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Apple TV Plus Free Trial | Enjoy 7 Days Free Trial

Unlike many other streaming providers, Apple TV + offers free trials to users in different ways. You will get free access to all series and films after the first registration or after purchasing an Apple device. So, in this article, we’ll fully introduce you to the various ways to get an Apple TV Plus free trial and how it works.

The billing of $6.99 per month starts only after the first week, enjoyed for free. To stop getting charged when the promo expires, you should also follow our guide for cancelling Apple TV Plus subscriptions.

7 Days Free Trial (For All New Users)

Almost all top streaming services, except Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, have stopped their free trial programs. However, anyone wishing to enjoy some of the exclusive content from Apple TV Plus, such as the fictional drama For All Mankind or the comedy Dickison, only needs to activate the 7-day trial subscription by registering through the TV app on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

You can use Apple TV+ for free even without buying an Apple device or using a Groupon account. When you sign up for Apple TV+ for the first time, you will get seven days of free access to all streaming content. You must also provide a valid payment method for the subscription after the free period. But yiu cab cancel it before getting charged.

On the one hand, the subscription fee is debited from the means of payment after the free period has expired. On the other hand, this ensures that you do not register for the free subscription several times with the same payment details and a different email address.

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3 Months Free Trial

Until a year ago, anyone who bought a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple TV was entitled to 365 days of Apple TV + for free.

However, as of July 1, 2021, the free trial period for those who buy a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch has been reduced drastically. In short, the end of the free ride.

So now, Apple TV + is free for 3 months only if you buy an Apple device and activate the offer within 90 days. This applies to the following products:

  • Apple TV
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Mac
  • MacBook
  • Mac Mini
  • Apple Watch

You can access the free service either via the pre-installed Apple TV Plus app, or you will find a note in the settings of the new Apple device.

However, free access is only available for new products and not for “trade-in” or second-hand goods. In addition, the item must be sold by Apple or an Apple-authorized reseller.

Also, the three months cannot be redeemed if you have already used Apple TV+ in a free trial period. A code is not required for new registration. You will find a corresponding note on your new Apple device if you are entitled to the three-month offer. Follow the appropriate option and log in to unlock the free option.

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6 Months Free Trial for PlayStation Owners

Anyone who thinks that the few lucky owners of a PlayStation 5 are already enviable enough should listen better now: Apple TV+ gives you 6 months free if you take out your subscription via a PS5. This offer has been on for a while and extended. However, it will be stopped on October 19, 2022, a couple of weeks from now.

PS4 users don’t go away empty-handed but only get three months free. This offer also ends by October 19.

Limited Free Trial for Students

Students who have subscribed to an Apple Music Student subscription have access to all Apple TV + content. There is nothing to do: access for them is instant and automatic. Just open the Apple TV and start watching Apple Originals. But this cannot be shared.

Apple TV Plus Features

Apple TV has a single plan, costing from $6.99. It used to cost $4.99 until October 2022 when a price hike of $2 was added.

You also have the option to save 15% over the year after your Apple TV Plus free trial and pay $69.99 annually.

Apple TV Plus is also available for viewers outside of the US with about 107 countries covered. Here are the prices for a few of the countries.

Monthly: £6.99 / $8.99 CAD / €6.99 / $9.99 AUD / $12.99 NZD

In terms of other features, here is an overview.

Plan FeaturesApple TV Plus
Price$6.99 per month 
Ads No
Shows Current shows, All Apple Originals, Complete Series, Free Premieres, All Drama Series, Major League Baseball, Kids & Family shows
Content 100,000+ entertainment hours 
Download Movies  to Watch OfflineYes
Supported DevicesApple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPlay

How to Activate the Free Subscription

Anyone who has purchased an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV after 10 September 2019 and until 30 June 2021 is entitled to one year of free subscription. This is in the form of a promotional code that must be entered when activating the service or directly on the App Store on the “Redeem Code.”

However, some users report that they have not received it. If it happens to you too, try to visit the site https://tv.apple.com. Then enter your Apple credentials there after turning on and activating the device. Alternatively, you can contact Apple.

Apple TV + can be seen on all iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch upgrades to iOS 13 or iOS 14, Macs upgraded to macOS Catalina or later, Apple TVs, Samsung, and LG TVs, Roku set-top boxes, and Amazon FireTV.

If you want to try out Apple TV+, you can sign up via the Apple TV app or www.tv.apple.com. An Apple ID is required to log in. If you don’t have an Apple account yet, you can create an Apple ID for free.

Apple TV+: What’s the Subscription Price?

The cheapest paid subscription of Apple TV Plus costs $6.99 monthly, which is really cheap. This is, in fact, one of the most affordable flat rate subscriptions on the market.

Regardless of whether you used Apple TV+ for free for seven days or three months, after the free period has expired, the service automatically switches to a paid subscription.

So if you’re not interested or ready for paid streaming, you must cancel it in good time. After cancellation, you still have access to the Apple TV Plus content until the end of the test trial period.

How to Slash Apple TV Plus Subscription Price

With account sharing, you can end up paying just $1 or even less if you find some more people to use the service.

