58 Best Online Collaboration Tools & Software for Teams

How many emails do you send and receive on a daily basis with coworkers? And how long does it typically take to inform your staff of their objectives or progress? If your responses make you grimace, it may be time to upgrade your collaboration tools.

Software for team collaboration is becoming more popular. Technology provides a plethora of possibilities for communication and project management. Each year, fresh online collaboration tools are launched, while current ones continue to enhance their features and performance. Certain businesses survive and expand as a result of their holacracy management structure.

It’s a well-known fact that when teams have a strong collaborative foundation, they’re less likely to squander time getting lost in email and completing tasks. And a solid foundation may be established with the assistance of online collaboration tools, which will not only increase productivity but will also culminate in successful projects.

12 Best Project Management Tools

1. ProofHub

If you’re interested in managing teams and projects with a single piece of software, ProofHub is the ideal project management and online collaboration platform for you. It combines all of the necessary tools for fostering cooperation and staying on top of your activities. You may quickly divide a project into tasks and subtasks, and then assign them to team members directly. ProofHub’s built-in Gantt charts and Kanban boards also make it much simpler to simplify projects and remain on track. By using a Kanban board, it is feasible to see work progressing through the project’s various phases. A Gantt chart, on the other hand, enables you to see how each job fits into the project’s overall time frame, as well as the assignees.

Key Features of ProofHub

The following are some of the primary collaboration elements available in ProofHub:

  • Review project-related files in real time, provide input, and approve them. Additionally, you may utilize markup tools for annotating files and highlight particular locations that need modification.
  • When it is time for brainstorming or gathering ideas from members of your team in order to tackle a specific issue, you may establish specialized ProofHub areas as discussion topics. Add individuals, attract team members’ attention by referencing them in comments, and collaborate on files inside a discussion area.
  • Without communication, team cooperation is impossible. ProofHub’s chat interface allows members of the team to be on the same page. You may communicate with your colleagues using the chat interface in one-on-one or group chats. Additionally, you have the option of sending files right from your chat box, which eliminates the need for cumbersome email.
  • Maintain and manage all of your projects’ files in one location. ProofHub’s cloud storage enables you to upload files from your computer or via third-party file storage hosting services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Additionally, you can use ProofHub to collaborate on files, and share the files with other members of your team.

2. Filestage

Filestage is the second item on our list of online collaboration tools. Filestage enables teams to handle the process of content review in the simplest feasible manner. Stakeholders – both internal and external – may easily offer context-sensitive input on videos, photos, and PDFs using the project management tools and platform. Additionally, the application produces to-do lists depending on those comments, ensuring that no member of your team misses any feedback. You can examine files and approve them in real time using Filestage. External partners and even customers may comment without registering; while the feature of version control simplifies project management; and it’s straightforward to discover which stakeholders have authorized a file.

Key Features of Filestage

  • FileStage makes feedback collection straightforward; in fact, if you happen to be the reviewer, you do not even need to sign up to conduct the review process.
  • Reviewers may immediately remark on files to give comments, simplifying and expediting the process.
  • By centralizing the assessment and sharing of files, FileStage enables you to establish uniformity in your process of feedback sharing.
  • FileStage also assists teams in creative management and rapid collaboration with its simple-to-use capabilities for reviewing and sharing feedback.
  • By streamlining the process of creative review and approval, the platform saves teams valuable time formerly spent navigating email chains.

3. GanttPRO

GanttPRO is a powerful collaborative project management solution based on Gantt charts. It provides several opportunities for teams to cooperate on their projects. To begin, GanttPRO provides sophisticated task management with hundreds of variables such as statuses, priority, assignees, length & estimate, time tracking, and deadlines. Additionally, teams feel at ease here, as if they don’t need anything to communicate on information related to project: real-time descriptions, attachments, alerts, and comments handle all collaboration tasks. Another outstanding feature is resource management, which enables the effective reallocation of underloaded or overloaded resources. Due to the very low learning curve, you and your team may quickly learn using the platform without breaking a sweat.

Key Features of GanttPRO

  • The task management function enables you to break your project down into manageable chunks and set milestones to have a better handle on your goals. You may construct task groups and subtasks, give them durations, monitor their progress, and link your assignments to dependencies. The drag-and-drop ease makes it really simple.
  • The Auto scheduling tool modifies your schedule automatically in the event that your plan or dependent tasks change.
  • The critical path diagram illustrates which activities have a direct impact on the successful completion of your project. Additionally, it denotes the quickest path to completion of a project.
  • This tool’s feature of team collaboration enables you to effortlessly save and communicate on project-related information with the members of your team and other participants of the project participants. Leave comments on assignments, attach files, define each task’s requirements, name persons, and get real-time notifications—it’s a one-stop shop for everyone and everything.
  • The Gantt chart maker enables collaboration with actual team members and even with the virtual resources, as well as the specification of their costs. This GanttPRO feature enables managers to maintain total control over their budgets. GanttPRO will let you know which members of your team are underperforming and which ones are overburdened with tasks. It enables intelligent resource reallocation to ensure the long-term viability of your project.
  • If you need to convert from a Gantt chart to a Board view, which resembles a Kanban board, you may do so. It enables more control over tasks and statuses.

4. Acquire

Acquire is a popular customer support tool. It is a simple-to-use platform for multi-channel communication with customers. It is an excellent choice for organizations of all sizes. The platform includes the newest customer interaction tools, like live chat, chatbots, co-browsing, phone calls, and video chat, allowing you to swiftly and efficiently provide high-quality assistance to your clients.

