17 Best Linktree Alternatives to Use

Linktree is the first and most popular social media reference landing page. It is a freemium service. It was the first and most popular solution to tackle the “one link in the Instagram bio” issue.

However, in today’s technologically advanced world, additional items continue to emerge. And like with every other brilliant idea, Linktree encountered imitators.

With heightened competition, solutions become more sophisticated and trustworthy.

The market’s competitive development resulted in the rise of formidable Linktree alternatives. They are dependable, inexpensive, and simple to use, with modern versions meeting contemporary demands. These provide fantastic, helpful capabilities for converting your followers into leads and purchases!

We’re going to look at those options in this piece.

Therefore, do not be concerned. Numerous alternatives to Linktree can assist you in resolving the “just one link in the Instagram bio” issue.

Let us now, without further delay, get started.

17 Best Linktree Alternatives

#1. LinkTube

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Are you interested in creating your much-needed link-in-bio page for your Instagram account?

Are you looking for the greatest Link in Bio tool to send big traffic to your company using Instagram?

LinkTube, an all-time favorite, is an excellent alternative to Linktree. With the help of this tool, you can generate an eye-catching Instagram bio link that allows you to direct the Instagram Bio Link visitors you get.

Apart from adding links, you can also embed YouTube videos, add messengers, add payment links, list goods, add blog entries, connect to a contact page, all social network accounts and links, construct an email list, and much more using the advanced capabilities.

Primary Features of LinkTube

  • Contributes to the development of an online portfolio capable of promoting any kind of material.
  • Assists in the creation of a powerful Instagram bio.
  • Drives large amounts of unrestricted traffic.
  • Connects audiences from all around the world.
  • Integration with third-party applications is simple.
  • Completely customizable.
  • Total command.
  • Options for customization.

Pros of LinkTube

  • LinkTube is the only program in this category that is tailored for mobile devices.
  • Drives large and targeted traffic for free.
  • YouTube and Shopify dynamic feeds.
  • Integrated newsletter sign-up option on a smartpage.
  • Builder of customizable and customized landing pages.
  • Google analytics for in-depth analysis.
  • SEO-friendly with UTM parameters included.
  • Fantastic, attention-grabbing animations.
  • Each smartpage has a QR code, messaging buttons, and social media connections.
  • There are no limits to the number of background images, buttons, button icons, text, style colors, and items.
  • Money-back guarantee of 60 days.
  • Most reasonably priced and dependable.
  • Instantly upload an email list to Google Sheets or Mailchimp.
  • Custom domain with SSL encryption for increased confidence.
  • Facebook advertisements to touch all clickers.
  • Products / Services that have a price attached.

Cons of LinkTube

  • There is no complimentary plan.
  • The RSS functionality is not included when purchasing LinkTube via Appsumo.

LinkTube Pricing Plans

There are four pricing plans:

  • LITE: It costs $6 a month.
  • PRO: It costs $15 a month.
  • PREMIUM: It costs $25 a month.
  • AGENCY: It costs $85 a month.

#2. ContactInBio

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ContactInBio is another option to Linktree. It’s a platform for those who need to constantly update the links in their Instagram profile. It assists you in creating your mini landing page.

It offers a free sign-up. Upgrades are, however, necessary to access premium features.

As with Linktree, it allows you to connect several pages to your bio on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks, making it an excellent alternative to Linktree.

Primary Features of ContactInBio

  • Customize font size, color, type, block color and size, and other aesthetic features using pre-built templates.
  • Contributes to the creation of precisely pixel-perfect blocks, elements, and other features.
  • Includes SEO optimization.
  • There are integrated forms.
  • The analytics function enables you to determine the number of viewers.
  • Customization of the domain is a significant aspect.

Pros of ContactInBio

  • With form integration, generating leads is a breeze.
  • Comes with a number of complementary features.
  • The page may be customized.
  • Contributes to brand marketing.
  • Pre-built templates simplify the process of creating a landing page.
  • It’s really simple to create and manage an account.

Cons of ContactInBio

  • Including a link in the caption of the post does not function.

ContactInBio Pricing Plans

They have three pricing plans:

  • STARTER: It is a free plan.
  • BUSINESS: $4.55 per month.
  • AGENCY: $18.2 per month.

