19 Best AnyWho Alternatives to Use

Every day, millions of individuals use the internet to do background checks on others andAnyWho is one of such tools. These searches include information such as birth certificates, family tree, and phone numbers, and much more.

While there are several websites that allow you to discover individuals for free or do a reverse phone check, not each of them will be successful or yield the information you’re searching for.

AnyWho is an internet tool that enables you to effortlessly locate individuals, organizations, and locations worldwide. The platform was created specifically for companies looking to target a specific target audience, identify businesses, and so on. This enables you to locate any contact information for a person based on their location and name. Additionally, there is an option to search for information by ZIP code or area code, which saves effort and time.

The site’s interface is fairly straightforward, requiring just the First and Last Name, the State and the City. After inputting all necessary information, just click the search button. The tool will display all results within a second, which you may either copy or import. Additionally, the site may be used as a tool for reverse phone lookup. It also doubles up as a yellow pages directory to get various information including phone numbers.

Fortunately, AnyWho is not the only option out there. There are several more. This blurb is going to give you a rundown of the 19 best AnyWho alternatives.

So, without further delays, let us start:

Best AnyWho Alternatives

#1. Pipl

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Pipl is a powerful search engine that was created to assist individuals in locating other people from across the globe. Although the platform has numerous applications, the developers market it as a tool that assists businesses in verifying identities and detecting & preventing financial fraud. The platform is quite basic, and it has grown to millions of users worldwide, with over 3 billion profiles kept in database. To get the necessary information, provide various details including contact information, email addresses, and social media usernames. Once you provide the information, the tool will help you to locate the real person.

Additionally, it offers tools for looking for business users and sifting through data to construct a personal profile. Additionally, you may be able to regain lost contact information, allowing you to create and execute more focused and customized marketing campaigns. Pipl is a very straightforward and simple-to-use solution that does not need any special IT expertise to utilize.

It includes comprehensive instructions and video lessons that demonstrate the software’s fundamental features. Pipl is more than a tool for locating names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Additionally, it assists you in expediting your qualifications by enabling you to construct focused advertisements utilizing all of the information included in your profiles. Moreover, it has rapid integration, contact enrichment, data resolution, bulk search, cross-channel data, and comprehensive profile search features among others.

#2. US Search

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US Search is a low-cost service for background checks that enables you to easily locate individuals, their email addresses, contact information, and any other necessary information in a comprehensive profile form. The platform serves as a competitor to Pipl and incorporates all of the platform’s basic capabilities, as well as some additional tools and services, to create a complete search engine. It is specifically created for anyone looking to locate or research individuals in the United States and provides comprehensive background information, including a person’s criminal history.

US Search provides very inexpensive pricing and reliable reports. Every pricing plan offered has its own set of costs and perks that vary according to your specific requirements. Additionally, businesses may use this to verify an employee’s background, and other pertinent information including criminal history. Additionally, it contains basic features such as accurate results, flexible pricing options, and comprehensive background reports, as well as the ability to search by email address, name, or phone number. It even allows sharing the search results with others.

#3. Instant Checkmate

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Instant Checkmate is a simple but effective application that enables you to discover the truth about individuals in your immediate vicinity. The site provides authentic background reports with comprehensive information on practically anybody you know. The platform allows you to do phone number lookups, and even perform criminal record search. Instant Checkmate is created for businesses and organizations who wish to recruit honest people and receive comprehensive applications.

You may use this software to get essential background checks, criminal records, reverse phone lookups, and email searches, among other things. It has information on over 3 billion individuals worldwide and is constantly updated with fresh names in order to provide a full and thorough experience. Additionally, you may copy the search results and share them with others, which makes it superior to others.

To provide a seamless experience, Instant Checkmate is accessible on mobile platforms that enable you to discover information at any time and from any location. The platform’s primary features include background checks, the ability to identify unfamiliar callers on the move, the ability to prevent scams, the ability to discover genuine ages. There are various pricing plans available to select from within your budget.