Key Features of Acquire

  • One of the finest features of this customer care software is its ability to be totally customized to your business’s specific requirements. You may select the applications that best fit your needs and utilize them anyway you like.
  • Additionally, Acquire allows you to monitor conversation history for improved information management. Additionally, you may route discussions by tagging team members for complicated questions for which you do not have a solution.
  • Acquire allows you to measure numerous performance metrics such as conversation time periods, overall number of talks, and demographics.
  • You may send proactive communications to consumers depending on their location, activity, and a variety of other variables.
  • Acquire allows you to securely communicate personally identifiable information (aka PII) to guarantee the total security of your data.
  • From inside your chat window, you may swiftly change to video chat for a more personalized customer care experience.

5. Freshdesk

If you wish bringing the team members together for providing exceptional customer care, Freshdesk is a great solution to use. It has sophisticated collaboration tools that encourage cooperation and assist your team in working more productively. This collaborative online application enables you to invite agents, team members, or business partners for discussing and resolving tickets in one location. Additionally, there is a customizable team dashboard for monitoring your team’s customer support operations.

Key Features of Freshdesk

  • Freshdesk makes it simple to handle and categorize client tickets, ensuring that nothing falls through the gaps.
  • Additionally, it enables you to share ticket ownership and communicate with other team members to provide seamless customer service and support.
  • Freshdesk makes use of automation technologies to free your team members from monotonous activities.
  • Freshdesk’s advanced reporting and monitoring system enables you to make future data-driven choices.
  • Freshdesk utilizes industry-leading security features and SSL encryption to guarantee that your data is as secure as a home.

6. Intercom

Intercom is another example of a powerful and interactive collaboration tool that your team members and you can use for increasing sales, improving the effectiveness of your marketing activities, and delivering superior customer service. It has superior automation technology, which enables you to build up resolution bots to automatically tackle the most frequent client concerns. Intercom’s team inbox functionality enables your support staff to continue discussions with clients that are already happening on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Key Features of Intercom

  • Intercom’s interactive collaboration platform enables you to chat and engage with customers of your business in real time, as well as follow up on previous interactions.
  • Intercom also enables you to automate client interactions via the use of strong support and sales chatbots, relieving your team members of additional workload.
  • It interfaces with over 250 applications and also allows you to create your own.
  • With Intercom mobile applications, you can be certain that consumers will have a flawless experience while communicating with your company.

7. Infinity

Infinity is the ideal tool for organizing your work, interacting with your team, and staying on top of everything important. It provides you with an infinite number of options for arranging your personal and professional belongings in a ship-shaped structure in Bristol, while also letting you access everything you need in a matter of seconds with a click.

With Infinity, you have complete control over how data is displayed. The business gives six incredible viewpoints from which you can quickly pick the most appropriate manner to show objects inside folders and subfolders.

Infinity simplifies the process of developing procedures and organizing critical data by filtering, sorting, and grouping them to have a better understanding of what’s happening in your business.

This program keeps you informed of your colleagues’ activities through the Activity Log, in addition to providing unmatched flexibility for planning, managing, and monitoring tasks and projects. Your team members may post comments on project and task item revisions, and the app will tell everyone else about the action at the item and board level.

With Infinity, you have more choices for organizing your work and displaying data. Each workspace in Infinity supports an infinite number of levels, folders, subfolders, boards, objects, and tabs. Following that, Infinity has six distinct views, with plans to add two more.

Infinity has over twenty distinct attributes that may be altered. While the majority of project management software applications include due dates, checklists, and priorities, Infinity goes one step further by allowing you to include links, labels, and attachments, as well as the ability to add currencies, rate importance, percentages, and decimals, vote and upvote, and more.

Additionally, Infinity excels in sales and customer relationship management. It assists in the establishment of a client database, the development of a cohesive sales strategy, the monitoring of leads, and the preparation of sales reports.

Key Features of Infinity

  • Allows you to construct specialty boards for certain objectives, enabling you to more efficiently organize your work.
  • You may select from over 50 pre-designed templates.
  • Your data may be seen in six distinct modes. All views can be seamlessly switched.
  • To increase clarification, you may provide attributes such as links, attachments, dates, and checklists.
  • It enables team communication by enabling users to express feedback, share work, and more.
  • It facilitates efficient resource management, preventing team members from being overworked.
  • It integrates nicely with Clockify and has time management features.
  • It may be used to efficiently manage bills and budgets.
  • It enables file exchange with other users.
  • It permits the automation of time-consuming tasks and even the creation of reminders.
  • It is integrated with over 2,000 third-party apps through Zapier.

8. nTask

nTask is a fairly new project management tool on the market, but it has quickly gained a reputation as one of the best.

nTask’s success is due in large part to its intuitive design. The project management software is brimming with cutting-edge features that simplify navigation. You may immediately begin familiarizing yourself with its features and working on your projects.

Key Features of nTask:

  • Create task lists to assist you in more efficiently managing your duties.
  • You may allocate resources to certain tasks.
  • The project’s start and end dates may be specified.
  • Allows you to keep track of the progress of a project.
  • Customize management statuses to increase efficiency.
  • Files and paperwork may be shared effortlessly.
  • Contributes to budgeting and planning.
  • Gantt charts and Kanban boards are two examples of the program’s visualization features.
  • Utilize a web timer to create repeated exercises.
  • Bottlenecks are very easy to identify and get rid of.

9. Jira

Jira is the tool of choice for many teams. This project management software satisfies all of the requirements for being considered one of the best available today, plus it goes above and beyond. It may serve as a one-stop shop for project managers and team members.

Jira is used by software firms because it offers efficient bug and issue management. The app development process is simplified as a consequence of excellent project management.