Note that they also have a yearly billing cycle, and even offer lifetime access with a single payment.

#3. Shorby

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Shorby is the next Linktree competitor. It is a social media application that streamlines the process of posting numerous links on social media sites with your followers.

You may include an infinite number of links on a landing page, among other essential features such as limitless clicks, Facebook pixel integration, and a customized URL.

Primary Features of Shorby

  • You may connect messengers such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, email, and even your personal or business phone number.
  • This platform is ideal for organizations engaged in e-commerce.
  • It comes with a dynamic feed.
  • It assists in populating your landing page with Shopify categories, Etsy goods, Apple podcasts, YouTube videos, and WordPress articles, among others.
  • Premium plans include team collaboration.

Pros of Shorby

  • For direct communication, messenger buttons are provided.
  • Integrate natively with Google Analytics.
  • It comes with a variety of custom controls and themes.
  • It enables you to upload your own background picture.
  • It is simple to operate.
  • Its interface is drag-and-drop.
  • It enables you to include thumbnails above your links.

Cons of Shorby

  • Unlike other Linktree competitors, several critical functions are reserved for premium users alone.

Shorby Pricing Plans

There are three pricing plans:

  • Rocket: $12 per month.
  • Pro: $24 per month.
  • Agency: $82 per month.

They do offer a 5-day free trial that you can use to evaluate their services.

#4. Lnk.Bio

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Lnk.Bio is the next Linktree option on the list. It, too, offers a free plan, which means you have nothing to lose by giving it a try for its most basic capabilities. When your followers click on your Bio link, provide them with numerous options. With a single URL, you can share all of your Social Media accounts and crucial information.

Primary Features of Lnk.Bio

  • It makes use of Instagram’s official API.
  • It will never request your password.
  • It enables you to connect all of your social accounts.
  • It assists in the creation of landing pages for many platforms.
  • Disable other links temporarily.

Pros of Lnk.Bio

  • Simple to use.
  • Customization is possible.
  • It is a really secure platform.
  • Links may be added indefinitely.
  • It has stunning sights.
  • The link tracking and statistics features aid in determining involvement.
  • There is email support accessible.

Cons of Lnk.Bio

  • Statistics and link tracking are only accessible to subscribers of the monthly subscription plan and the lifetime payment plan.

Lnk.Bio Pricing Plans

They have four pricing plans available:

  • Free: It does not cost anything.
  • MINI – MONTHLY: It costs $0.99 per month per account.
  • MINI – ONE TIME: It costs $9.99 one time per account.
  • UNIQUE – ONE TIME: It costs $24.99 one time per account.

#5. Tap Bio

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Tap Bio is a tool that enables you to construct customized, branded micro web pages that include all of the links you want to promote with your Instagram followers or other social channel followers. It is a cost-effective alternative to Linktree.

The concept is brilliant: a website builder just for mobile landing pages. Tap Bio is an intuitive UI that makes it simple to construct a landing page optimized for mobile consumers.

Tap Bio has included the psychology and significance of having a singular call to action visible, boosting the likelihood that your readers will follow through and hit on that link.

By employing distinct cards, you may design a card dedicated to a certain call to action.

Primary Features of Tap Bio

  • It utilizes a novel interface that is based on cards rather than blocks.
  • Prominently display one call to action.
  • Using a single card, direct readers to many links.
  • Instagram posts with links are shown.
  • It retargets advertisements.
  • Additionally, statistics and analytics are offered.

Pros of Tap Bio

  • Tap Bio enables you to advertise to your followers using Instagram, Google AdSense, and Facebook.
  • Advanced analysis is facilitated by connection with Google Analytics and the Facebook Tracking Pixel.
  • Stats assist in determining the number of followers and the level of interaction with subscribers.

Cons of Tap Bio

  • Certain viewers may object to being routed to another Instagram-like interface.

Tap Bio Pricing Plans

Tap Bio offers four pricing plans that include:

  • Basic – It is a free plan.
  • Silver – $3 per month.
  • Gold – $8 per month.
  • Platinum – Offers bespoke pricing.

#6. tapkit

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tapkit is the next strong Linktree replacement on the list. This is an incredible solution that integrates Linktree and Canva into a single platform. It’s quite simple to use and has several excellent built-in features. This application enables you to convert followers and admirers into engaged consumers.

