21 Best Work from Home Jobs for 2021 That Pay Big!

Work from home is not a new concept. However, it is experiencing a cosmic rise, and that can be rightly attributed to several factors including the recent coronavirus pandemic. Of course, there are other reasons like reducing the commuting time, avoiding the toxic work environment, becoming financially independent, etc.

I don’t want to know what made you look for work from home jobs, but I am glad you landed here on this page. I have been doing this since 2008 and I am very happy with the result. I don’t need to answer to anyone. I can work according to the schedule I set, and of course, I can take a day off whenever I want.

That is the beauty of “work from home jobs,” provided you are not working for any organization as a remote worker. But again, it is up to you whether you want to work as a freelancer, or just a remote worker. Whatever the case be, I will be giving you a quick list of 35 awesome and best work from home jobs that you can try out in 2021, and guess what? They all pay handsomely!

But before I start with the list, let me summarize the benefits of “work from home jobs.”

What Are Benefits of Work from Home Jobs?

Here are a few benefits that you can enjoy with work from home jobs:

1. Time Saver

It is needless to say that you will save a lot of time because you don’t have to travel to your office and then travel back home. In majority of the cases, it takes more than a couple of hours for daily commuting. That is a lot of time you spend on the road. You can save all that time and put it to effective use.

2. Family Time

You can spend more time with your family. In fact, you can spend the time you save from commuting and spend it with your family. You can also always extend a helping hand to your family members when they need it.

3. Be Your Own Boss

If you are on a payroll of some company that allows you to work from home, this benefit is not for you. But if you are a freelancer who is not on any payroll, you can be your own boss. You can pick up work whenever you feel like, or you can just take a long break from work where no one is going to question you.

4. Decide Your Work Hours

As a freelancer, you can decide exactly when you want to work. For instance, I work mostly at night when all my family members are sleeping. I can focus more when it is silent everywhere.

5. Choose Your Client

When you are on a company payroll, you don’t have a choice. You must work on whatever responsibilities are handed over to you even if you dislike that. With work from home jobs, you have the flexibility of choosing your clients. You can decline a project if you just don’t like it.

6. You Can Start a Business

As an independent freelancer, you have a choice of staying that way forever, or you can start a company if you have many clients. You can start hiring people to manage the work of multiple clients. Isn’t it better to own a business rather than being an employee for a business?

7. Very High Earning Potential

Once a company hires you, you will have a fixed salary that grows at a snail’s pace. With work from home jobs, you can earn much more. All you need is a longer list of clients willing to pay you for your awesome work.

8. Multiple Income Channels

Working for clients as an independent contractor is one of the many income channels you can have when you select to work from home. With little research and hard work, you can open multiple income channels that can earn money for you even when you are sleeping.

Okay, now that you know the benefits of work from home jobs, you can happily decide whether you want a 9 to 5 job, or you want to have more independence.

Since you are reading this article, I can safely assume that you are looking for work from home jobs because you do not want a day job.

So, without wasting time any further, let me walk you through the list of 35 best work from home jobs that you can try today.

Let us start!

Best Work from Home Jobs for 2021

#1. Start a Blog

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I will almost always put this option on the top of the list because of one simple reason – it can make you a millionaire in a couple of years when you do it with dedication and smart work.

Get the catch phrase here. You need to do ‘SMART WORK.’ Of course, hard work will be there, but you need to do that smartly. There are many bloggers who are earning in six figures in just two years of their blogging career.

I will be honest! Starting a blog is quite easy. If you want to know how to start a blog, you can find a detailed article here. The difficult part is making it successful. That is where dedication and smart work comes in. You must devise a strategy that will work.

Remember that Google is out there, and it is always in a grumpy mood. It can take down the most established websites and blogs in no time and kill all the income you earn from your blog.

So, smartness will be in reducing dependence on Google and ad revenue. The easy way is to go for affiliate revenue, creating a dedicated readers base, and creating a mailing list that you can use for bringing in more customers directly without depending too much on organic traffic.

Another reason why I put blogging on the top is that you can keep it while still picking up other jobs. So, essentially, you can keep blogging as one income source while opening other income sources.

#2. Web Developer

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If you are good with codes, you can become a web developer. Websites keep popping every now and then. Website designers are in demand. Well, people mostly go for WordPress, so you can start as a WordPress theme developer.

There are thriving businesses in the WordPress theme industry. There are many big companies that one can name blindly. For instance, there is MyThemeShop, GeneratePress, StudioPress, and so on.

If you don’t want to build an independent company, you can always get freelancing jobs from platforms like Upwork, People Per Hour, etc. Alternatively, you can also create themes and sell them on marketplaces like Envato.