Key Features of Jira:

  • Organizes and assists in the planning of your project from start to end.
  • You may monitor your team’s progress with total visibility.
  • Compatibility with over 3000 third-party apps
  • Provides a programming language that is tailored to the user’s specific requirements. It is referred to as the Jira Query Language.
  • Visual data consumption leads to greater productivity.
  • Automated workflow management is used.

10. Asana

Asana’s powerful project management tools keep teams motivated and informed about their projects’ progress. By visualizing your job, you can keep track of your progress and remain current on current events.

It allows team members to collaborate remotely and at any time. This assists in retaining your team’s cohesiveness and ensures that everyone is working toward the same goal.

Key Features of Asana:

  • Data visualization techniques include lists, boards, and timelines.
  • Automate time-consuming activities.
  • Allows for the sharing of project information among team members.
  • Create custom rules for automating repetitive tasks and reduce the likelihood of human mistake.
  • Create forms to make it easy for team members to submit their work.
  • It is indeed simple to get started with over 50 pre-made themes.
  • As a consequence of comments and approvals, bottlenecks are minimized.
  • There are more than a hundred third-party connections available.
  • Workflows that can be easily modified are offered.
  • Real-time reports and graphs.

11. Basecamp

Basecamp, like the other project management software packages on our list, assists teams in remaining organized and productive. It enables more effective and efficient cooperation.

Basecamp enables you to break down your project into smaller deliverables. Then, among other things, you may assign resources, define deadlines and milestones, exchange data, and discuss progress. It supports you in structuring your work in such a way that your attention is maximized.

Key Features of Basecamp

  • You may use the message board to make critical notifications, suggest new ideas, and so forth.
  • To-do lists are an excellent tool for organizing and prioritizing your duties.
  • Share papers, files, and images with other team members.
  • Communicate with your colleagues through group chat.
  • Collaboration with clients is critical, and Basecamp enables it.

12. Monday.com

Monday.com is one of the most effective communication tools available, and it is critical for team performance. Not only does it boost productivity via the use of efficient communication tools, but it also streamlines operations through the use of customizable dashboards and monitoring features.

Key Features of Monday.com:

  • Effective visualization approaches include the use of a timeline, a map, a board, and a calendar, all of which are included in Monday.
  • You can plan, supervise, and deliver all in one area.
  • There are pre-made templates that may be readily changed.
  • Connecting to third-party programs is straightforward.
  • Automate time-consuming activities.
  • Customer service representatives are available 24×7. So, if you run into trouble, help is always around.
  • The program has a high degree of adaptability.

6 Best Communication & Collaboration Tools

13. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger’s feature set is robust and faultless, making it one of the finest alternatives to Slack for team collaboration and communication. It is a suitable tool for enterprises of all sizes. The user interface of this corporate chat program is very simple to use for even the most inexperienced user. Its visually stunning and engaging user interfaces make each functionality intuitive for end users. Troop Messenger is cross-platform, and it is available for Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and even browsers. Troop Messenger is developing an innovative feature dubbed the Orange Member. This feature allows non-company workers to log in using their public or private domain email ids. Immediately get your hands on the next-generation corporate collaboration chat program, The Troop Messenger.

Key Features of Troop Messenger

  • Troop Messenger unifies your communication efforts by allowing you to do video and audio conferencing, as well as voice messaging and chat messaging.
  • Users may access in-app support to get answers to their “How to’s” and other frequently asked questions regarding the app.
  • Conduct private talks that are not recorded. Establish a time limit for your talks and maintain their confidentiality.
  • In a jiffy, you may share your screen with other members of your team to facilitate real-time comprehension of assignments and work.
  • Additionally, you can use Troop Messenger to swiftly and effortlessly transfer files with people and groups.
  • Troop Messenger has a Global Search feature in addition to a Text Search, as well as sophisticated search criteria for fast and rapid information extraction.

14. Chanty

Chanty is a fantastic online collaboration tool that complements your business messenger. It assists teams in developing healthy connections while also enhancing team member collaboration. Transparent and open team communication by providing enough storage for instant communications, an endless searchable history, and convenient file sharing, you can experience seamless communication with your colleagues.

Key Features of Chanty

  • Chanty connectors elevate a basic team messenger to a robust business tool.
  • Machine learning is used to forecast answers by the artificial intelligence that powers Chanty team messenger.
  • Desktop and mobile applications that are lightning quick are available and have a simple and easy layout.
  • Chanty enables team collaboration through high-quality video and audio conversations, which will be accessible in the public beta.

15. Nextiva

The small business VoIP solution of Nextiva is ideal for organizations searching for a simple way to communicate with prospects, coworkers, and customers coworkers. The platform provides comprehensive business phone service capabilities, including SMS text messaging, voicemail-to-email, a mobile application, local phone numbers, automated greetings, call pop, and HD hold music. Best of all, businesses may use the Nextiva platform to make limitless calls and even migrate their current phone number to Nextiva if they like. Nextiva is very affordable and has been named as the number one business communications platform by GetVoIP, Gartner, and others.

Key Features of Nextiva

  • Nextiva enables you to engage with team members through video and audio conferences, allowing for rapid and meaningful discussions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Additionally, you may use this VoIP system to send and receive limitless text messages to and from the business phone number you own.
  • Nextiva’s auto attendant function simplifies call routing. Additionally, you may redirect your calls to the business phone to help manage call volume.
  • Additionally, you may listen to call recording and voicemails directly from your email account with this robust software that works both on desktop and on mobile devices.
  • Additionally, Nextiva has phone queuing, which enables you to enable call waiting, call forwarding, and even voicemail for all calls that your organization receives.

