10 AI Tools for Media Creation

AI or Artificial intelligence technologies for media enable previously unimaginable levels of content creation at scale, and users don’t even require design expertise to produce something truly remarkable.

Artificial intelligence is not new. It is often used in the cinema and gaming sectors. However, these industries have just begun to scrape the surface of the potentials of artificial intelligence.

Almost daily, new AI technologies are developed to assist humans in creating articles, logos, and video scripts, among other things. Naturally, investors are ecstatic about these instruments. They do, however, have a great deal to offer to marketers, content producers, and digital agencies.

Now, many people argue that content is not media. Well, it is! Technically, content is media, and it can be in any format like text, video, audio, etc.

In case you are in need of fast content creation in bulk in the shortest possible time, AI tools for media creation will come in handy.

Going the manual way is not always a desirable thing because of many reasons. The first and foremost concern for many people is that they are not good at content creation. Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Many people are just not good with content creation. They are good with other aspects like marketing, sales, and so on.

Unfortunately, outsourcing content creation can quickly escalate the cost beyond control. If you do not want that to happen, AI tools for media creation are the best bet you will have.

There is an ongoing argument about whether AI Tools are really good or not. Some argue in their favor while others argue against. The problem is that until you use them, you will not know for sure whether they are suitable for your needs or not.

With this in mind, I will walk you through 10 of the best AI tools for media creation that you can get today. Use them as you wish but do keep in mind that most of them are paid options with free versions available. So, if you need the best results, you must pay for the full version.

Are you ready?

Let us begin.

Best AI Tools for Content (Articles)

#1. SEO Content Machine

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Designed especially for content writers and copywriters, SEO Content Machine is one of the most powerful tools to exist today. This AI-based content generation tool has a wide range of functions, some of which are:

  • Article writing based on templates.
  • Article scraping and downloading.
  • Article spinner (free spinner included or you can use API of paid spinner services).
  • Article translation using API.
  • News scraper.
  • Image and video scraper.

What is interesting is that SEO Content Machine has a writing assistant feature that scrapes and finds hundreds of sentences relevant to your topic. You can use those sentences for to start your articles for your money site.

Of course, there are many filters that you can apply. Such filters include word replacement, word removal, sentence removal and so on.

It also comes with a powerful keyword combiner that you can use to combine multiple keywords and create new keyword ideas.

That is not all. The SEO Content Machine comes with various other features including automatic posting to WordPress. However, I will not recommend doing this because it uses the xmlrpc.php file for that activity. Leaving this file unblocked can lead to security threats for your website and make it more vulnerable to DDoS attacks.

What else?

SEO Content Machine can even create new profiles for posting in various social media platforms and other websites (such as blog commenting, article submission, etc.).

Originally, SEO Content Machine was designed for black hat SEO techniques, but it has evolved into an extremely powerful software that churns out content even for money sites. All you must do from your end is take some time to configure the program.

SEO Content Machine Pricing

SEO Content Machine gives a free trial for 5 days. There is no free version available. Once the trial ends, you must purchase the software.

There are four pricing plans available that include the following:

  • Monthly – $27 a month.
  • Quarterly – $57 every three months.
  • Yearly – $120 every year.
  • Perpetual – $197 one-time fee and free updates for the first year. $80 for updates thereafter.

#2. QuillBot

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QuillBot is an interesting AI-based writing assistant that is best known for its paraphrasing capabilities. It is not exactly an article spinner. Instead of spinning articles, which involves replacing almost every word with a synonym, QuillBot takes an entire sentence and rewrites it.

Of course, it does use synonyms, but while paraphrasing, it often completely changes the sentence structure while still maintaining the overall meaning.

If you want, you can completely turn off the synonyms and let it paraphrase. There are different settings for synonyms. You can decide how frequently the program uses synonyms. The more synonyms you use, the less accurate the paraphrasing becomes.

There are different styles of writing available, too. For instance, you can decide between Standard, Fluency, Creative, Creative+, Formal, Shorten, & Expand.

The paraphraser tool also allows you to choose between American, British, and Australian English. Using the tool is quite easy. You can either copy and paste the text in the tool, or you can upload a document. There is a comparison mode available under which you can actually compare between different styles of writing, that is, you can see how the program paraphrases using Fluency mode or the Creative mode and so on.

Though QuillBot is best known for its paraphrasing capabilities, the platform also offers a Summarizer, a Grammar Checker, and Citation Generator.

QuillBot seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Chrome browser.

