6 Best Article Rewriter and Article Spinner Tools

Looking for a way to repurpose your articles without having to spend hours rewriting entire articles?

Yes, we all have been there, and it sucks! I know that. So, years ago, I started my search for a program that would do exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, the time was such that AI was still in its infancy.

Many programs popped up over the years. All of them said they are best in business.


That’s a lie. You and I both know that. Not everyone can be the best. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of such software that actually manage to do what they are meant to do.

The rest are just bogus. And I mean it.

No matter how many blog posts you see that rank such programs and come up claiming that they are outstanding – know just one thing – they are lying.

I don’t want to lie to you.

After all, you will be spending a lot of money to keep using those platforms (SaaS) or software.

So, you need the very best.

“Those that make lofty claims are the hollowest of all in their offerings.”

Just keep the above statement in mind.

Yes, it is true that just like other blogs promoting certain software programs, even this blog is going to earn money out of affiliate programs, provided you buy directly from the links on this page, but still, honesty cannot be beaten.

So, I will be honest and tell you exactly which ones work, and which ones are just ‘awful.

So, without further ado, let us begin.

The Best Article Rewriters – The Best in Business

#1. QuillBot – Cheapest and Best

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Mind it, QuillBot is not an article spinner. It is an article rewriter or an article paraphraser.

How do paraphrasers work?

They will read a sentence, understand its context, and then rewrite the entire sentence keeping the meaning of the sentence the same.


Original Sentence: The police arrested Tony last night.

Paraphrased Sentence 1: Last night Tony was apprehended by the cops.

Paraphrased Sentence 2: The prior night, the police detained Tony.

Do you see the difference here?

The meaning of the sentence remains the same. However, the arrangement of the words, and even some of the words change.

This is paraphrasing and this is what QuillBot does.

QuillBot is one of the very few AI-powered software that can do this. In fact, it is great at doing what it does. In rare cases though, it messes up the meaning of a sentence, especially when the sentences are too small or when dealing with ordered and unordered lists.

So, what exactly does QuillBot do?

QuillBot is a fascinating artificial intelligence-powered writing assistant that is most known for its paraphrasing abilities. It is not a typical article spinner. Rather than spinning articles, which necessitates the replacement of almost every word with a synonym, This AI-powered program rewrites a whole sentence.

While it does use synonyms, it often completely changes the structure of the sentence while maintaining the basic meaning.

You may completely deactivate synonyms and allow it to paraphrase if you want. Synonyms are useful in a number of contexts. You may configure the software’s use of synonyms. The more synonyms you use in your paraphrase, the less accurate it will be.

Additionally, a variety of writing styles are available. Fluency, Standard, Creative & Creative+, Shorten, Formal, and Expand are the available options.

Additionally, you may choose between American English, British English, or Australian English using the paraphrase tool. The program is very easy to use. You may either type the text into the tool directly or upload a document.

There is a comparison option available that enables you to compare the program’s performance in different modes of writing; for example, you may examine how the software works in Fluency mode, Standard mode, Creative mode, and so on.

While QuillBot is most renowned for its paraphrasing capabilities, it also contains a Summarizer, a Grammar Checker, and a Citation Generator.

QuillBot integrates seamlessly with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Google Chrome.

What I really like about QuillBot is the ability to freeze certain words. If you freeze a word, QuillBot will never use a synonym for that word and keep it intact throughout the text. This is especially helpful when you are dealing with technical writing and keep certain words as-is becomes important.

On the downside, QuillBot cannot deal with any special character at all. So, if your text has words with special characters, you must manually replace them once QuillBot has finished paraphrasing.

Despite QuillBot being so powerful, it reels under a really bad drawback. It does not provide API access. API access is currently a standard offering. The absence of API access is often quite stifling, thereby significantly slowing down the speed that many bloggers and writers look for.

Pricing of QuillBot

QuillBot provides a free version that is fully functional for an infinite period of time. It allows you to concurrently paraphrase up to 700 characters. The application is completely free and may summarize up to 5000 characters at a time. Additionally, the free version contains three synonyms, three writing styles, and plugins for Google Chrome and Google Docs.