16. Flock

Flock is a simple and seamless method for teams to communicate that boosts team productivity by decreasing email. You will no longer need to spend time in meetings since you can share ideas via Flock chat. As one of the finest online collaboration solutions for business, it enables you to communicate with your team through messages and video conferences, organize projects with to-do lists, group conversations, reminders, and polls, and integrate your favorite applications.

Key Features of Flock

  • You may create a to-do item directly in your account. Collaborative or Personal to-do lists are acceptable.
  • Flock provides read-only channels that enable specific types of organizational information, such as updates from the legal department or HR policies, to have a dedicated location in a team messaging app.
  • Flock allows migrating Slack account without losing your chat history just because you’re switching tools.
  • Flock enables you to connect to unsupported applications via Zapier or IFTTT.

17. Fleep

Fleep is a project collaboration messenger. It eliminates endless email threads and simplifies communication with team members. Fleep is worth a try since it enables dynamic contact with coworkers from other firms or inside your own, as well as file sharing and video and audio chats.

Key Features of Fleep

  • Task management — Fleep has built-in task management for optimal project collaboration.
  • Pinboard – Important messages can be pinned to the side of each chat.
  • File sharing and interaction with Google Hangouts are included.
  • Audio and video conferencing and screen sharing – you may do business over the phone.
  • Set yourself a reminder – This is possible using the IFTTT connection.

18. Slack

Slack is the bedrock of cooperation and common knowledge inside your organization. It enables non-email communication and collaboration by establishing a standard for online team communication. Slack is used by millions of individuals to connect their teams and advance their businesses.

Key Features of Slack

  • Locate the information you require: Slack provides a platform for team communication, decision-making, and information sharing.
  • Slack’s open API enables your team to collaborate and operate more efficiently inside the context of the chats. Slack applications run in the browser, are synchronized to your desktop, and are portable on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.
  • From a single search box, you can search for all Slack material, including links, files, conversations, and even information connected with Google Drive or Twitter.
  • Slack integrates seamlessly with other services such as Twitter, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Trello, and Asana.

7 Best Design Tools

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19. Mockplus

Mockplus is a one-stop platform for product design that enables product teams to construct websites or mobile apps online quickly and easily – everything from wireframing through design handoff is possible. Additionally, it may be used as a robust project management tool, simplifying the process of managing projects and designing tasks.

Key Features of Mockplus

Product teams that need to keep track of all their projects may make use of a variety of excellent management features:

  • Using hierarchical folders, manage and organize tasks.
  • Utilize role-based permissions for managing all members and projects.
  • All design jobs can be readily created, tracked, and managed, even at a look.

As a robust online design tool, your team members may make use of several design tools, including the following:

  • Drag-and-drop for creating high-fidelity wireframes or prototypes online.
  • Import assets and designs from Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, and Ps using plugins.
  • Real-time commenting, specification generation, and development handoff.

20. Viewflux

Improved cooperation results in improved designs. Viewflux is a project management application for small enterprises and remote employees that enables you to keep track of all projects in a singular location. You can now interact graphically with your customers and solicit visual input during the design process, ensuring that all stakeholders have the same knowledge at the same time. You may edit your designs by syncing them from Dropbox.

Key Features of Viewflux

  • Convert static designs into interactive prototypes.
  • Visually communicate with clients right on top of the designs.
  • Add design adjustments manually.

21. Canva

Canva is a straightforward graphic design tool for creating visually appealing content. You may create one-of-a-kind designs in a matter of minutes and share them with your team. Canva makes team collaboration a breeze. Designers may share their work with everyone, and team members can provide feedback. Choose from hundreds of pre-designed layouts or make your own.

Key Features of Canva

  • Crop your images for stunning framing and composition.
  • Over 8000 templates are available.
  • Administrative controls on a team basis.
  • Create visually amazing designs with the highest-quality images, photographs, and fonts.

22. Sketch

The Sketch app is primarily targeted towards web designers, since it has evolved into a one-stop shop for UX design deliverables. It alleviates the agony associated with dealing with repetitive design components, allowing designers to create once and apply it wherever. In Sketch, you’ll discover certain nested symbols that make it simple to construct versatile design pieces.

Key Features of Sketch

  • A user-friendly UI and a robust plugin ecosystem.
  • Convert static screens into interactive prototypes by connecting Artboards, adding basic animations, and transforming static displays into prototypes that are clickable.
  • Create and edit designs and share them all in one location.
  • Provides high-precision vector editing, pixel editing, prototyping, and export presets.

23. Adobe

Adobe is an all-in-one user experience/user interface design solution for creating websites, mobile applications, and more. Adobe XD is a cross-platform application for Windows and Mac that is included in the creative cloud. Designers may integrate it with their preferred applications such as Avocode, Dropbox, and others. This collaborative tool enables designers to seamlessly go from static layouts to prototypes that are interactive.

Key Features of Adobe

  • Manage papers and keep track of those that have been shared on web, mobile, and desktop.
  • Text and formatting may be changed, lists can be edited, and photos can be added, rotated, and resized.
  • Apply passwords and rights to PDF files.
  • Automatic tool selection speeds up the process of filling out forms.
  • check the progress of requests, give reminders, cancel them, and change signers.

24. InVision

InVision is an all-in-one prototyping and collaboration tool for creating digital interactive goods and user interfaces or UI for mobile apps. Users may communicate, post wireframes and designs, receive comments in real time, and test much more successfully and efficiently using the tool. With InVision, you can manage all of your projects via a unified dashboard and traverse the whole design process easily from one location. Clients may immediately submit feedback using comments.

