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Amazon Prime Video Free Trial | Get up to 6 Months Free

It is impossible if you are leaving without any online streaming platform subscription in 2022. In 2022, the world has evolved in numerous ways, and streaming platforms have become essential for our life. Many online streaming platforms are selling subscriptions, but only a few have succeeded in creating their name in the multimedia world.

Amazon Prime Video is one of them. It is one of the leading online streaming platforms in the US and worldwide, and why shouldn’t it be? It has the most valuable bundles and eye-catching offers, such as a one-month free trial. Shocked, aren’t you? If you want to know more about Amazon Prime and it’s free trial, keep reading because it will certainly be worth your time.

What Is Amazon Prime Video?

Have you ever used an online streaming platform where you get to stream new and fun movies and TV shows? Amazon Prime is just the same but a bit better version of them. Since Amazon Prime entered the world of media, it has set the Internet on fire, and now everyone is talking about Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime has many amazing TV shows, web series, and movies, including the latest and classics you can enjoy. Moreover, you can also watch amazing content under the production of Amazon Prime originals to entertain viewers with different stories happening worldwide.

You can also get all the on-demand shows that force you to watch them repeatedly due to the twists and curiosity of the story. The quality and cinematography of Amazon Prime Video will leave you in awe, and you will buy their subscription again and again. For many people, Amazon Prime has become like an everyday addiction.

What Does Amazon Prime Video Have To Offer Its Members?

Amazon Prime has always prioritized the content’s quality instead of the content quantity. That is why they keep working on series that are not just fun to watch but also include a powerful message.

However, there are many shows, movies, and TV shows available on Amazon Prime, but if you are a new member and want to know where to start to enjoy your free trial and test its worth, then you should start with Paper Girls. Other top picks that Amazon Prime offers its members are The Boys, Night Sky, The Wheel Of Time, Invincible, and all-time favorite Vikings.

Do Amazon Prime Video Offers A 1 Month Free Trial For Its Members?

If you have that Amazon Prime offers a one-month free trial to its members, then you have heard it right because they certainly do offer that. Isn’t it a wonderful piece of news for all Amazon Prime lovers? Amazon Prime Video is generous towards its members, which is why it offers them a free trial for a whole month so that members get to enjoy a bit free in advance.

Once your free trial ends, you will have to pay for your subscription plan for Amazon Prime Video. But still, you get a free month on the platform that will help you understand whether the content of Amazon Prime is according to your taste or not. It will be quite helpful for the new members to see if the subscription is worth their money and decide on their own.

Is There Any Way To Enjoy Amazon Prime Video For Free?

Amazon Prime Video was the most popular streaming platform, with over 200 million subscribers. You can enjoy the Amazon Prime Video for free for only one month. There is no way to enjoy Amazon Prime free for a lifetime.

Still, you can get Amazon Prime Membership for free through a third party. T-mobile is offering a free Amazon Prime with its prepaid metro unlimited plan. So if you are already a part of it, you don’t have to pay for an Amazon Prime subscription or membership.

Moreover, you can also get a standalone subscription for Amazon Prime for just $9 per month with a free trial, so you can also get it to enjoy because it is quite affordable. It also involves free access to unlimited content on Amazon Prime for the time being. Isn’t it amazing!

How To Sign Up For Amazon Prime Video Free Trial?

Do you want to join the one-month free trial of Amazon Prime Video but don’t know how to get it? Well, we are here to help you out. We will guide you step by step to sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime Video; let’s try it out!

  • Start by visiting the official website of Amazon Prime Video
  • You will see a Start Your Free Trial option; click on that
  • If you already have an Amazon Account, then login through its credentials, or else you have to create a new one
  • Add your valid account details, including your credit card number, so that Amazon Prime can charge you on it
  • Choose your subscription plan for Amazon Prime Video
  • Click on the sign-up button
  • Your new Amazon Prime account will be created, and you will get access to it within seconds.

