7 Best HR Outsourcing Services base on Perfomance

Are human resource responsibilities overwhelming your organization? If that is the case, you may be better off by using HR outsourcing services that can help you with many things including legal compliance. After all, your business must operate without a glitch. Finding yourself in the quicksand of HR issues is definitely something you will want to avoid.

Everyone knows that for small businesses, maintaining a dedicated HR department may not be a feasible option considering that they have limited resources and limited knowhow. Thus, offloading responsibilities like compliance, risk management, benefits administration, taxes and payrolls, staff development and training, and so on, makes sense.

This is where HR outsourcing services can help. So, if you are looking for the best HR outsourcing services of 2024, we have a list of the 7 best options available today.

#1. ADP – Best Suited for Benefits Administration

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As a leading supplier of human resources services in the United States, ADP offers competitive benefits. As an ADP customer, you’ll get access to a large, national business that has considerable negotiating power with healthcare providers.

With ADP, you can provide your employees with inexpensive benefits such as repayment programs for student loan, medical insurance, flexible work arrangements, retirement savings plans, workers’ compensation, professional development chances, and family leave.

Holistic employee benefits that facilitate enrollment and management may be an excellent tool for attracting and retaining top professionals for your business. With ADP’s tax and payroll administration capabilities, you can use the same platform for handling payroll and benefits of your employees.

If you want to connect ADP with 3rd-party business apps in order to build a more personalized human resource management solution, ADP will allow doing so because of its widespread integration capabilities.

Payroll and benefits administration may be a significant effort, particularly when it comes to adhering to laws and regulations related to employment.

Compliance and risk specialists from ADP can assist you in navigating local, state, and federal regulations so that you can prevent costly mistakes related to human resource management, and administration of benefits.

This degree of human resource assistance is critical for the administration of employee benefits to be effective.

ADP Core Features

  • Has a national presence.
  • Great bargaining capabilities with healthcare providers.
  • Simple & intuitive dashboard for modifying or viewing benefits.
  • Provides both iOS and Android apps.
  • Offers 500+ integrations.
  • Offers on site and virtual training courses for employees.
  • Offers in-house payroll administration.
  • Offer multi year or month-to-month contracts.
  • Minimum employees allowed: 25!

ADP Pricing

They offer bespoke pricing depending on plan requirements. Prices are not shown on their website.

#2. TriNet – Full-Service HR Solution

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TriNet is a human resource solution offering full services to small and medium-sized companies. It has industry expertise in a variety of fields, including architecture, consulting, marketing & advertising, engineering, e-commerce, education, retail & wholesale, life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, technology, and nonprofits. What distinguishes TriNet from many of its rivals is its commitment to customer service. Its staff of highly trained human resource professionals can assist your company in implementing efficient human resource procedures and compliant procedures.

Compared to its rivals, TriNet offers 24-hour customer assistance. The flexibility to contact an expert in HR services at any time of day or night may be transformative, particularly for companies with irregular working hours. Through a variety of contact methods like contact form, mobile text, phone, email, instant messaging, etc., TriNet has perfected the art of being really accessible to its clients.

TriNet partners with businesses to provide a variety of human resources services, including risk management, monitoring of time and attendance, workforce analytics, expenditure management, tax administration and payroll processing, compensation management, and administration of employee benefits. 

Your workers may use the mobile app of TriNet to view their benefits, track their expenditures and approvals, see their salary information, and submit & manage requests for time-offs. Admins and managers in your organization may access a wealth of human resource information such as workforce statistics, through the app.

Firms in financial sector can enjoy TriNet’s premium human resource solution named TriNet Financial Services Preferred. It is a brand-new solution to be introduced by TriNet in October this year, and it will include compliance & risk management, improved knowledge of tax, benefits, & payroll, guided onboarding, a dedicated human resources professional. It will even support partnerships and other organizations.

TriNet Core Features

  • Full-service HR services.
  • Brilliant customer support with multiple channels for communication.
  • In-house payroll administration.
  • Virtual training courses for employees.
  • Allows third-party integrations.
  • Offers multi year and annual contracts.
  • Android and iOS mobile applications available.
  • Minimum employee count: 5.