Key Features of InVision

  • Create interactive prototypes that are rich in content.
  • Communication is seamless, input can be gathered, and projects can be forwarded.
  • Vector-based drawing with intuitive controls and resizable layers.
  • Organize the whole design process in a single location and keep everyone informed of changes.

25. One

One by TemplateMonster is an exceptional membership service that gives customers access to a plethora of high-quality templates and web design tools. When you subscribe to this service, you have access to a variety of pre-built solutions, ranging from themes for major content management systems to HTML templates, numerous extensions, and countless graphics. As you can see, all that you need for getting started on your next web project is already waiting. Each of them is completely free to download and use. It is possible to significantly save your time that you might be spending mastering your websites by using the team’s additional services.

Key Features of One

  • Discounts – By subscribing to One services, you automatically qualify for up to 50% off on items you find on TemplateMonster.
  • Draftium Pro Mockup Tool – Additionally, you get one year of free access to this professional mockup tool.
  • No license – Simply pay once and enjoy the full range of One’s services for a whole year, without having to bother about licenses or per-service fees.
  • Special deals – Additionally, you will have the option to take advantage of discounts and offers on web hosting services.
  • Unlimited options – Whether it’s themes, templates, plugins, or stock pictures, One is really a one-stop store for all of your creative and web development requirements.

7 Best Video Conferencing Tools 

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26. Skype

Skype is a famed instant messaging and calling application that is a popular tool for project collaboration. It enables video and audio communications between several devices, such as a phone and a laptop. Bring your colleagues together via group video chats and deliver outstanding presentations online via screen sharing. You may make domestic or international calls for free or at a reduced rate.

Key Features of Skype

  • Maintain unfettered communication with individuals across the globe with phone and video conversations, text messaging, and screen sharing.
  • Calls in groups. You can easily add up to 25 people on a group call using Skype.
  • Notifications are sent in response to mentions.
  • You may use voicemail to leave a personalized welcome using your voice.

27. Hangouts

Google has made strides in the area of cooperation. Hangouts is a simple and effective collaboration solution for corporate communication that enables users to communicate through voice and video. You may use Hangout chat to build chat rooms for rapid communication and file sharing with team members. The team may speak directly and remain connected at all times using direct messaging. Note that Google Hangouts is now known as Google Chats.

Key Features of Hangouts

  • You may register your conference or call on YouTube
  • Manage your Circles for swiftly initiating calls.
  • Collaborative work is enabled via the use of Google Hangouts in conjunction with other Google services like Google Docs, Google Task, Google Keep, Google Calendar, and more.

28. GotoMeeting

GoToMeeting is the next popular collaboration program for enterprises. Additionally, GoToMeeting has a slew of essential features and an easy-to-use Web conferencing system to help you get started as soon as possible.

Key Features of GotoMeeting

  • Web audio, drawing tools, screen sharing, a dial-in conference line, and meeting recording capabilities are all included.
  • GTM eliminates the need for your remote workforce to go for meetings.
  • High-definition video is ideal for hosting conferences and webinars.


WebEx is designed for organizations that depend extensively on meetings and want a comprehensive communications software solution. It provides much more secure team workspaces powered by the cloud. Businesses may use WebEx to optimize their operations and contribute to the resolution of genuine human issues.

Key Features of WebEx

  • High-definition video conferencing with file-sharing and collaboration features.
  • WebEx mobile applications are available for iOS devices, Android devices, and Blackberry devices.
  • Create your own customized meeting space.

30. Join.me

With Join.me, you can stay connected from anywhere by joining a free meeting or holding one. Join.me boasts a contemporary, easy-to-use layout and a plethora of options to improve your online meetings. You will get a full return on your investment using this fabulous collaboration tool.

Key Features of Join.me

  • Simultaneously share your screen with other members or attendees via voice and video.
  • Customize the URL to your meeting anyway you wish.
  • Schedule meetings using the Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook plugins.

31. Zoom

Zoom is a market-leading business video communication program that includes a scalable cloud platform for conducting audio and video conferences. You may join a meeting using this video conferencing solution from your desktop device, mobile device, or from a conference room.

Key Features of Zoom

  • Loaded with high-definition audio and picture quality, speech recognition, group collaboration, and frictionless screen sharing, among other features.
  • Compatible with a variety of platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and Blackberry, as well as H.323/SIP room systems and Zoom Rooms.
  • As many as one hundred interactive video users may participate in live virtual events with an infinite audience.

32. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a dynamic online conferencing program that runs in the browser. It is mostly used to increase the effectiveness of touch base meetings and webinars. You can communicate with people in real time regardless of your operating system and location. By and large, ClickMeeting is an ideal tool for facilitating successful communication and cooperation.

Key Features of ClickMeeting

  • Engage with your audience easily and provide additional opportunities for connection.
  • Provides live lectures of the highest quality.
  • View and export comprehensive information, as well as generate relevant forecasts and trends.
  • Collaborate with other participants by sharing your screen and recordings.
  • Getting started is simple and takes just a second.

5 Best Documentation Tools 

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33. Bit.ai

Bit is an intelligent, all-in-one document collaboration tool that enables teams to manage digital material, create documents that are interactive, and analyze document analytics. Within this documentation tool, team members may invite peers based on the level of collaboration required to complete tasks.

What is unique about Bit.ai:

  • Create agendas, meetings, team notes, and proposals, among other things.
  • Choose from a number of different layouts and themes.
  • Enter any URL address into a blank line within Bit.
  • Add connections to any spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, or PDF, stored in the cloud through OneDrive, Box, or Google Drive.
  • Receive notifications in real-time when your smart document is opened by anyone.