#4. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is a very comprehensive internet resource for locating public data. It is a more reputable and trustworthy website for finding pals, relatives, and family members worldwide. Additionally, the platform offers a broad range of applications, including business records, background checks, phone lookups, public records, and criminal records, and is constantly expanding to give a complete platform.

It is a replacement for Pipl and includes all of the main features along with some additional tools and capabilities. The greatest part about this search tool is that the platform is completely free and accessible from anywhere in the globe. PeopleFinders’ primary features include a simple interface, no login required, the ability to search for places, the latest news, and contacts, among others.

#5. FindOutTheTruth

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FindOutTheTruth is a market leader in providing affordable private investigator-assisted investigations for background checks, employment, due diligence checks, and criminal records. It is a one-stop shop for all your needs related to background investigation. Their team leverages and combines investigators’ hands-on knowledge with years of risk management and investigative experience, as well as extensive college and post-graduate course work.

The nicest part about this site is that there are no membership fees or memberships; you only pay per search. In comparison to other comparable platforms, it is very quick and powerful, storing billions of data worldwide. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to arrange an investigative background check using this sophisticated platform quickly and efficiently. FindOutTheTruth’s primary features include the world’s biggest database, the ability to search for a criminal record, the ability to rapidly locate a record, and the ability to continually update.

#6. Intelius

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Intelius is a robust technology that enables you to instantly locate and identify unknown callers from anywhere in the globe. It is the industry’s most comprehensive solution, including billions of consolidated public information that can be used to do people searches, reverse phone lookups, background checks, and caller ID services. This enables you to get information quickly and accurately on anybody in the globe, including their email address, social media username, age, contact number, and even criminal background.

Intelius is a Pipl replacement that includes all of the fundamental capabilities as well as several extra tools for fast locating correct facts. This allows you to do a people’s search for anybody using their name or contact number in order to learn more about them. One of the finest advantages of this platform is its robust security measures, which include an anonymous search mechanism that ensures no one knows who you are.

Among Intelius’ most notable features include a simple interface, the ability to identify users through Caller ID, mobile applications, reverse phone search, and background check, as well as the world’s biggest database. It is a commercial product with many pricing tiers; each tier has its own set of costs and perks.

#7. PeopleSmart

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PeopleSmart is a well-known search engine for public records that efficiently bridges the gap between other search methods and provides a straightforward and accurate result. The platform has an intuitive user interface and enables you to reunite with long-lost friends or allows companies to feel safer about the individuals they trust.

It was created by a team of professionals and incorporates a slew of new technologies and features that enable it to swiftly locate results worldwide. In comparison to the other major platforms, PeopleSmart is relatively clear and presents information in a user-friendly way, which distinguishes it from the competition.

When you do a search, the platform retrieves all available results in order to ensure that the relevant individual is located. PeopleSmart is accessible in two distinct editions: free and premium. You receive a criminal record, important information, and a lot more with the premium version. It provides a variety of pricing options, each with its own set of costs and essential perks.

#8. USA People Search

USA People Search is a powerful search engine that makes it simple and quick to learn more about people. It assisted individuals in reuniting with long-lost family members and friends, doing criminal background checks, conducting internet research, and achieving peace of mind. USA People Search holds a comprehensive database of individuals who reside in the United States, which you may simply view without any restrictions. This platform enables you to get correct background information, such as a person’s entire name, contact number, social media username, exact age, and email address.

Unlike the other main sites, it also has a feature that enables you to search for and share criminal past directly with others. The biggest feature of this platform is that it has an intuitive design and does not need any particular abilities to do background checks; just enter a name, email, or contact number, in the provided search field and receive correct information in a matter of seconds.