Essentially, web developers have a lot of scope to earn big.

#3. Graphics Designer

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Just like a web developer, a graphics designer needs to know how to design. Apart from knowing how to use different graphics designing software, a graphics designer should also be extremely creative to create unique and original graphics.

Graphic design encompasses a lot of things including logo design, brochure design, business card design, flyer design and so on. Big corporations are not shy about spending millions to get unique designs and logos that represent their moto.

Finding graphic designing work is not difficult. Freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, etc., have hundreds of such jobs available where you can bid for individual projects. If you win the project and submit the work to the client’s satisfaction, you get paid.

Depending on what you need to design, you can earn well over 50,000 dollars a year. If you have many clients, there will be no limit to the amount you can earn. It all depends on how quickly you can come up with unique designs that can entice your customers.

#4. Transcriptionists

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Transcriptionists are in high demand. To get into this work, you should have excellent listening skills. You will also need the necessary equipment along with the ability to type fast and accurately. As a transcriptionist, you must listen to audio files or videos and write down whatever is being spoken.

Don’t forget that speed is important for transcriptionists, and so is the knowledge of grammar. You cannot afford to keep grammatical errors in the copy you submit.

Transcription work is required in a wide range of industries including medical, entertainment, finance, etc. There are several freelancing platforms where you can find such jobs.

Transcriptionists usually make up to $30 an hour. The more you work, the more you earn. As you gain experience, and if you can sell your services well, you may end up earning up to $100 an hour.

#5. Translation

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Translators are in high demand. There are many companies that hire freelance translators to have their content translated manually for audiences in different countries. This helps them to overcome the language barrier and spread their business across countries and continents.

Finding translation jobs is not difficult at all. There are hundreds of translation jobs posted on various job platforms like Freelancer, People Per Hour, and so on. You can sign up with those websites for free and start bidding. If you have an existing portfolio to display, that will be an added advantage.

Translation jobs are high-paying jobs and can bring in more than $100 an hour depending on your experience and translation accuracy and command of the language in which you are translating an existing content. However, as a fresher, you may have to start for as little as $30 an hour.

#6. Online Tutor

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Online tutors are in high demand. If you are a teacher or if you are extremely good with any subject, you can pick this option. Usually, the hourly rate for online tutors is $17, but depending on experience and your teaching quality, you can earn more.

Online tutoring may involve teaching students from different countries. You should familiarize yourself with their curriculum. You will not find online tutoring jobs on platforms like Upwork. There are specialized platforms for those jobs. You can always look at platforms like Tutor.com, Tuta Point, etc.

There are many such platforms. All you must do is run a quick Google query and you will find various options. Registration will be required, and you will have to fill in several details before they can accept you as a teacher on their platform.

#7. Customer Service

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Okay, do not yell at me. Customer service can indeed be a home-based job. The industry has evolved a lot and there are companies that accept employees who work remotely from their homes as customer service representatives.

Of course, you must go through the company onboarding process. Once you are through, you will need a computer, a stable and fast internet connection, and in most cases, a headset setup.

Temporary or permanent, you will be on the company payroll, and you will be required to work according to their time requirements. You can earn anywhere between $10 and $15 an hour. If you are not sure where to find such jobs, you can inquire with the following companies:

All these companies are highly reputed. You can blindly trust them.

I know that it is not really big money, but you can always pick it up as a side hustle. You are free to do anything you want after the work hours are over. So, you can conveniently pick up any other work from home job to make extra bucks.

#8. Data Entry Operator

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You do not need to look up for specialized companies to find data entry jobs. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, etc., have plenty of those jobs available. All you must do is just sign up and bid.

Data entry jobs can be of various forms such as inputting data into Excel, or typing from scanned handwritten documents, and so on. Data entry operators make around $15 an hour, but you can make more depending on your speed and accuracy.

#9. Social Media Influencer

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If you are famous on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc., and you have a large fan following, you can convert your social media account into a cash making machine. There are big companies that want to work with popular people on social media to promote their products and services.

Not only do these companies agree to give a certain amount of money in lump sum, but also offer you a unique referral code that your followers can use for getting rebates during purchase. Of course, when someone uses your referral code, you get a commission, which is referred to as affiliate income.

#10. Social Media Manager

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If you are well-versed with social media ads and promotions and you know how to manage social media accounts and engage the followers, you can use that to your benefit and find jobs as social media manager. There are brands – small, medium, and big, that prefer to outsource their social media management task to agencies or individuals.

Social media managers are responsible for a variety of tasks like scheduling posts, running quiz competitions, running PPC ads, responding to queries made on social media, and so on. There are some specialized platforms like Indeed, 99 Dollar Social, The Social Element, etc., that you can approach, but you can also look for social media manager jobs on freelancing platforms like Upwork, People Per Hour, and so on.