34. Hiver

Hiver is a collaboration tool for email that enables teams to manage group inboxes such as support@, sales@, and info@ directly from inside the Gmail interface. Hiver is an incredibly simple-to-use and intuitive email management system that enables teams to simplify their daily email burden, get insight into things that everyone does, interact without friction, and analyze team performance.

Key Features of Hiver

  • Simplify email assignment: Hiver enables team leaders and managers to convert emails into tasks with a single click, and designate them to team members, thereby eliminating the need to forward these emails.
  • Email status tracking in real-time: Hiver allows team leaders to keep on top of all email inquiries until they are resolved. You may see in real time if an email has not yet been picked up, is being worked on, or has been addressed.
  • Email Notes for internal collaboration: Through Email Notes that are connected to an email thread, team members may communicate, sync up, and conduct conversations. As a result, you may fully avoid sending internal emails responsible for inbox congestion.
  • Repetitive task automation: Through the use of Hiver’s automations, teams may develop customized processes that save significant time and effort. For example, each email with the subject line ‘invoice’ may be automatically allocated to a member of the financial team.

35. Google Docs

Google Docs is another straightforward method of working with a small or large team. You can simply share, modify, and ultimately publish many types of spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. Everything on this page is completely free and simple to use. Additionally, after you’ve enabled offline mode in Google Files, you will no longer need an active internet connection for accessing the documents.

Key Features of Google Docs

  • Create and modify documents online with ease.
  • Create documents that include Google Fonts, photos, and tables.
  • Import and export Word documents in both Word format and PDF format.
  • Remotely collaborate on documents and co-edit them.

36. Office online

Office online is free version of Microsoft’s famous Office suite, which includes the Office suite’s essential applications: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. However, not all functions are accessible for free, although they are relatively affordable. The free version includes minimal editing and documentation tools that will suffice for your purposes. Save documents and presentations, interact with others, collaborate, and accomplish amazing things.

Key Features of Office Online

  • Get the newest office applications, both desktop and web based.
  • Allows you to access the work you perform from any location.
  • Accessible through PC, tablet, or smartphone.

37. GitHub

The documentation process is critical to the success of any project. GitHub is designed to enable teams to collaborate on challenges and learn from one another along the way. You can use GitHub to manage the chaos in addition to developing code. Additionally, you may create lengthier documentation for GitHub Wikis in order to give more detailed information regarding your project.

Key Features of GitHub

  • Establish responsibilities and expectations without having to start from the beginning.
  • Built-in tools for review simplify and expedite code review.
  • Tools for moderation, such as locking of issue and pull request, assist your team in remaining focused on coding.
  • Maintain well-maintained documents and ensure they get the utmost attention they deserve.

7 Best Time Tracking Tools

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38. Toggl

Toggl is one of the greatest collaboration tools available, along with a hassle-free time tracking system. With Toggl, you can better manage your time, enhance your productivity, and raise your income. It interfaces with dozens of different project management software and significantly simplifies the life of a project manager.

Key Features of Toggl

  • Log time everywhere on the web — Use the browser extension to connect your timer to over 100 online applications and monitor time anywhere.
  • Instant visibility into the billable time along with team performance.
  • Time entries and cooperation in real time.
  • Notify your staff automatically when they’ve neglected to record hours and schedule their reports to arrive directly in your mailbox.
  • Time monitoring and mobile functionality are available offline.
  • Integration with your preferred productivity applications.

39. Clockodo

Clockodo is an online time monitoring program for small and medium-sized businesses that tracks user activity, facilitates collaboration, and generates reports. Your workers can easily, swiftly, and consistently log their work hours online.

Key Features of Clockodo

  • Oversee resources – You may make comparisons between your planned and real work hours.
  • Faster invoicing – Utilize automatically produced time sheets to expedite and correctly bill your jobs.
  • clockodo does not disclose personal information to other parties and adheres with all applicable German data protection laws.
  • SSL encryption is utilized throughout.

40. TimeCamp 

TimeCamp comes with a plethora of functions. It integrates with timesheets to monitor and charge time spent on projects. Teams from all across the globe can effortlessly keep track of their progress without the hassle of timesheets.

Key Features of TimeCamp

  • Simple time tracking for billable hours.
  • TimeCamp comes with a plethora of functions.
  • TimeCamp integrates with PayPal, allowing users to follow the status of their payments against issued invoices.

41. Timely 

Timely is an automated time tracking and collaboration application that is very beneficial for individuals working on projects. Your schedule serves as your timer in Timely. Timely is elegantly built to display your planned activities with your real activities.

Key Features of Timely

  • Timely is a time management application that integrates time tracking and scheduling in one location.
  • Timely enables you to create project budgets and deducts staff hours automatically from the budget.
  • Memory tries to guarantee that you are aware of how you are spending time in order to maximize efficiency.

42. Harvest

Harvest is an online time tracking solution that combines the most successful features of time tracking with online collaboration. It is a feature-rich and simple-to-use time tracking program that connects seamlessly with Android, iOS, and even the Apple Watch. Additionally, it has a tool for resource planning capable of assisting you in scheduling future projects and allocating team members according to capability.

Key Features of Harvest

  • Harvest simplifies the process of tracking time and costs.
  • Submit timesheets, maintain a running total of non-billable and billable hours, and issue bills.
  • Visual reports that are easy to understand help keep projects on schedule.

43. ClickTime

ClickTime is a type of time tracking program that has proved itself to be very beneficial for engineers, programmers, and other IT workers. With ClickTime’s timesheets, you can improve the visibility of the project, save expenses, and remain on track. Additionally, they assist you in gaining fresh insights, deciphering trends, and assessing staff performance – and all these take place using a simple timesheet!