#9. People Search Now

People Search Now is a powerful search engine designed to assist you in locating neighbors, family members, friends, or anybody else. It is comparable to Pipl and has all of the essential features, plus some additional ones that set it apart from the competition. This program enables you to rapidly locate someone using their email address, name, or phone number, among other information. Additionally, it is advantageous for organizations looking to acquire new personnel and want to learn about their applicants.

Additionally, it has a function that enables you to obtain a person’s criminal records complete with facts and photographs, which distinguishes it from competitors. Additionally, People Search Now contains many crucial features such as search history, rapid search, over 3 billion entries, and of course, it boasts a simple UI.

#10. Veromi

Veromi is a robust search engine that integrates dozens of datasets and billions of public documents. It is a dependable platform that provides access to the same data sources that are extensively used by law enforcement authorities and government. This software enables you to research the background and connections of everyone in its database. Veromi is here to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information on anybody at an inexpensive price.

The site is built for everyone, whether you’re looking for a buddy or doing background checks on a new partner that you recently met online. It includes their contact information, email address, and comprehensive background history, among other things.

The most intriguing aspect of this platform is that it has a staff of professionals accessible 24 hours a day to assist you in locating and delivering the information you want. Veromi provides a variety of pricing options, each with its own set of features and expenses. Its most important functions are reverse phone lookup, background checks, search capabilities, public records, and the ability to locate contact numbers.

#11. Who Easy

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Who Easy is a sophisticated piece of software that enables you to legitimately monitor phone numbers and obtain search results promptly and automatically. You will get full information about the person owning a phone number, including their address, name, and other details. easy reserve phone search, makes things more accessible by providing a simple technique for contacting the phone and determining its owner.

The program eliminates all obstacles to spending time poring through outdated contacts and phone books. Simply enter the information you have in the search field, and the system will get all relevant information related to a phone number in just a few seconds. The platform works for both mobile numbers and landlines and offers thorough information.

#12. Infotracer

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Infotracer is a public record search engine that allows you to discover any information on a person of interest. You may get the precise phone number, gender, contact information, and name of an individual, among other things. Infotracer will provide you with information about the individual’s assets such as their company, vehicles, planes, and yachts. Additionally, you have access to extra information on net income and investment.

The program is simple to use; all that is required of you is a basic search, and positive results will appear in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you may see criminal records of a person in the report area, which include police report details, disposition data, and probation information. Infotracer is the best alternative for locating the relevant marriage, court, and divorce records for the individual you’re searching for.

#13. TruthFinder

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Truth Finder is an information-discovery tool that allows users to learn about anybody. The platform enables users to access any kind of background information about somebody. The platform includes a number of directories, including public records, criminal records, and others. The portal includes a free of cost people search, which enables users to see public data without having to visit many courthouses.

It displays the entire name and the various aliases used by the individual you’re looking for, as well as his date of birth, photographs, education, employment, and mobile phone numbers, among other personal details. Additionally, the site allows users to conduct Dark Web searches to determine whether or not their personal information has been hacked. It enables people to look for information such as their Social Security number, passport number, debit & credit cards, etc. among other things.

The Truth Finder’s Public Records section covers a variety of records, including business and property ownership records, arrest records, education history, and firearm permits. The platform is only available in a subscription edition and also offers mobile applications in addition to the regular web interface. Customer assistance is available throughout the week by phone and email communications during the business hours.

#14. eVerify

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eVerify is an online application that enables lawful companies to verify their workers’ status. The program automatically confirms the newly recruited workers’ identification and job eligibility based on electronic matching information provided by the employees. You’re constantly informed about current events and upcoming events.

The program complies with your compliance needs, including identification verification and addressing compliance concerns, while also warning employers of non-compliant activity. Compliance help is provided to all workers through phone calls, emails, desk checks, and site visits. Additionally, the platform disseminates data for in-depth analysis, which includes usage reports, statistics, and performance, along with a tool for searching participating employers.