Primary Features of tapkit

  • Allows room for the creation of up to five projects.
  • Collects email addresses to generate leads.
  • There is customer help accessible.
  • Pre-designed templates.
  • Buttons that are already constructed.
  • A video lesson is accessible inside the program.
  • Cloud-based, SaaS-based, and web-based.
  • Simple to use.

Pros of tapkit

  • Customizability and complete control.
  • Ideal for QR, SMS, and social media marketing.
  • The first five projects are completely free.
  • Feature-rich.
  • There is a 14-day trial period available.
  • It’s simple to generate leads.
  • Poll with a single or more selections.

Cons of tapkit

  • Certain minor issues in the program must be reported to the developers in order to be repaired.

tapkit Pricing Plans

They have three pricing plans that include

  • Free: It doesn’t cost anything.
  • Grow: It costs $15 per app per month (yearly billing).
  • Pro: It costs $36 per app per month (yearly billing).

#7. Feed Link

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Another option to Linktree is EmbedSocial’s Feed Link. Feed Link a multi-platform landing page that compiles a clickable Instagram feed — including all of your material in one location. This tool allows you to establish a unique link for each picture in your feed, maximizing your Instagram account’s capacity to act as a sales channel and a distribution channel and thereby increasing your conversion rate.

Primary Features of Feed Link

  • It contributes to the increase in the number of visits to their website.
  • Significantly improving income by grabbing more leads by using survey forms.
  • It enables your followers to find further goods in the future.
  • It is a mobile-friendly and web-friendly platform that serves as a hub for all of your Instagram posts.
  • You can join the platform for free.

Pros of Feed Link

  • Mobile-friendly.
  • Instagram bio link loads quickly.
  • The landing page is shopper-friendly, sending visitors to the product page where they may buy the item.
  • Allows changing feed page without affecting your bio link.
  • Increase the traffic to your Insta page, revenue, and conversions.

Cons of Feed Link

  • Prompting advertisements on the free plan might be irritating at times.
  • Upgrades to premium plans are necessary to access premium features.

Feed Link Pricing Plans

Feed Link offers four pricing plans:

  • Free: There is no cost to use this.
  • PRO: $15 per month billed yearly.
  • PRO Plus: $40 per month billed yearly.
  • Premium: $80 per month billed yearly.

#8. Bio.fm

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Bio.fm is the logical successor of Linktree. It is a digital content aggregator that enables you to curate material from platforms such as Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Medium.

It’s beneficial to have an opt-in form for collecting question polls, GIFs, emails, and links.

You may share nearly any sort of material with Bio.fm: videos, photographs, links, and email collecting forms, for example.

Primary Features of Bio.fm

  • It is one of the most used platforms for creating web pages.
  • Contributes to the creation of custom themes.
  • Additionally, question polls and GIFs are provided.
  • Through your Bio.fm homepage, you may share articles, photographs, videos, social accounts, and favorite music.
  • Allows you to quickly choose between themes, attractive background images, colors, and fonts with the click of a button.
  • Bio.fm makes it very simple to create your own unique homepage.

Pros of Bio.fm

  • Add your content using several graphic blocks.
  • Adjust the profile by rapidly shuffling the blocks up and down.
  • Imposing content is accessible.
  • Additionally, customization and modification are possible.
  • Additionally, it has a function that enables you to highlight up to five social network accounts simultaneously through icons or cards.
  • Include numerous website links, an “about me” section, and a link to your LinkedIn page, among other things.

Cons of Bio.fm

  • The majority of features are only accessible to paying customers.
  • Customization options are also available for a fee.

Bio.fm Pricing Plans

They offer three pricing options:

  • Free: There is no cost involved in this.
  • Semi-PRO: This plan costs $5 per month.
  • PRO: This plan costs $10 per month.

#9. IGLink

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“One link to govern them all” is IGLink‘s mantra. This is an ideal platform for Instagram celebrities and companies, serving as a terrific Linktree alternative.

It is an incredible tool that enables anyone to construct a web page in less than five minutes.

It’s not the only method of using IGLinks.io. Additionally, you could utilize this to improve the flow from an influencer’s Instagram story to your website.