QuillBot Pricing

QuillBot has a free version available that you can keep using forever. It will allow you to paraphrase up to 700 characters at once. You can summarize up to 5000 characters at once using the free tool. The free version will also give you three synonym options, three writing modes, and extensions for Google Chrome and Google Docs.

If you go for the paid upgrade, you will get 10,000-character paraphraser limit, 25,000-character summarizer limit, four synonym options, 7 writing modes, sentence expander and shortener, and the extension for Microsoft Word.

The premium version costs $14.95 a month. If you wish to pay half-yearly, the price falls to $9.95 a month. In the annual payment cycle, the price drops to $6.67 a month.

#3. Word.ai

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Word.ai enables copywriters to rewrite text in a way that sounds natural. It generates up to 1,000 rewrites of a single piece of content, providing users with lots of options for repurposing the same piece of material. Additionally, it functions as an editing tool.

Furthermore, sentence restructuring, split sentences, quality improvement, and clarity improvement are included.

Using Word.ai is a breeze. Word.ai enables copywriters to rewrite text in a way that sounds natural. It generates up to 1,000 rewrites of a single piece of content, providing users with lots of options for repurposing the same piece of material. Additionally, it functions as an editing tool.

Furthermore, sentence restructuring, split sentences, quality improvement, and clarity improvement are included.

Using Word.ai is a breeze. You start by adding your original text on one side and then select the number of copies you want. Finally, hit the rewrite button, and Word.ai will quickly generate the desired number of copies, by completely rewriting the sentences. The grammar structure and the wording will all change while keeping the sentence meaning intact.

Word.ai Pricing

New customers get a free no-risk 3-day trial. Following that, you may pay $57 each month or settle for an annual plan with a charge of $27 per month. They provide an enterprise level at a variety of pricing points for extensive usage.

Word.ai is one of the most expensive rewriting tools out there, especially when you want to use it for mass-generating articles for whatever purpose you want.

The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee provided you have used the platform for rewriting LESS THAN 10 articles. If you rewrite 10 or more articles, you will not be entitled for a refund.

#4. Article Forge

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Article Forge is another AI-based content generator that claims to churn out completely unique content in under 60 seconds.

Remember, Article Forge is a content generator. It is not a content rewriter. You will not have the scope of uploading an existing article and then have it rewritten or paraphrased.

In fact, Article Forge will take keywords (you must provide the keywords), search the internet, mix and match information based on the keywords you provide and generate a completely unique article.

You can control the length of the article, add titles, and perform a few extra settings. What you will be missing though is the ability to format the article using headings and subheadings. Also, the articles generated are extremely generic. You may have to go through the articles to add more information that you want.

I will definitely not recommend using Article Forge articles for your money site. That’s not a good idea.

Of course, if you want to create PBN (private blog networks), which by the way is something that Google hates, you can happily use the articles written by Article Forge. If you want, you can even integrate Word.ai to spin and rewrite the articles created by Article Forge.

It does have a WordPress posting feature wherein, you can schedule the articles you want to post, and Article Forge will automatically post the articles to your WordPress site.

Article Forge Pricing

Article Forge is just as pricey as Word.ai. It costs $57 a month for a monthly billing cycle. If you select the yearly billing cycle, you can settle for $27 a month.

Of course, you can try the platform for 5 days without paying a dime.

Other Best AI Tools for Media Creation

#5. Designs.ai

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Designs.ai includes a banner and logo creator, as well as a mock-up generator.

The platform allows creating designs by dragging different shapes onto the canvas and then adjusting them using the keyboard or mouse. Additionally, you may modify variables for colors, fonts, and even backdrops.

Among the features of Design.ai are the following:

  • Assistive tools.
  • Branding kit.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Huge library of images.
  • Speech maker.
  • Unlimited projects and usage.

Designs.ai Pricing

The basic tier of Design.ai is now $29 a month, while the pro subscription is $69 a month. Annual payments save you 34%. If you want an enterprise level solution, you can contact their sales team.

#6. Rephrase.ai

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Rephrase.ai is a robust video production platform that allows users to rapidly produce and share high-quality movies.

Within the simple-to-use interface, the platform allows adding texts, animations, video clips, and pictures.

It is versatile, with uses ranging from instructional and explainer films to customized customer touchpoints, outreach, and digital marketing. They provide a helpful tutorial to help you learn how the video maker works.