TriNet Pricing

Rates are customized for your needs.

#3. Zenefits – Best Suited for Startups

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Zenefits may be used by a wide range of companies, but its human resources capabilities and transparency make it particularly well-suited for startup companies. It provides clear pricing and a variety of plan choices online.

Each plan covers essential human resource management features such as document management, recruiting & onboarding, time tracking, and staff scheduling. You may configure triggers & alerts for compliance, as well as see different reports. Zenefits can easily integrate with various third-party apps to give you a more robust and custom solution.

Zenefits also offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. Your staff may access critical HR activities and tasks directly from mobile. Tasks include things like requesting time off, clocking in & out, pay stubs viewings, and benefits management, etc. 

Giving your workers this level of authority may alleviate the strain you or your HR staff would otherwise undergo in handling these items on the behalf of your employees.

Certain plans from Zenefits come with the features of compensation management, which may be particularly beneficial for businesses seeking advice on the salary to be paid to any new employee.

Additionally, Zenefits provides various tools for management of performance, which are an excellent way to make sure that the members of your team are performing optimally in their respective job roles.

If you’re interested in developing a business culture that prioritizes employee health, you may obtain surveys for employee engagement, and enjoy built-in wellness evaluation modules.

If you are settling for a lower plan, that’s fine, but if you need more, Zenefits allows easy upgrades to access additional features such as benefits administration, payroll processing, and even consulting services. Simply put, you have the option of starting small, but as your company grows, and so does your HR needs, you can scale up with absolute ease.

Zenefits Core Features

  • Offers a brilliant training portal for educating employees, managers, and administrators.
  • Allows partnering with Zenefits’ benefits brokers. Alternatively, you can use your own.
  • Allows both month-to-month and annual contracts.
  • It offers three different plans with additional add-ons.
  • Allows 40+ third-party integrations.
  • Allows in-house payroll administration.
  • Offers virtual training material.
  • Minimum employee requirement is 5.

Zenefits Pricing

Pricing starts at $8 per month per employee.

#4. Insperity – Best Option for Large Businesses

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It doesn’t matter if you have up to 5,000 employees, Insperity offers human resource outsourcing solutions capable of meeting the requirements of your large organization. In fact, it is capable of meeting the human resource requirements of almost any big company.

For instance, Insperity can assist you with payroll tax administration, payroll processing, and tracking of attendance and time.  Repetitive and routine admin HR chores may be overwhelming for a big organization, but Insperity can save you from a lot of trouble by handling such monotonous tasks for your, with options like paperless onboarding, 50+ pre-built reports, etc. If you wish, you can also create custom reports to suit your organization’s needs.

Insperity can easily assist you in providing affordable employee benefits irrespective of how large your team is. The solution offers competitive benefits such as 401(k) retirement plans, dental insurance, vision insurance, medical insurance, employee assistance programs, health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, personal accident insurance, term life insurance, disability insurance. For these offerings, Insperity has established long-term partnerships with carriers that are renowned all over the country.

A further excellent method that Insperity simplifies your company’s human resources procedures is via the provision of employee self-service. Your workers get to manage their own human resources information directly via the platform, such as logging the working hours, pay stubs viewing, time off requesting, and altering their contributions of 401(k) plan. Additionally, they get access to over 30K online publications, over 5K self-paced training courses, and various courses on liability management.

Insperity can assist your business in being legally compliant when it comes to stuff like audits, human resource-related government reporting, and risk management. You can even use Insperity for writing precise job descriptions, creating staff handbooks, developing programs for employee recognition, and so on.

Insperity Core Features

  • Designed for companies with as many as 5,000 employees.
  • There is a self-service portal available for employees that they can access 24×7.
  • It offers both multi-year and annual contracts.
  • It allows in-house payroll administration.
  • It offers integrations with third-party apps.
  • It also offers both Android and iOS apps.
  • They offer live chat, email, and phone support using their dedicated service team.