#15. Whitepages

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Whitepages is a well-known telephone directory application that enables users to efficiently organize and discover phone numbers. The program is equipped with all of the tools essential for users to administer it effectively. Whitepages enables users in identifying and monitoring recipient numbers associated with their information, as well as to do background checks on them.

The program highlights complete data on a variety of items, including mobile phone numbers, landline numbers, criminal histories, email addresses, age, relatives, property information, company information, and lien records. Whitepages offers extensive instructions on its use and several resources for assistance services. The program is simple to install. It is also easy to maintain, and there are no known systemic errors throughout the download process.

#16. US Phone Book

The US Phone Book is a web-based phone directory offering information on individuals, such as their home address and most recent phone numbers. The platform has data on the United States’ 215 million residents. The platform obtains its data from a separate source called PeopleFinders.com, which has all public records providing both historical and current on individuals.

This online platform gives its customers with extensive and reliable search results, whether they’re looking for their long-lost buddy or their neighbor. It has an intuitive UI and offers a faster service compared to other competing directories.

The US Phone Book provides three distinct types of comparable searches. The first is a search for phone numbers and addresses using a person’s name. Second, they may use the address to look up the person’s phone number and name. Finally, they may jot down the person’s phone number in order to verify his or her identity.

#17. FastPeopleSearch

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FastPeopleSearch is a one-stop source for addresses, phone numbers, and names (both first name and last name). The web-based program provides you with accurate data on people and includes personal records for billions of people worldwide. FastPeopleSearch is well-known for its quickness in doing reverse phone lookups and boasts one of the most extensive databases of public records in the United States. It is also completely free.

The advanced search engine leverages cutting-edge technology to provide you with a massive dataset, ensuring that you will discover what you are looking for. Additionally, you may determine who is calling by using a reverse phone lookup that displays current results. The program enables users to search for any address with pertinent information on the move, and the data is updated on a regular basis, allowing you to access information on phone numbers and addresses throughout the United States of America.

#18. CheckPeople

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CheckPeople is a comprehensive people search engine that gives information on phone numbers, contact information, email addresses, and social media profiles, among other things. The program is simple to use, and by following the basic on-screen instructions, you will get information on the precise individual you are looking for. You may add search results that include entire name, traffic records, criminal records, sexual offender status, online dating profiles, marriage records, and divorce records, and more.

Additionally, the platform enables limitless searches and reports, and for the first time you can use the platform for free. Beyond the first search, you must pay a nominal monthly membership charge to have full access to the platform. CheckPeople will supply you with legitimate information without the need for any papers, and the search function will ensure that you discover anybody. Additionally, you can do a reserve phone number search by inputting the person’s landline or cell number, and you can discover the person’s cyber footprint, which includes blogs, images, and social networking profiles, among other things.

#19. Spokeo

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Spokeo is a robust people search engine that aggregates social network profiles, white page listings, and public information into easy forms to assist you in securely locating and learning about individuals. It is purpose-built for organizations and provides quick, easy, and dependable data. The website is dedicated to assisting users in doing research and reconnecting with others worldwide. Unlike the several other major platforms, it also has mobile apps that assist you in identifying unfamiliar callers, blocking annoying calls, and enhancing your contact book, among other things.

Additionally, it has a feature that enables users in reporting unknown telemarketing calls to Spokeo so that they can be shared with the platform’s large community. Additionally, the platform provides basic features such as an easy UI, call blocking, contact list optimization, and profile discovery based on the contacts present in your address book. Additionally, it enables you to locate individuals by searching for a given location and organizes over 12 billion data to assist users in reconnecting, among other functions.

Bonus: Other AnyWho Alternatives to Consider

Location SMS

Location SMS is a mobile application that enables users to find their location simply by texting the phrase ‘Where are you?’ to their phone. The program will detect the phone and provide users with the necessary location or coordinates to the number from which the SMS was received. Additionally, even if the cell network is unavailable, the location is detected, and the SMS is sent automatically.