Many people often get confused that they have to pay right after signing up for the free trial of Amazon Prime Video. No, that is not the case. Amazon Prime will only start charging you once your one-month free trial ends. If you cancel your free trial before the one month is over, then you won’t be charged by the team of Amazon Prime Video.

How To Get A 6-Month Free Trial Of Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime understands how much a student has to go through. They have to pay for their academics and don’t have much to buy an expensive online video streaming platform subscription, but it is very necessary to watch something to relax your mind from the hectic academic routine.

So, if you are a student who has just begun their college education or is about to graduate in a few months, you’ll get a present from Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video offers a free six-month trial to students. Isn’t it a wonderful piece of news? Well, for all the students it is more than wonderful.

All you have to do, signup through Amazon Prime Student Membership. Moreover, Amazon Prime will offer shopping at half prices on their store, a six-month LinkedIn premium, and Kindle Unlimited. Isn’t it great to get so much with one subscription?

How To Get Student Membership For Amazon Prime If You Have Already An Existing Account?

Suppose you don’t know about the Amazon Prime Student Membership and have a working account already. Don’t panic because you can switch your account on the student membership. How? Here we have explained steps to help you switch your Amazon Prime account to your Amazon Prime student membership account.

  • Login to your already existing Amazon Prime account
  • Click on Customer Tab Service
  • Scroll down, and you will see an option: “Switch from Amazon Prime to Prime Student.”
  • Click on that
  • Follow the instructions given by the Amazon Prime team and confirm
  • Your account will be converted to Prime Student, and you can enjoy more

How Much Will Amazon Prime Video Cost Me Once The Free Trial Is Over?

The Amazon Prime free trial is fun, but it won’t last forever. After the one-month duration or your student membership’s six months are over, you must pay for the subscription plan you have chosen on arrival time. Here we have compiled a list of all the subscription plans offered by Amazon Prime Video.

  • Amazon Prime Video Monthly Package – just for $15 per month
  • Amazon Prime Video Annual Package just for $139 per year
  • Prime Student Package – just for $6.49 per month

How To Cancel Amazon Prime Video Membership?

If you don’t like Amazon Prime content or are not spending much time on it, Then don’t worry because you can end it anytime you want. Amazon Prime understands the value of your time and money, and if you are not willing to spend it on their platform, then they are always ready to let you go without any restrictions.

  • Visit the official website of Amazon Prime Video
  • Log in to your Amazon Prime account
  • Go to settings and scroll down
  • At the bottom of the page, you’ll get an option as “Cancel Subscription” click on that.
  • Confirm, and the team of Amazon Prime Video will cancel your subscription

If you ever had a change of mind and want to come back on Amazon Prime Video to stream your old favorite shows or latest top picks under the original Amazon Prime, you can always come back and reactivate your account to enjoy.

What Devices Are Compatible With It?

Are you trying to sign in or create a new account on Amazon Prime, but it’s not working? Are you trying to enjoy the free trial of Amazon Prime but can’t do so? Don’t know what’s wrong with your Amazon Prime app? There is nothing wrong with Amazon Prime; it simply means that your device is incompatible with it.

Before buying a subscription, it is necessary to know whether your streaming device is compatible with streaming Amazon Prime content. Here we have compiled a list of devices that work well with an Amazon Prime subscription.

  • Amazon Devices such as Amazon Fire TV
  • Blu-Ray Players
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Mobile devices, including iPhone and Android devices
  • Laptops and PC
  • Smart TV
  • Roku 4K Streaming TV

Final Verdict

Amazon Prime Video is the most hyped platform for streaming, which is why every household has it. Amazon Prime has become an essential part of our lives and is hard to replace. You can sign up for a one-month free trial of Amazon Prime and enjoy your free time with your friends and family. Moreover, the Prime Student Membership offers you a six-month free trial that no one else does. Surely, it is an amazing way to get your future degree while enjoying the deals of Amazon Prime!