Insperity Pricing

Insperity offers bespoke pricing depending on the plans you select and the requirements you have.

#5. Paychex – Best Option for Small Businesses

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Designed with small companies in mind, Paychex is a complete human resource management services that offers services like recruitment and onboarding, monitoring of attendance and time, employee training, and administration of benefits.

Paychex can serve as both payroll tax administrator and payroll provider, which is perfect for small companies looking for handling wages and payment information of all its employees through a unified platform. Paychex has the ability to integrate with almost 200 3rd-party applications, allowing you to streamline all your business operations.

Paychex’s dashboard is super intuitive, making it simple for anyone to use. Additionally, they also have a brilliantly designed and intuitive mobile app that both you and your staff can use. The platform’s self-service capabilities empower workers to handle some human resource tasks independently, providing them authority over benefits, employment information and critical payment.

Paychex’s scale and the efficiency of its services enable it to handle all your human resource requirements on a single platform. It’s simple to scale between Paychex’s PEO and HRO services, allowing you to begin with a Paychex PEO collaboration and then move to the HRO model as your business keeps growing and more control.

Paychex Flex is the name of their HRO model, and it offers customized solutions to accommodate businesses of any size, allowing you to effortlessly scale up as your company grows.

Paychex Core Features

  • Paychex ensures legal compliance by proactively checking employment laws.
  • It allows contextual and tailored learning opportunities via its help center.
  • It allows month-to-month contracts.
  • It allows in-house payroll administration.
  • It offers 190+ third-party integrations.
  • Virtual courses for employee training are available.
  • It offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Paychex Pricing

They offer bespoke pricing depending on the plan you select and your needs.

#6. Bambee – Perfect for Fast-Growing Companies

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Designed as a human resources compliance service, Bambee connects companies to outsourced human resources professionals. Operating a growing company may be challenging but using Bambee will give you access to a wealth of tools that can assist you in remaining compliant with applicable human resource rules and regulations. Bambee is excellent for rapidly growing businesses that need help with developing human resource policies, resolving employee conflicts, ensuring state and federal compliance, and terminating employees.

They have a very transparent pricing policy. Bambee offers four different plans at set monthly prices. There are no hidden costs to take you by surprise. In fact, you can clearly see just how much you must spend on using Bambee as your company keeps growing.

Developing efficient company rules and ensuring a clean track record for employment paperwork may be particularly challenging for rapidly growing companies. This is where Bambee steps in and helps you with all the management and tracking and other essential tasks. For example, it may assist you in developing customized human resource policies and document retention rules while also keeping compliant employee folders.

Another critical aspect of company growth is ensuring that your workers develop with the company. Bambee, therefore, offers staff training solutions that contains 650+ courses, including resources on management training and leadership training. This courses are accessible 24×7. These courses are designed for helping your employees improve their skills and at the same time, help you in adhering to state and federal regulations governing harassment training, OSHA compliance, and workplace safety.

Bambee Core Features

  • Helps in maintaining legal compliance.
  • Helps in crafting internal HR policies.
  • It offers 650+ training courses available online 24×7.
  • Allow annual or month-to-month contracts.

On the downsides, if you are looking for payroll administration and third-party integrations, you will not find that with Bambee. It is not designed for that purpose.

Bambee Pricing

Bambee pricing starts at $99 a month plus additional setup fees.

#7. BambooHR – Best for International Businesses

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BambooHR can assist you at every stage of growth of your company. Although the bulk of the customers of BambooHR are small companies and medium companies, it is very capable of handling multinational organizations that are in need of an information management and HR management solution. BambooHR now serves clients in over 120 countries, demonstrating that it can assist your company regardless of its location or size.

You can start by choosing either the Essentials plan or the Advantage plan. If you need, you can use add-ons like time tracking, payroll, and performance management and customize it to your organization’s particular requirements. Due to the fact that many companies do not want to be tied into painful long-term contracts, BambooHR provides monthly contract options. You can even try out their 7-day free trial before making a purchase. The price you must pay will depend on how many employees you have and the services you need.