It’s quite simple to set up and has an intuitive interface, making it an excellent Linktree replacement.

Primary Features of IGLink

  • It is a freemium application.
  • It enables you to sell straight from the social media profile to which you’ve connected.
  • It assists in the creation of a single link profile using one of the premade themes.
  • The “With Link” button enables the creation of several link buttons.
  • Customization is a possibility.
  • You may add social media accounts and contacts.
  • Schedule clickable links.
  • Links are clonable.

Pros of IGLink

  • It is completely configurable.
  • Connecting your company email or WhatsApp is possible, ensuring that no cooperation opportunity is lost.
  • E-commerce shops are permitted to be featured.
  • Search engine optimization and search engine marketing friendly.
  • It is offered in two languages: English and Malay.

Cons of IGLink

  • There is no free plan.

IGLink Pricing Plans

IGLink provides two pricing plans:

  • Pro Plan 1: It costs $5 per month.
  • Pro Plan 2: It costs $19 per month.

#10. Linkin.bio

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Linkin.bio is the next option to Linktree on our list. It comes from Later, an Instagram planning tool. Linkin.bio is a bio link tool that is unique in the way it displays links on your landing page, since it is designed to appear just like your Instagram grid.

This tool enables you to build a shoppable landing page that is optimized, clickable, and devoted. If a follower is seeking a product you mentioned in a post from a week ago, they only need to click the bio link and search the photo for the article.

The wonderful thing is that they can scroll back indefinitely to locate what they’re searching for. It’s visually appealing and straightforward!

Primary Features of Linkin.bio

  • It is marketing tool with a distinctive appearance.
  • Displaying a photo of a certain post simplifies navigation.
  • URLs may be customized.
  • Integration with Google Analytics for sales monitoring.
  • Google Analytics UTM tracking.

Pros of Linkin.bio

  • “View Linkin.bio” metrics over the past three months is a distinctive characteristic.
  • Numerous connections may be added.
  • Shopify integration is built in.
  • UTM and CTA tracking are both customizable.

Cons of Linkin.bio

  • The order of the postings cannot be altered.
  • Custom hyperlinks are not possible.
  • Additional branding is not possible.
  • The free plan comes with a restricted set of features.

Linkin.bio Pricing Plans

There are four pricing plans:

  • Free: It doesn’t cost anything.
  • Starter: It costs $12.50 per month for yearly billing.
  • Growth: It costs $20.83 per month for yearly billing.
  • Advanced: It costs $33.33 per month for yearly billing.

#11. Milkshake

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Milkshake is the open-source Android application and a cost-effective alternative to Linktree created by Envato. It enables creatives, businesses, and companies to convert the “link in bio” of an Instagram account into an Instagram-hosted website.

The Milkshake app leverages Instagram’s one-link-per-bio limitation to provide users with a simple and enjoyable way to create a website in a flash!

Primary Features of Milkshake

  • It’s a simple-to-use program with an intuitive user interface.
  • This marketing tool provides access to data and analytics.
  • YouTube videos, text, blog entries, GIFs, numerous links, and even podcasts are all acceptable forms of content.
  • It has the capability of creating several websites.
  • It aids in the measurement of sophisticated metrics.

Pros of Milkshake

  • It is completely free.
  • A single link may be used to solicit email submissions from your followers.
  • Direct message and phone call via a link.
  • By including a Buy button, customers will be sent to a PayPal checkout page.
  • Offers insight and statistics.

Cons of Milkshake

  • In comparison to other Linktree alternatives, there are very few configurable fonts.
  • This program requires a strong internet connection to function properly.

Milkshake Pricing Plans

Milkshake is entirely free. You don’t need to pay anything.

#12. Leadpages

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Leadpages is yet another option to Linktree: it is a builder for landing pages that enables you to construct and host landing pages. You may construct your page using the platform, shorten the page URL using a service like Rebrandly, and then share it throughout your social media networks.

It’s basically a landing page builder, with a large selection of layouts, background selections, and extensive customization possibilities.

Primary Features of Leadpages

  • There are customizable templates available.
  • Contributes to the development of excellent landing pages.
  • Hosting is provided for free.
  • Analytics in real time.
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • Templates that are search engine optimized are offered.
  • Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics are used to monitor visitors.

