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12 Rounds With Tyson Reviews – Does It Work?

12 Rounds with Tyson is a training course by Mike Tyson that teaches you exactly how to win in the fight of life. In it, Mike reveals the 12 Champion Mindset drills he used throughout his reign as the youngest heavyweight champion in history. It also details the lessons Mike learned outside of the ring, from his many mentors, including – most notably, Cus D’Amato.

What is 12 Rounds with Tyson?

Very few people dominated the boxing world like Mike Tyson did. Even in retirement, Mike still remain a voice in the ring and among the all time best that ever entered the boxing ring. So what’s the secret of his success?

12 Rounds with Tyson is a training course that unveils the inner workings of Mike’s Mind that lead to his unparalleled success both in the ring and off the ring. It is a 12 “Rounds” of content, each teaching you an important lesson Mike used to attain success in and out of the ring.

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A Champion’s Mindset and How to Achieve Anything

If success was easy, everyone will be successful. Mike had an incredible career but his success didn’t come easy. In 1986 Mike became the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history, having knocked the reigning champion out cold in the 2nd round. The next year he snatched two more belts and became the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Mike became a superstar, undefeated, sitting on a mountain of money with the ability to get anything and everything he wanted. He simply became a royalty and was treated like one. But then this success was short lived.

In February 1990, Mike was knocked out by Buster Douglas, this was not only a big reality check but started a string of failures that lead to bankruptcy, addiction, divorce, prison, fear and doubts.

Everyone thought that will be the end of Mike and his career, but not Mike. He bounced back, and today own and run multiple successful businesses, is married to a loving wife and maintain a great relationship with all of his children. To crown it all, he has a great relationship with money and finances.

So how did he do it? How did he turn failure both in the ring and outside to success? This is what you’ll be learning in 12 Rounds with Tyson.

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What Does 12 Rounds with Tyson Contain?

12 Rounds with Tyson is a 12 part lessons that is designed to teach you everything you need to get to the top and stay there. You’ll learn 12 simple drill to unlock a champion’s mindset and achieve anything you want to achieve in life.

You’ll have access to hear never-before-told stories, footage, and success principles from Mike and Cus. You’ll be given proven and practical strategies to dominate any obstacle, setback, and any opponent or competitor in your path of success. Also, you will receive detailed action plan you can follow for total emotional control, undeniable confidence, and the discipline of a warrior.

Inside 12 Rounds With Tyson, you’ll learn the closely-held secrets of some of the richest and most successful people on Earth. You’ll learn

How to unlock your true destiny and potential
The Tyson goal-setting blueprint
How to become fearless
How to commit to greatness through sacrifice
The proven way to build unbreakable life-long habits
The science art of auto-suggesstion
Taking punches and dishing it out 10x harder
Getting crystal clear on your vision,
What to do when your mind becomes the enemy
How to build an army of supporters
The Champion’s Approach to finding the right mentors
How to Never Stop Fighting

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Should You Sign up for 12 Rounds?

Success is harder when you have to figure everything out by yourself. Mike Tyson has achieved tremendous success in life and learning from him will be one of the most worthwhile gift you can give to yourself.

12 Rounds with Tyson is a complete course that shows you the exact principles and practice you can follow right this moment to achieve success in every area of your life. In the course you will be provided with materials, challenges, and simple techniques that will give you the much needed edge in life.

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