BambooHR is an excellent solution for information management as it helps in storing and managing personnel documents and data irrespective of your company’s location. It includes self-service capabilities for employees and even throws in a mobile app, allowing your staff to manage their employment information and benefits from any place.

BambooHR includes tools such as approvals and processes, audit trails, and reporting to ensure that you stay legally compliant. It has brilliant third-party integration capabilities and is known for integrating with learning management systems (LMS) so that you can easily track staff training.

If your worldwide company is embracing hybrid and remote work, BambooHR can assist you in managing it with the latest addition of four key marketplace partners, bringing the total to more than 80. These new additions will allow you to conduct video interviews, automate critical interactions, and monitor employee engagement with the help of integrations such as Spark Hire, Hireflix, Pyn, and Leapsome.

BambooHR Core Features

  • It comes with Audit Trail – a security tool that allows you to track the person who made changes to the software.
  • The program allows running customized reports.
  • It allows monthly contracts.
  • It allows in-house payroll administration.
  • It easily integrates with 50+ third-party applications.
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms are available.

BambooHR Pricing

They offer bespoke pricing plans depending on your needs and the plan you select.

What are the Benefits of Using HR Outsourcing?

There are four straightforward benefits, and they are:

1. Saves Time and Money:

Hiring an HRO to manage your human resources operations may help your company save both time and money. Rather of squandering hours personally doing administrative chores, you may simplify the entire process by outsourcing some jobs. You may then devote your precious time to activities geared towards revenue generation that will help you grow your company quickly.

2. Streamlines Hiring & Onboarding:

Effective recruitment and then proper onboarding of workers may make a significant impact in your business’s performance. An HRO can help you simplify your recruitment, hiring, and finally onboarding procedures, ensuring that you employ the finest employees. HROs assist you in not only recruiting the best workers, but also in onboarding them in accordance with employment and labor regulations.

3. Legal Compliance:

Your human resources professional is accountable for the privacy and security of employee data that includes things like pay and personal information. Additionally, such solutions also guarantee that your business adheres to federal laws governing workers’ compensation, 401(k) plans, healthcare, taxes, and payroll processing, as well as COBRA or the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act.

4. Expert HR Insights:

Managing all of your team’s HR tasks will always be a significant undertaking, especially in a small company. If you do not have a whole department dedicated to managing and tracking your human resource requirements, the likelihood is that you will need to engage a service such as an HRO to assist you. An HRO is a specialized service that may provide your business with a broad range of human resource expertise and assistance. Even if you have an in-house human resources manager, they will always find the assistance to be extremely useful. An HRO can assist you with meeting all your business’s HR requirements, despite having a strict budget.

What are the Most Commonly Outsourced HR Functions?

You can outsource almost any human resource function. Here are some of them that you can outsource:

  • Workspace’s compensation.
  • Workplace safety training.
  • Unemployment insurance + claims administration.
  • Tax administration + compliance.
  • Staff training and development.
  • Staff termination assistance.
  • Staff recruitment.
  • Staff handbook creation.
  • Staff discipline.
  • Staff benefits administration.
  • Services for background checks.
  • Risk management + regulatory compliance.
  • Retirement services.
  • Payroll.
  • New-hire reporting.
  • Human resource administrative tasks.
  • HR policy implementation.
  • HR policy development.
  • HR consulting.
  • HR audits.
  • Development of compensation plan.
  • COBRA insurance.
  • Application tracking.


Before you settle for any HR outsourcing solution, make sure that you are looking into the pricing structure. There are usually two models available – a fixed monthly fee per employee, or a percentage of the monthly pre tax salary of each employee. Some services require you to have payrolls minimum before you can use their services. Also, do not forget that HR outsourcing is usually beneficial for large organizations and midsize companies. This means that if your company is a very small one, you may actually be better off with a PEO or professional employer organization.

So, make sure that you take into account every aspect of your business expenses before you decide to go for an HR outsourcing solution.

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