10 Best ITSM Tools For Successful SAAS Management

Information technology services take a big portion of the workings of modern businesses. To align these with the needs of your SaaS brand, you need to organize a lot, keep track of everything, and have tons of time at your disposal.

Don’t worry, though! There is a solution for all this. IT service management tools or ITSM tools exist to help regulate how IT services are organized and delivered within an organization. Just like you need a project management software, an analytics tool, and many other solutions to keep your business afloat, you also need a quality ITSM tool.

What will an ITSM tool do for your business?

ITSM can have a significant impact on the experience of your employees because they streamline redundant tasks and save tons of time. These are also critical for the journey of the customer, as well as the operations and their efficiencies within your organization.

Good ITSM software solutions have many helpful features for businesses including:

  • Ticketing tool that assigns work to employees and tracks solutions
  • Incident and problem management feature that finds solutions to problems, anticipates and prevents incidents, and manages incidents when they occur
  • Asset management feature that manages and tracks add-ons and physical devices throughout their lifecycle
  • Licensing management that tracks licenses, manages their updates and views the license requirements for renewals and changes
  • Configuration management that tracks various assets, maps the relationships between them and keeps track of changes in the IT environment
  • Knowledge management that stores, presents, and analyzes data based on past events and incidents

Top 10 list of ITSM tools to use for your business

Naturally, these are not all the features you can find in such software solutions, and they aren’t available in every tool you’ll use.

Knowing that, we’d like to present you with a comprehensive list of ITSM tools that you should be considering for your organization.


Zluri is the best overall SaaS management and ITSM solution to use today. This tool helps its users in analyzing, optimizing, and securing their IT services, as well as SaaS applications. In other words, you can use Zluri to manage how services are delivered within your organization based on criteria such as processes, budget, people, and even budget.

You can do all this and more through a single command center. Zluri minimizes the time spent on organization and repetitive IT tasks including offboarding, onboarding, and more. With the help of this software, businesses can do their job faster, and more effectively and as a result, it minimizes the chance of incidents.


Zluri has the largest library of over 120000 applications. Their famous discovery engine uses five thorough methods to find all your apps with accuracy. Some of the top features of this tool are:

  • Renewal monitoring: Zluri will track any upcoming renewals and alert you with just the right amount of time to consider your options and make your decision.
  • Vendor management: The tool has an automated vendor management system where you can keep track and organize your SaaS stack. It integrates within the core business system and takes over a lot of the organization’s work. It will find used and underused apps, remove unsecured and duplicate apps, automate employee onboarding, etc.
  • Application cost optimization: You can use it to standardize your applications, trace your SaaS monitors and ecosystem, and eliminate budget wastage. In other words, you can use it to minimize your spending on SaaS.


Freshservice is an IT management tool suitable for businesses of different sizes. It assists companies in providing quality support experiences and customer service. This is actually a no-code solution that’s just one part of the Freshworks Inc product family.

Thanks to FreshService, organizations can streamline the service management process across various departments such as Account, Legal, IT, HR, and more. It increases service mobility and process efficiency by creating intelligent experiences through AI. Lastly, it offers incident reporting and knowledge base management and works seamlessly on mobile.

BMC Remedy

BMC Remedy is a seemingly simple, but very useful ITSM tool for businesses. It employs a mobile-first design to give organizations access to the workflows from different devices. If you require a service desk in more than one location, this solution is a good choice for you.


BMC Remedy comes with 90+ built-in reports that allow you to monitor service management and staff communication issues. It includes various BMC products like the MyIT self-service desk portal, as well as the lifecycle planning portal called Atrium CMBD.


Next on our list is HaloITSM, a cloud-based software used by small to large organizations that want to manage service requests. This is an ITIL-certified software that helps teams collaborate better, as well as offer more efficient service.

Companies use HaloITSM to facilitate the collaboration between departments and automate a variety of processes.

Here are some of the things you can get if you use this tool:

  • Problem and incident management
  • Change and license management
  • IT asset management
  • Asset tracking
  • Easy customization for a better brand experience


Cherwell will give you tons of options thanks to its codeless integration and various features. This service management software can integrate with a variety of applications. It will upgrade automatically without diverting the resources from your IT departments, which will eventually lead to great cost savings for your organization.


This tool has an asset knowledge management feature, as well as an IT service management feature. With them, teams can improve and keep track of the processes in their knowledge base, as well as processes related to upgrades and asset management.

There are two versions of Cherwell – cloud-based and on-premise, and you can easily switch between configurations.


Symantec is a leading brand that has a popular ITSM tool in addition to other products. The company created this software to serve the following purposes:

  • Patch management
  • Knowledge management
  • Asset management
  • Software license management

Regardless of the size of your organization, you can use Symantec to track and optimize the processes.

Jira Service Management

Jira is a highly-ranked, agile ITSM that helps teams in providing efficient and fast support experience to both their employees and their customers. It is one product of several Atlassian Jira software solutions, and it integrates seamlessly with them.

Jura empowers IT operations, development teams, and business teams to collaborate more efficiently. You can use it to prioritize, keep track of, and organize service tickets, as well as for collaboration and documentation in the IT sector.


The software is ITIL-certified, albeit a bit hard to master at first. Once you do this, you can enjoy the many features it offers such as compliance, license management, availability management, capability management, and more.


Invgate is a web-based ITSM that will help you easily analyze and manage various IT services. This tool accommodates the most complex managing incidents, change and problem records, and service requests in a much-simplified ticketing system.


In addition to the on-premise version, Invgate also has a cloud version. In it, you can access the knowledge base management feature, track time, offer multi-department support, and organize the service tickets.

Invgate has limited integrations, but it is very simple to master and use.

Ninja One

Ninja One is remote management and monitoring platform that supports a variety of devices and many users all at once. It has functionalities for endpoint management, RMM, patch management, service desk, remote access, and backup.

NinjaOne Dashboard


If you decide to use NinjaOne, it will help you greatly with software deployment and IT documentation. It has a backup feature to protect your business data and many automation capabilities.

Zendesk ITSM

Zendesk has plenty of amazing products and their ITSM is definitely one of them. With three pricing plans and a free trial option, this software is a good choice for businesses that need to manage their IT systems.

Generally speaking, Zendesk ITSM is customer service and support ticketing software. Its support plan helps users prioritize, track, and solve customer tickets. It has numerous features of Knowledge bases, can be used for internal self-service and comes with virtual customer assistance.


Which one will you choose?

Managing the assets and their lifecycle these days is challenging and time-consuming. If this is not done properly, it can severely disrupt the efficiency and productivity of your business. That’s why you need to automate many of the processes – to minimize errors and maximize the success of your IT departments.

Now that you know that there are tools that can do all this for you, the only thing left to do is choose one of them. Hopefully, our short guide of the top 10 choices and their capabilities helped you make this important decision.

Remember – the choice you make for the ITSM tool can determine the future of your business, give your department better organization, and help you minimize incidents and unnecessary expenses. Most of them come with a free trial version that you can test before you make your final investment.

So, which one will you choose?

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