Five other family members can stream simultaneously without restrictions. This works via family sharing, which you manage with your own Apple ID. So if you decide on a subscription that six of you will use, each person would have to pay less than one dollar per month. An excellent price!

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How to Cancel Apple TV Plus

You can easily cancel Apple TV+ like all other Apple subscriptions via the App Store or the Apple TV+ website.

To cancel your Apple TV Plus free trial or paid subscription, go to www.tv.apple.com. Then click on account, with the icon you can see over the page. And if you can’t find the icon, simply sign into your Apple ID and click Settings > Subscriptions > Manage > Cancel Subscription.

Apple TV+ Streaming Service: What Makes It Special?

Even if you have the first week for free, you’re still going to spend some time consuming the content to see if it’s worth it. In terms of programming, Apple TV+ differs significantly from the streaming competition.

Apple Originals

There are series and films offered exclusively on Apple TV+. The Apple TV+ streaming service has a lot of Apple Originals — from award-winning series to compelling dramas, kids’ entertainment, groundbreaking documentaries, comedies, and lot more. Also, more new Apple Originals are added each month.

In recent years, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have also increasingly relied on in-house productions, but Apple has completely dispensed with the purchase of licenses, series and films from other studios can ultimately simply be rented or bought from Apple TV.

Protection of minors

A 4-digit code can be set in the settings, with which you can encrypt films and series. Targeted titles cannot be selected here, instead content with a specific rating will require your passcode if you choose to do so.

It is also possible to lock all titles with the code. Not an extensive, but at least a functional solution. But be careful: If you only use Apple TV+ in the web browser, this option is not available to you.


If you use an iPhone , iPad or a Mac , you can also download the content from Apple TV+. The settings are not found in the Apple TV app, but in the settings of the iPhone. There you can adjust the download quality and increase it from “Fast downloads” to “High quality” as required.

The better resolution offers you a very good image quality with high dynamic range, but the loaded episodes are correspondingly large. Almost 2 GB is required for the episode of “The Morning Show.” But the quick download remained just under 1 GB.

Subtitles and languages

On the other hand, Apple TV+ is highly rated when it comes to the provision of subtitles and the available languages. If you like to watch films and series in the original language, you can switch all content to English. If you are not catching what’s said, you can switch on subtitles in an estimated 40 languages.

Apple has also thought of more detailed subtitles for those who are hard of hearing and audio descriptions for people with hearing impairments. So, in that regard, Apple deserves credit. However, it’s a little annoying that you can’t change the design of the subtitles. Size and font are preset and cannot be edited.

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Interface and devices for watching

We like the interface of Apple TV+ on iPhone. Large preview images give you a first impression of the available content, and Apple can provide you with additional information if you wish.

If you start a series or a film, the content flickers across the screen in very good quality after less than a second loading time. If you use an Apple TV 4K including a suitable Ultra HD television, you can enjoy the content in the highest quality (4K, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos).

Apple TV+ has its own Fire TV and Roku app and also runs on smart TVs from well-known manufacturers. In addition to Samsung televisions, these also include numerous models from LG, Panasonic and Sony, and you will also find Apple TV+ on televisions with the Android operating system.

Setting up a free Apple ID also allows users without Apple hardware to see the content. However, a comparison with other streaming services reveals some shortcomings.

You won’t find an Android or Windows app, but you can access Apple TV+ on Windows PCs and Android tablets via the Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers. Via the address “tv.apple.com” you can access the web app of the streaming service and get access after entering your Apple ID. You can also watch Apple TV+ on Android tablets and non-Apple phones.

Downloads are not possible here, however, and the stream in the browser does not reach Full HD resolution even with a very fast Internet connection. It is therefore possible to use Apple TV+ via the browser, but it is rather cumbersome.

Opera or even the anonymous Tor browser are not supported at all. The app for smart TVs and streaming sticks, on the other hand, are good alternatives. The chic Apple interface has been successfully adapted here. The operation is self-explanatory, and the content runs smoothly.

How to Access Apple TV+

It is best to watch Apple TV+ on iPhones, iPads, or your Mac computer because the streaming service is integrated directly into the Apple TV app. As a prerequisite, however, you need at least the operating system versions iOS 12.3 on iPhone and iPad, tvOS 12.3 on your Apple TV, and macOS Catalina on your computer.

To see all the content from your new subscription here, select the “Apple TV+ Channel.” Otherwise, you have to manually search for the series included in the subscription between the purchase and rental content in the TV app. But even in the filtered Apple TV+ channel, Apple suggests other paid films and series to continue watching.


Many streaming services have said goodbye to free trial offers, but with Apple TV+, you can still stream for 7 days free. You can secure a longer free trial period with Apple TV+ if you buy a new Apple device. You can then use the streaming service for three months at no extra charge. Until mid-2021, Apple TV + was even more generous and donated a whole year. Hopefully, they will do something similar. For now, enjoy the free week trial!

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Does Apple TV Plus come with free trial?

Apple TV Plus offers 7 days free trial to everyone signing up for the time

Where can I sign up for 7 days Free Trial

You can sign up for Apple + 7 days free trial from their official website