Upgrade to the premium edition to get access to a 10,000-character summarizer, a 25,000-character summarizer, four synonym options, a sentence expander and shortener, seven writing styles, and a Microsoft Word extension.

The premium version has a monthly charge of $14.95. If you pay semi-annually, the price per month decreases to $9.95. Throughout the annual payment cycle, the price falls to $6.67 each month.

#2. Word.ai

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Word.ai is another popular article rewriter or paraphraser that is capable of doing miracles. Indeed, it compares well to QuillBot (if not better).

Copywriters may utilize Word.ai to rewrite text naturally. It generates up to 1,000 rewrites of a single piece of text, providing clients with an abundance of repurposing options. Additionally, it performs the function of an editor.

Additionally, phrases are restructured, split sentences are created, and the quality and clarity of the text are improved.

Word.ai is an easy-to-use application. You started by placing your original text on one side and then specifying the number of copies you need. Finally, click the “rewrite” button to have Word.ai quickly generate the necessary number of copies by completely rewriting the sentences. The grammatical structure and wording of the phrase will change, but the sentence’s meaning will stay intact.

Additionally, Word.ai is blessed with the power of dividing and reorganizing sentences, improving the quality and clarity of the language, and even supporting HTML content.

This support for HTML content is something you will not find in QuillBot. So, you can just literally take an HTML format of any content from any website and use it to create a non-HTML rewritten version. That’s cool, right?

Word.ai also provides API access so that you can integrate with a large number of third-party applications. Developers can use the API to create custom solutions that can put any blog on autopilot. If you are looking for unmatched speed, Word.ai is the best alternative to QuillBot.

Pricing of Word.ai

Unfortunately, all the prowess of Word.ai does not come cheap. Clients who are new to the service get a three-day risk-free trial. Beyond that, you must pay a monthly fee of $57 or an annual fee of $27. They provide an enterprise-class solution at a variety of pricing points suitable for heavy usage.

Word.ai is one of the most expensive rewriting technologies accessible, especially if you wish to use it in mass for any purpose.

If you use the platform to rewrite less than 10 articles, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you rewrite 10 or more articles, you will not be entitled for a refund.

#3. Wordtune

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Wordtune is neither a grammar checker nor a spinner of articles. Rather than that, it is one of the rare uses of artificial intelligence that attempts to comprehend the semantics and context of your written content. It is an AI21 Labs invention that rephrases sentences using a variety of language models.

By using Wordtune, you may enhance your material’s persuasiveness, engagement, and consumability. To help you in this endeavor, the service makes use of advanced neural-net-based Natural Language Processing technology in combination with standard artificial intelligence technologies.

The software rewrites your written content to make it more flowing and comprehensible. It makes an attempt to improve the text’s readability rather than depending on conventional grammar checking, which is focused with syntax rather than semantics.

Wordtune allows you to produce well-written sentences that maintain their intended meaning. It provides many rewriting options for each sentence that has to be changed.

Once you pay for Wordtune, you will get ultimate control over the length of the sentences you write and their style. Not only that, it also integrates nicely with Thesaurus to give you real-time suggestions.

If you are looking for compatibility, this program nicely integrates with various social media platforms, corporate tools, all famous

There is a problem. Unlike Word.ai, you cannot define the number of copies you want. You have to have things done manually just like QuillBot, making it not a viable option for bulk rewriting or repurposing of articles and texts.

Also, just like QuillBot, it can sometimes (rarely) alter the meaning of the sentence.

Pricing for Wordtune

Wordtune provides a basic free plan that only covers basic rewrites and suggestions. However, if you wish to take advantage of all of Wordtune’s features, you must subscribe to their $9.99 a month Premium plan. This price, however, is only available if you select the annual subscription package. If you want to pay monthly, the price increases to $24.99 each month. Additionally, they provide a premium team package with customizable pricing.