Pros of Leadpages

  • It supports both device-specific and customized social media views.
  • Additionally, customer relationship management (CRM) software and even email marketing solutions are accessible.
  • It incorporates conversion guidelines.
  • Numerous customizability possibilities are available.

Cons of Leadpages

  • The premium version includes the majority of the functionality.
  • It is more expensive than the other Linktree choices.

Leadpages Pricing Plans

There are two pricing plans:

  • Standard: $27 a month for yearly billing.
  • Pro: $59 a month for yearly billing.

#13. Link in Profile

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Link in Profile happens to be the easiest and most straightforward tool in our list of Linktree options. It’s a simple and fast way to add links to your Insta photos, attract followers, and convert them into sales.

Primary Features of Link in Profile

  • It is compatible with Shopify.
  • Additional integrations include those with WordPress, Etsy, Amazon, and Squarespace.
  • Branded Instagram page complete with username and profile photo.
  • Simple management with constant monitoring of return on investment.

Pros of Link in Profile

  • Highly advanced alternative to Linktree.
  • It’s quite simple to set up.

Cons of Link in Profile

  • Expensive in comparison to other Linktree solutions.
  • Complex user interface that demands much effort to comprehend its operation.

Link in Profile Pricing Plans

They have only one pricing plan which is known as the ‘Personal Plan.’ It costs $9.99 a month. They have a 30-day free trial.

#14. Everlinks

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Everlinks is the next option to Linktree. It is a tool for managing social media. It generates a link that may be extended to include more links, text, embeddable custom code, and videos.

It’s simple to embed videos in Everlinks. Simply put a Vimeo or YouTube video link into the editor, and the application will automatically embed the movie.

It asserts that it will add a custom domain option, allowing you to connect the domain you own to your Everlinks account.

Primary Features of Everlinks

  • Link animation.
  • Link scheduling.
  • Team management.
  • Facebook open graph.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • Analyze page stats.

Pros of Everlinks

  • Extremely easy to use, with an intuitive UI and a plethora of functions.
  • Creating animations is a simple and rapid process.
  • Create eye-catching landing pages with this page builder.
  • Modules for text, embed codes, video, and the inclusion of an endless number of links are all possible.
  • The mobile and desktop versions both look fantastic.

Cons of Everlinks

  • No cons encountered yet.

Everlinks Pricing Plans

They have three pricing plans to offer:

  • Everlinks Free: It doesn’t cost anything.
  • Everlinks Pro: It costs $7 a month.
  • Everlinks Agency: It costs $17 a month.

#15. Campsite.bio

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Campsite.bio is another service on our list of Linktree competitors that enables you to display an infinite number of links on one landing page and connect them to your preferred networks, and of course, your Insta bio. On the website, you may post links to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even email accounts.

The application is essentially identical to Linktree – except that it includes images and thumbnails in addition to standard links, making it an excellent Linktree alternative.

Primary Features of Campsite.bio

  • Easily schedule links.
  • Embed a carousel of numerous images.
  • To emphasize links, use link animation.

Pros of Campsite.bio

  • Its significant native integrations are amazing for added functionality.
  • This tool integrates with Canva, Google AdSense, Facebook Pixel, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, and even an email marketing platform such as MailChimp.

Cons of Campsite.bio

  • Paid plans include integrations.

Campsite.bio Pricing Plans

They have a 10-day free trial. Other than that, they offer two pricing plans:

  • Free: It doesn’t cost anything.
  • Pro: It costs $7 per month. You can go for a yearly payment that will cost $70 for 12 months.

#16. ShortStack

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Description automatically generated with medium confidence

ShortStack is a fully configurable contest platform that enables the creation of landing pages and the management of social media competitions. It supports a variety of contest categories, including refer-a-friend, quizzes, video competitions, picture contests, and user-generated contests.

You’ll get a plethora of templates for running your competitions, as well as several customization possibilities. Additionally, each sort of contest has its own set of characteristics.

For instance, ShortStack enables you to construct fully configurable entry forms for your contents using user-generated content. They may use the form to submit their Instagram posts.