Even if users have misplaced their cell phone inside their house and the phone it is set to “do not disturb,” they may locate it by texting ‘Lost’ to their cell phone, which will begin ringing at maximum volume. Additionally, consumers have discretion over who may send text messages to their phones for tracking purposes. Users may create a Geo-fence using Spot SMS, which immediately sends an SMS to their trusted contacts whenever they reach a certain spot or location.

Busted In The USA

“Busted In The USA” app provides a comprehensive list of all criminals arrested in all 50 states of the United States, allowing you to search for any offenders in your neighborhood. The released section offers information about all freed inmates, allowing people to assist them in becoming productive citizens via guidance.

The Busted In The USA app includes an intuitive interface that allows users to access detailed information on all freed inmates and monitor their activities in order to report anything dubious to the authorities.

You may do a database search by choosing a criminal’s status and inputting their first name, middle name, or last name. It summarizes information on each offender, including his or her age, name, father’s name, location, date of arrest, and total count of charges. Users may browse through the list of offenders in detention to learn more about a particular individual.


TruePeopleSearch is a quick and easy-to-use people search engine that is completely free to use while searching for individuals. You may search for contacts using their name, related names, phone number, physical/postal/email address, and relatives.

In comparison to AnyWho and other similar services, the site provides free and more complete results. Additionally, you get information on the individual’s age, cellphone or landline numbers, prior residences, related names, relatives, and probable associates.

TruePeopleSearch does not suffocate you as AnyWho does when you have a large number of entries. Rather the platform gives filters for narrowing down search results based on various criteria such as age and others.

If you want a more detailed report on a person, you may click on the link on their profile page. The service provides three methods for searching for individuals, and you are not required to submit their last name. Additionally, each search returns a large number of free results.


BeenVerified is more comprehensive than AnyWho. The reverse lookup and people finder search engines enable you to do searches using a variety of data, including car information.

The search suite sifts through job history and various other data, in addition to the bare minimum of phone number and name. You have access to information such as social media profiles, criminal histories, and property records.

You may also conduct search for properties that are unclaimed, but are on your name, and the platform will sift through its millions of data sources to unearth a plethora of information. In this manner, you may get background checks, phone number, contact information, email address, physical address and a wide range of other information.

Additionally, BeenVerified enables you to locate anybody based on any information, including their online identities. With the subscription plan, you may benefit from quicker searches and limitless reports that include information such as the time when the data displayed was last validated for accuracy and integrated social network feeds.

Additionally, you get maps of your previous and present locations, asset data, and loan information. The service offers four distinct ways to look for persons and many methods for paying for reports, however sometimes you may get quite inexpensive reports.


ZabaSearch is another method for locating individuals using their physical locations, names, or phone numbers. The service is completely free to use, and you may get public documents and information, such as court records and phone directories. Additionally, you may get free search results that include the person’s address and age, as well as more detailed information, by visiting the Intelius website using the links provided on the person’s page.

In contrast to AnyWho searches that usually take time to provide results, ZabaSearch provides near-instant results and provides some information free of cost.


PeekYou, as the name implies, is an application for conducting reverse lookup and people search. The application enables you to search for someone’s online presence and even locate them by phone number or name. The site checks into the individual’s profile and validates their usernames, ages, and other characteristics in order to assist you in obtaining the information you want about them.

You may do numerous types of searches for people and get various basic results free of cost. The platform scrapes data from other websites and includes valuable search refinement features to assist you in narrowing down your search results. PeekYou is simple to use and gives immediate information, in contrast to AnyWho, which may take hours to compile the reports you want.

Best AnyWho Alternatives Conclusion

Using people search services has become extremely simple over the years. Any of the aforementioned AnyWho alternatives can very certainly assist you in locating a long-lost friend or family or in confirming a person’s identification.

You must have noticed that there are various distinctions between the services; thus, be sure to review them first to choose which service best meets your requirements.

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