That’s all! These are THE 3 BEST ARTICLE REWRITERS you can lay your hands on. Rest is all pathetic, to say the least. Yes, there are several others available. Some of them are entirely free, and they are horrible. Don’t go for them.

The Best Article Spinners – Only the Best in Business

I will clarify once again. In this segment, I am going to give you a list of only the top three options. I don’t even care about the remainder. They are the worst of the lot no matter how lofty their claims are, and no matter how hyped they are on other blogging sites with titles like ‘Best Article Spinners of 2022’ and so on.

I don’t care! They are all lying. They are lying because they are going to make money at your cost using the affiliate programs they subscribe to.

I have personally tested almost all article spinners to supplement some of my blogs, but they all do such a pathetic job that I found it better to write things myself.

Now, how does an article spinner work and why is it different from an article rewriter (like QuillBot, Word.ai, and Wordtune)?

Article spinners do not care about the semantics and context of your articles. They will not care about the end result and its meaning. They will replace words and phrases with synonyms from dictionaries and create a new sentence even if those sentences are completely unintelligible and meaningless.

Article spinners use spintax. That is a syntax used for spinning.

How do they work?

Here is a sample:

Original Sentence: I hope she will find the love of her life soon.

Spintax: {I hope|I wish|I pray|I really hope} {she will find|she finds|she gets|she discovers} the {love|romance|adoration|tenderness|warmth|attachment|passion|doting|disposition} of her {life|creation|being|existence|survival|soul} {soon|shortly|presently|in a moment|in a twinkling|quickly|fast}.

This spintax can form multiple sentences. Here is a sample sentence that it can form:

I pray she gets the adoration of her being presently.

Well, you can read it, but does that make any sense at all?

I am not saying that all sentences will be meaningless. Some will make sense, but most won’t.

See, the spintax did not take care of the context or the semantics. The only thing it did was replace a bunch of words with their synonyms from the dictionary.

And the end result?

A nightmare!


A single spun sentence can create hundreds and thousands of variations just by replacing the original words with their synonyms. Result?

You get 100% unique text, but none of them are readable or none of them make sense.



NEVER USE ARTICLE SPINNER no matter how much their creators brag about them.

When does using a spinner make sense?


Some argue that you can use an article spinner to create content for your PBNs (private blog networks) or for submission on forums, wikis, and other blogs, but I disagree.

Such awfully written content will get you banned from such forums, wikis, and other blogs. You can use them for PBNs, but eventually Google will find out that you are using a PBN and engaging in a black hat SEO technique to boost your website’s rankings.

I do not mean to demean any site, but I did come across several such websites that have absolutely pathetic content generated by spinners. Here is a site that you may want to look into:


Just append https:// at the beginning of the URL and then read the entire article. It is a copycat of neilpatel.com/blog/ai-tools-media/, except that the blog post uses a content spinner.

Why would you even want to use such type of content?

Now that I have made my point, I will give you the list of three best article spinners available today (best out of the worst, but they aren’t really any good, either).

Here you go…

#1. Spin Rewriter

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Of all the spinners that I have used, Spin Rewriter is the only one that makes some sense. That doesn’t mean I am recommending this solution to anyone.

I am not! It still does a pathetic job.

Though its website says that it is the only tool that can create human-quality content using ENL technology (ENL stands for Emulated Natural Language), it is still a horrible program.

Trust me! I have tried it out after going through its brilliant marketing page which shows something like this:

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That is quite impressive right? It sounds like the program can understand the context.

But that is theory.

It doesn’t!

In 99% of the case, it will mess up the sentences. The example site I gave above (which was a rip-off of Neil Patel’s blog post) uses this program (most likely). You can read that article and compare it with Neil Patel’s blog post, and you will know that all that is being said on the marketing page of Spin Rewriter is bogus.

But I have to give it to the developer. The product is much better than any other product available today.