Social media managers are often required to offer a full-service package that includes creating engaging posts, creating images, sharing posts, managing multiple platforms, studying engagement reports, and tweaking social media campaigns to not only optimize ad expenses, but also increase engagement, brand visibility, and brand revenue.

The more experience you have, the more you can charge your clients, who are more than happy to pay what you demand if you can show them results. Of course, experience counts, and hence, try experimenting with your own social media profiles before looking for clients.

#11. Freelance Ghost Writer

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Freelance writing is a great option if you are a wordsmith. There are literally thousands of writing jobs available via platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, etc., where people pay writers to write blog posts, stories, non-fiction, and whatnot.

It is easy to find such work. If you are a native English speaker, it becomes even easier for you because most of the clients prefer native English speakers. However, if you are not a native English speaker, but you have excellent command over English, you can easily grab jobs.

One point to note here is that most of the writing assignments you get will be ghost writing positions. In other words, you will not be given the author credit. You will have to satiate yourself with the monetary compensation. But who cares, right? Money is all that you want.

Very successful writers on these platforms earn upwards of $100,000 a year. That’s quite a lot. You may even skip the platform fee that you must pay by asking your clients to work outside the platform. But be careful. Go outside the platform when you and your client trust each other, and you already have long term work experience.

If you are a great writer, most of your clients will become repeat customers, thereby eliminating the need for bidding for new projects again and again.

#12. Pet Sitter

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Technically, this is also a work from home job. The only difference is that the home is someone else’s home, and you need to be at their home to take care of their pets while they are away.

However, you are free to tweak things a bit and ask your clients to drop their pets at your home. Many will agree to that, but some may not as their pets might get agitated in a different setting.

As far as the earning potential is concerned, you can expect around $25 for a day. For night services, the rates can go up higher at around $45 to $75 a night.

#13. Search Engine Optimization

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This is not for rookies. You must know the dos and don’ts of search engine optimization. If you know search engine optimization, and you can help your clients’ websites to rank well in SERPs, you can earn big.

SEOs can charge anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000 depending on the services they are offering. There are two types of SEO – on-page and off-page. Off-page SEO is more difficult and that is where most of the money is. However, there is no point thinking that on-page SEO is not going to get you money.

Of something as simple as website audit and link analysis, SEOs can charge up to 500 dollars. As I said, SEO is not simple. There are many things you need to do including keyword research, content analysis, competitor analysis, backlink profiling, finding guest post opportunities, getting rid of toxic links, and more.

As I said, search engine optimization is not simple. You have to stay up to date with everything that is happening around. You need to analyze websites and figure out what is causing traffic drops and fix those problems or ask your clients to get them fixed.

One of the most difficult aspects of SEO is organic link building, which takes time and a lot of effort that include cold emails, follow-ups, creating value-adding content, and so much more. You may even have to spend money on getting some of the most popular SEO tools, and they are quite expensive.

SEO is one of those money-making avenues that can help you earn millions if you can capture a sizable number of clients and you know what you are doing. If you can show results, most of your clients will stick around.

#14. Search Engine Marketing

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Again, this too, is not meant for rookies. Search engine marketing requires robust knowledge of how PPC ads work. You will also need to be extremely good with keyword research so that you can find keywords of high commercial value.

Many companies and even small and medium websites run ads on Google search results. So, if you know your stuff, there is a great opportunity for making money by offering your services. Companies use SEM to come to the forefront of Google search. This becomes more visible during the holiday seasons when almost the entire first page of Google search results is filled with ads.

Finding clients for SEM will not be easy, but not impossible. You can always look for such jobs on freelancing platforms like Upwork. A quick Google search can also reveal many opportunities.

Just like SEO, SEM is also a highly profitable niche where you can easily earn over $50,000 a year. However, you will need a lot of skills to reach there. Some of those skills include statistics and data analysis, understanding of pay-per-click ads, writing skill, and persuasive communication skills.

#15. Sell Handmade Stuff

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If you are good with crafts like jewelry making or handmade home décor items, you can consider starting your own online shop. Handmade products are in high demand. You can always eye that market.

Yes, it is definitely not a job, but this business can be a highly profitable one. If you are apprehensive of building an online store, you can instead sell those things through platforms like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc.

There are hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs who are making thousands of dollars per month by selling such products like handmade jewelry, homemade candles, handmade soaps, and so on.

You can always try your luck. Once you have a sizable number of customers through those platforms, you can always go forward and build your own eCommerce store and approach them to buy directly from you. This way, you will never need to focus on SEO to get your online shop into prominence. Your loyal customers will directly type in your web address and find your website.