Key Features of ClickTime

  • Reports available on demand expose critical indicators and progress toward corporate objectives.
  • Instantly determine if a project is above budget or under budget.
  • Easily approve billable hours, timesheets, leave requests.
  • Easily determine what works, what does not, and where improvements may be made.
  • Time tracking on your laptop and mobile enables you to manage budgets and schedule staff time.

44. RescueTime

With so many distractions, RescueTime assists you in prioritizing your tasks so that you can concentrate and be more effective. It’s a time tracking and productivity application that reveals how you are spending your time and gives solutions to help you in becoming more productive.

Key Features of RescueTime

  • Provides extensive reports and statistics on your activities.
  • Allows you to ban distracting sites for a specified time period.
  • Keep track of the highlights of your day.
  • Runs in the background on your personal computer and mobile devices in a safe manner.

9 Best File Sharing Tools 

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45. Dropbox

Dropbox is an incredibly easy and effective approach to keep your team members in sync. Its corporate edition has more storage (1 terabyte, which is large enough to keep 250 movies), additional features, and increased sharing limitations. You may use ProofHub and other project management programs to manage tasks and projects by syncing your Dropbox material. Dropbox allows you to send files and even folders and secure your work against unexpected failures.

Key Features of Dropbox

  • Collaborate by sharing files and folders.
  • Send links to your files through chat or email messages and effortlessly access them from any device.
  • Sync them securely across all of your devices.
  • 24/7 live assistance.

46. OneDrive

Your team may use OneDrive to share and store images, videos, documents, and other file types. You may save, sync, and view your files online at any time and from any location. OneDrive, an online collaboration tool, enables you and the other members of the team to work on PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and OneNote documents from your mobile device, desktop, or web browser. Now work seamlessly using the tools you already use on a daily basis to develop, interact, and communicate with your system.

Key Features of OneDrive

  • OneDrive includes a tool that organizes your data and gives you control over features such as content approval, versioning, and processes.
  • OneDrive offers consumers up to 1TB of storage capacity at a very inexpensive price.
  • You may use OneDrive as a powerful cloud storage solution.
  • OneDrive has Android and iOS mobile applications, allowing agents to access their files even while they are out of office.

47. WeTransfer

WeTransfer simplifies the process of transferring files from A to B by using a web browser-based service. Additionally, you may customize the way you distribute your files, taking your tale to incredible heights with fascinating ideas.

Key Features of WeTransfer

  • Backgrounds, URLs, and emails may all be customized.
  • Storage for the long term.
  • Transfers of large files in real time.
  • Transfers that are password restricted.

48. Dropsend

Dropsend file sharing provides an infinite amount of bandwidth for receiving and sharing. It allows sharing entire folders with whoever you like. Dropsend also offers business plan for group file sharing.

Key Features of Dropsend

  • Send huge files up to 8 GB in size.
  • Comes with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • There is no program to download.
  • Online backups of all your data are available.

49. Hightail

Hightail is primarily used for two purposes: sharing files online and collaborative creativity. This cloud service was created to assist teams in managing projects from the beginning to the end, sharing photos, and transferring huge PDFs, videos, and to the members of the team. Teams can effortlessly collaborate on files and safeguard data shared with customers with this collaboration solution. Because customers are kept informed, they may offer comments on files at any time, and any changes made can be readily monitored. The collaborative platform intends to eliminate email-based file sharing, which happens to be a channel for major miscommunications.

Key Features of Hightail

  • When a file or document is shared with someone, the recipient is alerted.
  • Send and track files that are as large as 100GB.
  • Collect detailed comments in one location.
  • Sync Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive files.

50. Wimi

Wimi is a cloud-based collaboration platform that allows effective team communication in fully equipped dedicated workspaces.

Key Features of Wimi

  • Organize papers, calendars, conversations, and tasks in a centralized location. Maintain consistency across all of your business procedures.
  • Increase productivity, internal communication, and real-time collaboration.
  • Create your unique personal cloud area and customize it with your company’s colors and branding.
  • With Wimi’s comprehensive access rights management, you can maintain complete control over the access that each member of the team has.

51. SugarSync

SugarSync is a simple, robust, and easy-to-use service for file syncing, cloud file sharing, and online backups. It enables quick access to the folders and files across all devices you own, allowing you to get more done while maintaining the comfort that your critical information is always secure.

Key Features of SugarSync

  • Allows you to create a backup of your current folder structure.
  • Instant access to folders from any mobile device or PC.
  • File sharing that is both secure and speedy.

52. Box

Box is a cloud-based file sharing service that enables you to create documents, edit & review them, and even share those documents in real time from any location. Due to the fact that files are saved in the cloud, they may be accessed, edited, and shared from any device of choice. You receive 10 GB space for storage and a 250 MB file upload limit with Box. Over 50,000 companies worldwide trust Box.

Key Features of Box

  • Uploading, viewing, and sharing files securely.
  • Utilizes encryption managed by customers, provides a feature for granular permissions, and throws in mobile security to ensure data security.
  • Complies with regulatory and data retention rules.
  • Integrate easily with third-party applications such as IBM, Google Workspaces, and Slack.

53. ShareFile 

ShareFile is a business-oriented collaboration tool for storing files and sharing them. ShareFile does not impose file size limitations, which enables professional file sharing with customers and coworkers.

Key Features of ShareFile

  • ShareFile’s UI is straightforward and easy.
  • Roles and Permissions for centralized access control.
  • ShareFile organizes and monitors changes to files.
  • Complete security is ensured by the mandatory 256-bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS connection.
  • Appropriate for SMBs and organizations in a variety of sectors.

