.com subscription.

How To Cancel A Google Play Membership Of Audible?

  1. Go to Google Play App on your android phone.
  2. You’ll see your profile picture on the top right corner, click it and open your profile menu.
  3. Choose the “Payments and Subscriptions” option and scroll to the Audible subscription option.
  4. Now, you can cancel your Audible subscription.
  5. The extra credits you purchased in the Google Play android app will not expire because of your cancellation.

How To Cancel An iOS App Membership Of Audible?

  1. Go to your device’s settings, be it an iPhone or an iPad.
  2. Tap where your name is written.
  3. Tap where it says “Subscriptions.”
  4. You’ll also see your Audible subscription there, along with your other subscriptions.
  5. Now you can cancel your subscription.

How To Cancel An Audible.com Membership?

  1. Open your regular browsing app and go to Audible’s official website. You can simply click here to direct you to the website if you’re using a phone.
  2. Log in to your Audible account.
  3. The “cancel membership” option lies next to the text box that contains your membership information.
  4. Tell them why you’re leaving the app and confirm canceling the subscription. And you’re done! Your Audible subscription is now canceled.


You asked; we listened, and now we’re here to answer your queries. Let’s get these questions right.

If I call off my subscription in the middle, would I not be able to join Audible again?

Audible has no such hard and fast rules in this regard. You can cancel the subscription at any time, and you can re-subscribe at any time.

Is there a specific time limit I need to commit to Audible?

With Audible, you’re free. No time limits, no commitments whatsoever.

I don’t want to withdraw my subscription anymore. Is there anything I can do now?

You can always keep your Audible membership; just un-cancel your membership. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Open the Audible website and go to your account details page.
2. Click the “Keep my Membership” option that you will see at the bottom of the “Membership Details” page.
3. You can now follow the instructions and keep your subscription going.

Final Verdict

Audible is an awe-amazing platform for book lovers who love to keep their books with them on the go. Listen to hundreds and thousands of best-selling audiobooks, world-famous podcasts, and many Audible originals with Audible membership. Are you sure you want to unsubscribe from this gem of a platform?