Of course, selling your products directly through your online store will require a lot of groundwork. For instance, you will have to sort out the payment methods, delivery & order fulfillment methods, and so on. However, That’s majorly a one-time task. The recurring work will be that of procuring the raw materials.

That you can always do! Don’t you think so? In case you don’t know, Amazon has already produced many millionaires. You can be one of them. Starting a new business can be intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, things just fall in place.

#16. Photographer

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If you have a knack for photography, you can convert your passion into a profession. If you don’t want to become a professional photographer, you can always consider it as a side hustle. You can decide what type of photography you want to get into. There are many types including pet photography, birthday photography, wedding photography, and more.

You can start earning in many other ways including selling your independent work through your website or selling your work through platforms like Adobe Stock Photos and various other stock photo sites.

Of course, getting into photography will require you to have good knowledge of photo editing and photo retouching so that you can make your photos more appealing.

#17. Editor & Proofreader

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Did you know that editors and proofreaders can earn over 60,000 dollars a year? If you have the required skills of editing papers, or articles, etc., you can quickly start earning. There are many freelance jobs available in this niche through various platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, and so on.

However, to make big money, you should have some kind of professional degree that can help you get hired by clients quickly. There are platforms like Proofreading Pal where professional writers perform proofreading tasks. If you are a professional writer, you can try your luck there.

There are specific skills required for becoming a proofreader. For instance, you should be familiar with different writing styles like APA, AP, CMS, MLA, and so on. However, do not forget that the amount you earn as an editor and a proofreader will depend on the type of clients you take in and the number of clients you have.

#18. Website and Domain Flipping

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This is a real thing! You start a blog, make it successful and then sell it off! Alternatively, you can purchase an old ailing blog, improve it, and make it successful and sell it. There is another thing you can do. You can even buy a moderately popular blog and make it even more popular to eventually sell it for a much higher price.

Website flipping is a serious business, and you can approach websites like Flippa for the purpose. There are similar other websites for buying and selling websites that you can find through Google search.

Similar to website flipping, you can also get into domain filling. Flippa is definitely a platform to do so, but Sedo is by far the most popular website where you can flip domain names. There are thousands and thousands of people who engage in website and domain flipping to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.

#19. Bookkeeping

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There are many companies that look for remote bookkeeping service providers to reduce operational costs. You can take advantage of that. However, you should have a sound knowledge of finance, because your job will require you to do things like recording income and expenditures, preparing financial reports, invoicing clients and so on.

Since it is all about finances, you cannot afford to make mistakes. That is the reason why having a finance background is essential. In most cases, companies won’t even entertain you unless you have the required knowledge.

However, if you do have what it takes to be a bookkeeper, you can expect to earn $25 to $50 per hour. Of course, you can find jobs on few freelancing platforms like Upwork, but the chances of landing such jobs are high when you visit websites like Indeed, FlexJobs, Accountingdepartment.com, etc.

#20. Email Marketer

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If you are a pro-level marketer and you can write email headlines and email bodies that will make people click and choose a service or a product, you can build a career as a professional email marketer. Email campaigns are an important part of digital marketing campaigns, and many companies heavily depend on it.

If you can display your capabilities and make people click, companies will queue up to hire your services, and you can expect to make anywhere between 30 and 45 dollars an hour. You can easily find email marketing jobs on platforms like LinkedIn, People Per Hour, Upwork, Freelancer, and so on.

What is interesting is that if you are a pro in writing awesome marketing emails, it won’t take you long to cater to a single client. So, you can actually have multiple clients at your disposal and yet have enough time in your hand to get busy with other work from home jobs.

#21. Voiceover Artist

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Voiceover artists can easily make anywhere between $20 and $70 an hour. If you have a beautiful and attractive voice with a very smooth accent, and you can manipulate your voice according to different needs, you can become a voiceover artist. Voiceover artists are required in many industries such as films, podcasts, cartoons, audio recordings, apps, and so on.

As a voice over artist, you will require a few things like a decent computer with a fast internet connection, and audio software Audacity to clean up background noises and other unwanted elements. You will also need studio-quality headphones. So, there will be some good investment before you can start earning.

There are many platforms where you can find such jobs. Upwork, Voices.com, People Per Hour are just a few to mention.


The list above is not an exhaustive one. There are many more! Virtual assistant ($14 to $30 an hour), music reviewer ($5 to $15 an hour), website tester ($15 to $20 an hour) are just a few more that you can consider. However, I will recommend that you should not quit your day job right away. First work on a few freelancing projects and when you are confident that you can switch to work from home jobs without impacting your finances, you can take the leap.

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