Primary Features of ShortStack

  • Utilize ShortStack’s action-gating to collect important consumer data in return for a giveaway, a promo code, and more.
  • Utilize a broad collection of stylistic choices to alter the appearance of text and fonts, as well as to create widget layouts.
  • To keep your employees and customers informed, provide them with their own logins. Additionally, you may assign various roles and govern control access.

Pros of ShortStack

  • It offers a codeless platform for noobs.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • They have a wide range of giveaway templates.
  • Offers social sharing ability.
  • Send email confirmations to entrants.
  • Offers built-in email triggers.

Cons of ShortStack

  • Template setup is not easy.
  • The dashboard is sometimes very slow.
  • Designing requires climbing a learning curve.
  • Very expensive.

ShortStack Pricing Plans

They have four pricing plans:

  • Business Plan: $79 a month for yearly billing.
  • Agency Plan: $199 a month for yearly billing.
  • Brand Plan: $399 a month for yearly billing.
  • Enterprise Plan: Offers bespoke pricing.

#17. Taplink

Graphical user interface, website
Description automatically generated

Taplink is a popular multi-link solution that enables you to increase your Instagram leads and sales. It enables you to include connections to other social accounts and blog articles, as well as collect orders and accept online payments – all on one page.

Additionally, you may include connections to an email sign-up form, instant messengers, and special offers.

You’ll get many block types to which you may add various forms of content. There are blocks for adding custom HTML code, videos, picture carousels, ordinary links, and messengers, for example.

Primary Features of Taplink

  • On Taplink’s mini landing page, you may run a limited time offer or campaign using countdown clocks.
  • Use the response block to offer solutions to frequently asked questions.
  • Taplink maintains its own order management system capable of alerting you whenever an order request is placed. Additionally, you may utilize it in conjunction with an external CRM.

Pros of Taplink

  • It takes minutes to build micro landing pages.
  • It is easily customizable.
  • It offers Facebook Pixel integration.

Cons of Taplink

  • Once the free trial ends and you fail to pay (for whatever reason), it will show this message to your Instagram followers publicly: “The owner of this page did not pay for it in time. Please let the owner of the page know.” That is absolutely unprofessional and a horrible practice.

Taplink Pricing Plans

They have three pricing plans:

  • BASIC: This is a free plan. You don’t need to pay anything.
  • PRO: This plan costs $2 per month for yearly billing. They have quarterly and monthly billing options as well.
  • BUSINESS: This plan costs $4.50 a month for yearly billing. They have quarterly and monthly billing options as well.

Linktree Alternatives – FAQ

What Should You Look for in a Linktree Replacement?

Before you choose a Linktree replacement, let’s have a look at some of the critical aspects to consider.
Page Builder That Is Simple to Use
You should be able to use the builder to construct an interesting landing page and drag-and-drop components onto it. It should be simple to use, quick to learn, and enable you to create a great website.
Premade Templates
The preferred link-in-bio tool must have established templates that enable you to quickly design any layout. Additionally, if you need a template that is not supplied, the tool should allow you to design one.
The Capability of Adding Multiple Social Networks
Multiple social networks integration should be a common feature of every bio instrument. It should enable you to connect to as many social media platforms as possible, such as Twitch, Patreon, Instagram, Discord, and Telegram.
Detailed Analytics
You must be able to track conversion rates, click-through rates, monthly income, and more in order to determine which content performs best.
To engage your visitors, your bio tool must allow you to include graphics such as GIFs, YouTube videos, and upload photographs from your system.
Additionally, search for features such as messenger connections, email sign-up form, and Google Analytics integration, among others.

Why would you want to avoid using Linktree?

If you want greater control over the design, you should avoid Linktree. Although Linktree is simple and straightforward to use, if you like further control, try one of the Linktree competitors described in this article.

Is Linktree now blocked on Instagram?

Linktree is not currently blocked on Instagram. However, if you want to consider more choices, I’ve produced a list of the finest Linktree alternatives that you may find more suitable.


These days, micro websites and social network bio tools and are gaining popularity. Both companies and consumers maintain their own social media profiles. It’s understandable that marketers and producers would want to aggregate many connections in one location.

The issue is that the majority of social media networks allow for just one link in their bio.

Linktree was created to address this issue.

However, it is no longer the lone participant in the game. Numerous link-in-bio solutions exist that let you to do much more than curating links.

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