In case you are okay with the level or quality of work it does, here are some features of Spin Rewriter that you may like:

  • It can create up to 1,000 variations for each article.
  • It can spin articles in bulk. You can upload up to 10 articles in zip format and the program can read from it.
  • You can also make it perform multi-level deep spinning.
  • It allows side-by-side comparison of the original and the spun variants.
  • It can spit out HTML variations of the spun content.
  • There are multiple spintax styles. It supports 5 most popular ones.
  • It can add extra content to your articles apart from spinning them.
  • It also throws in a grammar checker, a word counter, a spell checker, and a character counter.

While all these sound crazy good, the end result doesn’t change. The spun content is awful.

Pricing for Spin Rewriter

Just like its output, even the pricing for Spin Rewriter is crazy. The monthly billing cycle calls for a price of $47 a month, while the yearly billing cycle brings down the price to just $77 a year. In case you want to get lifetime access without worrying about repeated or recurring payments, the price goes up to $497. That’s crazy, right?

#2. The Best Spinner 4

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The name itself suggests that the program is in its 4th iteration or version. The developer of this program says that there are 100,000 users, but there is no way of verifying the claim.

The Best Spinner 4 can generate 100 iterations for each of your articles. It can spin in 14 different languages. It can even generate MP3 (audio) files of your spun content. It also supports nested spinning and integrates English Thesaurus.

Despite its slew of features, I won’t recommend using The Best Spinner 4 (and any other spinner) for your money site. If you want to go the dirty way and you don’t care about the quality of the content you are throwing at your readers, this might be a very good option.

I will not go about explaining how bad the quality is. I have already done that before speaking about the Spin Rewriter, and I even gave you a live example. Be the judge!

Pricing for Spin Rewriter

There are three pricing plans – Basic, Standard, and Pro. The Basic plan costs $67 a year. The Standard plan costs $127 a year. And the Pro plan costs $247 a year. The Basic and Pro are just iterations of the Standard plan with additional or less monthly credits for audio conversion and translation.

#3. Spinner Chief 6

Graphical user interface, application
Description automatically generated

It is a spinning software that positions itself as an article rewriter and states that it uses Natural Language Analysis along with Artificial Intelligence.

Honestly, Spinner Chief 6 brings big claims to the table, but it is the worst of the three choices you will find here for article spinners.

For instance, Spinner Chief 6 says that it uses stuff like:

  • Parts of Speech analysis
  • Statistical Replacement technology
  • Emulated Natural Language
  • Artificial Intelligence

Besides, it can also spin articles on both sentence and paragraph levels. However, the results will be terrible. You can check the sample (just a part of this article) spinning here:

{It is a|This is a|It is just a} spinning software that positions itself {as an|being an|as a possible} article rewriter and states that it uses Natural {Language|Vocabulary|Terminology} Analysis along with Artificial Intelligence.

Notice how it messes up with the term “Natural Language Analysis.” It inserts several synonyms for the word “Language,” but it should have been left untouched.

What is interesting is that there is an option for marking certain words that you do not want to be spun.

But there are two problems with this. First, the same word that you do not want to be spun in a certain context should be spun in a different context. But once you freeze such words, all instances will remain unspun. So, the program doesn’t really understand the context.

Second, defining words that should not be spun will mean that you must scan each original article and define those words manually. This kills the entire purpose of automation.

So no, all the big claims made by Spinner Chief come crashing down flat on their faces.

Pricing for Spinner Chief 6

The Spinner Chief 6 has a free plan that does not allow word protection, and it comes with serious limitations. You can upgrade. Three options are available that include:

  • Elite: $197 one-time fee.
  • Ultimate: $307 one-time fee or yearly $107.
  • Team: $627 one-time fee or yearly $277.


My recommendation is that you go for article rewriters instead of article spinners. Article spinners are disastrously bad and outrageously priced. The results you get are truly not meant for your money site or for any form of article marketing efforts.

If you really want to speed up things and perform bulk article rewriting or paraphrasing, use Word.ai. Though it is pricey, it is one of the finest you can get. However, if you are not in need of bulk article rewriting, QuillBot and Wordtune are great options at low cost. You must check them out. You can also check our Best AI Writing Software of 2022 and 10 AI Tools for Media Creation both provide a more robust and tailored options.

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