When you sign up for Rephrase.ai, you will be required to answer a few questions, letting them know how you intend to use Rephrase.ai. After that, you can watch their instructional video and signup by accepting the terms and conditions.

Rephrase.ai Pricing

Rephrase.ai charges $25 every month for every 10 banner credits where each credit represents a minute-long video. They also have an enterprise solution where you will be receiving bespoke pricing.

#7. KinetiX

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Looking for an easy way to convert your videos into 3D animations? You don’t need to be an expert animator. All you need is KinetiX. This platform takes you videos and converts them into 3D animations, and even hands over options for setting filters and editing.

Of course, there are several features like prototyping, collaboration & customization, complete access to animations and characters, automation of workflow, and 3D visualization.

The interface is a drag-and-drop one where you can drop a .fbx file. Alternatively, you can simply paste a YouTube video URL. Once done, hit the generate button. That’s it! Animated characters will be presented to you in seconds.

KinetiX Pricing

If you want to pay KinetiX for your personal use, you need not pay anything. It is free. However, if you have commercial usage in mind, you must pay €15 a month.

#8. Let’s Enhance

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Not happy with the quality of your photos? Not happy with the resolution and want a bigger resolution?

Forget all those clunky tools like Photoshop and GIMP. Those are meant for pros. Noobs like you and me are better off with some AI magic. This is where Let’s Enhance (and scores of other such platforms) come in.

Upload your photo, and Let’s Enhance will analyze it. If it requires improvements like noise removal, sharpening, color correction, etc., it will perform everything and enhance the quality of your photo.

Let’s Enhance is powerful enough to resize and upscale your photos, increase its resolution, and even perform batch processing for multiple photos that you upload. Let’s Enhance comes in handy for ecommerce businesses, real estate firms, and other businesses. You can use it for your personal needs, too!

Let’s Enhance Pricing

There are three pricing plans that include – Subscription, Business, & Pay-As-You-Go.

Subscription is meant for personal use where you get a five-credit, one-time free trial. One credit allows optimizing and/or upscaling one photo. You can upgrade later with the highest option of $34 a month for 500 images each month.

For business use, you can purchase 1,000 credits a month for $72, and it can go all the way up to 5,000 image credits a month for $290. You will even get API access.

The Pay-As-You-Go option allows you to make one-time credit purchases starting from $9 and all the way up to $39. This allows you to use the platform only when you need it. The credits you get for the price you pay will not expire.

#9. Podcastle

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Want to make podcasts with only a few clicks? Podcastle is the option you will need. It is an extension for Google Chrome, and it allows quickly transcribing your podcasts, revoicing content, editing and creating content using text editors, live interview recording, autosaving, etc.

There is no limit on the number of projects you can work with or the number of contents you publish. You must go through their tutorial page to understand how the extension works. Step-by-step instructions are available. So, you should be able to understand everything clearly.

Podcastle Pricing

There is a free version of Podcastle available that will allow 4 hours of recording each month, one-time 45 minutes of audio recording, magic audio processing, and recording interviews with two interviewees and one host.

You can pay $11.99 a month to get their Storyteller package that allows everything that the free option gives plus, 10 hours of transcription each month, additional interviewing and recording capacity, high quality revoicing, high quality downloads, unlimited magic audio processing.

#10. Synthesia

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Synthesia is a platform that allows creating videos in a jiffy. The videos you create can be 30 minutes long. You can upload your own avatar, custom backgrounds, background music, and authentic or synthetic voice.

The platform throws in PowerPoint capabilities, and it is also accessible in 50 languages. You can use the platform for creating product demos, marketing videos, video chatbots, personal videos, and training videos.

You just need to enter your text in a browser window, and Synthesia will churn out a video in minutes.

Synthesia Pricing

Synthesia will allow 10 video credits a month for $30. One video credit allows making one-minute-long video. Now, this price is for the personal plan. There is a corporate plan available with a few extra features that are geared towards corporate users. The corporate plan comes with bespoke pricing. You must talk to their sales team.


Different AI tools for media creation have different purposes. What you select and how much you pay will be dictated by your needs. For instance, if you want to create content for your social media channels, or PPC ads, you will perhaps need some AI that can do the writing job for you. If you want to add rich media like videos, animation, images, etc., you will need tools like Rephrase.ai, KinetiX, Let’s Enhance, etc.

AI tools for media creation can help you to save a lot of time that you can channel towards other important tasks. Have you used any of the tools mentioned above? Let me know through the comments section, and do not forget to tell how well the tool performed.

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