5 Best Organization Tools

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54. Pocket

The pocket allows your teams to store content straight from their browsers or applications for later viewing. Pocket allows you to store articles, movies, and nearly anything else for later viewing on any device. You do not even need to have an internet connection in order to see it afterwards.

Key Features of Pocket

  • Create a collection of stories, videos, and articles from any newspaper, website, or application.
  • Even if you’re not connected, you can access anything you’ve already saved.
  • Using tags, organize saved objects in Pocket.
  • Integrates with over 1,000 applications to automate tasks.
  • Available on Kobo, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, and the web.

55. Evernote

Keep your greatest ideas and those of your team close at hand and in sync. Evernote is a corporate collaboration application that enables you to share your unique ideas and thoughts with a huge team. Notes may be captured, organized, and shared from any location. The teams can quickly share their greatest ideas and information and store everything in one location.

Key Features of Evernote

  • Organize and prioritize your thoughts, to-do lists, and projects.
  • Plan, keep track of, and manage tasks from every device even if you are not online.
  • Notes may be typed, attachments can be added, web pages can be clipped, or memos can be recorded.
  • Utilize tags, notebooks, or the robust search feature to swiftly locate what you’re looking for.

56. Pinterest

Pinterest is a simple and sociable platform that enables casual surfers, those who actively publish their company blogs, and those who pin anything for their pleasure to do so in a visually appealing manner. You may use boards for organizing ideas and inspirations, bookmark articles and graphic material, and return to them at any moment. You may store your favorites on active boards and boards that double up as to-do lists.

Key Features of Pinterest

  • A visual search option is included to assist you in locating certain items.
  • Save connections to your boards with the Pinterest browser plugin.
  • Easily share pins and boards over WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or text messaging.

57. MindMeister

MindMeister enables your team to organize projects, schedule meetings, and create business strategies. It enables teams to be more imaginative by creating an atmosphere conducive to both brainstorming and planning. You may select from a variety of premade templates that it includes to make organizing your work simple. Additionally, it enables users to share mind maps with anybody in real time or if needed, make them publicly available.

Key Features of MindMeister

  • The ideal tool for creative brainstorming on your own or in a group.
  • Visually represent, develop, and exchange ideas.
  • Utilize maps to develop project plans, company strategy, and event planning.
  • With the mobile app for iOS and Android, you can view you maps, modify them, and show them on the move.

58. Organimi

Do you feel disorganized? Organimi is the ideal organizational charting tool for assisting in the organization of your workplace structure. Their mission is to make the process of creating organizational charts easier by assisting clients in mapping out project-based or team-based organizations. You may select from pre-made templates or create your own. It interfaces with Active Directory, Google Workspace, and other systems accepting a CSV or an excel file as input, allowing for a smooth import of large contact lists. Custom fields, color-coding, and their renowned SmartChartTM legend enable you to customize your organization chart to match your branding approach.

Key Features of Organimi

  • With numerous color and customization choices, you may format and trademark your chart.
  • Without a hitch, print and distribute your organizing charts.
  • Keeps everyone in the organization informed.
  • Drag-and-drop capability.

What are online collaboration software and tools?

Consider managing teams from hemisphere of the world while your developer, writer, designer, or marketing team is located on the other side. How can you interact with your remote and distributed employees on a consistent and convenient basis? How do you keep everyone on the same loop and make sure that they recieve project updates on a timely basis? It might be difficult for remote company employees, as well as in-house teams, to keep pace with future duties.  online collaboration tools come to rescue as they assist in managing small and large organizations as well as workflow management.

Today, the market is flooded with a wide range of collaboration tools. Online collaboration technology is not only for remote employees; it is a great tool for any organization looking to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. It enables teams to maximize resources, efficiently work on and complete projects, foster transparency, and collaborate in ways never seen before.

What are the distinguishing characteristics of any online collaboration tool and software?

To begin, an online collaboration platform for business simplifies the process of cooperation due to its unique characteristics. There are several helpful features such as a calendar, the option to upload and share documents, the capability of sending email alerts, and other updates. Therefore, if your primary goal is to foster effective collaboration, your online collaboration software must be safe and equipped with the functionality necessary to accomplish that goal. It is critical that the tool you select has enough capability.

What are the benefits of online collaboration for businesses?

It has become pretty typical to have people working on a same project from all over the globe. This trend toward a more distributed workforce necessitates online cooperation. Collaborating online enables companies to bridge geographical divides between workers, conduct productive meetings online, and guarantee that everyone works on the same page at the same time. And this will result in a speedier completion of tasks and greater communication amongst personnel.

How do I choose a collaborative tool or software application?

Now that you understand the value of software solutions designed for online collaboration, and you are aware of some of the most often used tools, how can you pick the one that is most suitable for your team? Businesses should choose software that meets their specific requirements and discover the finest service for their workforce.

Look for multiple features

Choose tools that provide exceptional service and a variety of capabilities for team communication. Selecting several features increases your job productivity and enables users to utilize it in a variety of ways.

Easy to use

Nobody wants a complicated structure to function properly. Ascertain that the tool you choose provides services that are straightforward to learn and use, and make sure that it also has simple navigation and an intuitive interface.

Cloud-based solution

People choose cloud-based technology because it eliminates the bother of version management. Every piece of information is kept online and is accessible from any location.

Third-party integrations

Integrations are critical to facilitating work. Consider products that interact easily with other critical tools. Also ensure that they are also compatible with a variety of devices.

Therefore, choose one that draws the best out of your teams. These technologies are rapidly boosting the likelihood of success for all types of businesses.

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